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HUM feels and responds to your excitement. HUM’s advanced, dual motors are linked to delicate sensors that respond to your pleasure with a wide range of vibrations and motion. If you thrust, HUM speeds up. If you squeeze, HUM intensifies. This body response technology is so in tune with you, it is unlike any other pleasure product in the world.


As soon as you hold a HUM in your hands, you’ll experience the silky, specialty coating that fully encases the Class VI grade silicone. This extra formula increases sexy slide and glide and is compatible with all lubricants on the market. HUM is completely bio-compatible and body safe.


HUM is powered by the popular and easy to use Qi wireless charging system. Simply place the toy back on it’s charge pad (or any other Qi charger) and it will be ready to go next time. HUM holds a significant power charge and can be enjoyed for as long as you need it.


HUM is entirely coated in silicone—no charge ports, no seams making it fully waterproof and extremely durable. HUM is a great addition to a sensuous bath or hot and sexy shower. The seamless coating also makes HUM easy to clean and take care of: Just use soap and water and your toy will play with you for a long time.


For most people, experiencing sexual pleasure requires being in a sexy headspace. Fortunately, HUM understands. Even as powerful waves of vibration move through to your body, HUM is whisper quiet and will not interfere with your sensual mood.

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