HUM Vibrator - Frequently Asked Questions

Is HUM available now?

      Yes!  HUM is shipping now, and can be purchased on our online store.

How waterproof is HUM?

     HUM is fully waterproof, and extremely durable.  Because HUM is clad in a single, seamless piece of medical grade silicone, it’s one of the most waterproof toys available. Use it with confidence in the bath or shower. HUM can also be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water.

How long does HUM take to charge?

     HUM charges in about two hours, using the included wireless charging base.

What are HUM’s dimensions?

     Min Diameter: 1.2"

     Max Diameter 1.5"

     Max insertable length: 5"

     Min insertable length: 7.25"

Can I use lubricants with HUM?

     Yes!  HUM comes with a state of the art coating which adds a high lubricity factor that feels silky smooth and glides easily.  In addition, you can use your favorite sex toy lubricant if you wish.

How do I use HUM with a partner?

     Experience HUM by yourself first.  HUM will give you different experiences many times over.  Learning to appreciate HUM first hand will make you less self conscious and more confident once you use it with your partner.

How does HUM know so much?

     HUM was created by physicists who integrated a computer which enables HUM to respond to what your body is doing.  HUM knows if you are moving and can feel various levels of pressure from your touch from soft to firm.  It even knows if it is upside down or facing upward and at what angle.  HUM literally has a computer that interprets many things for your pleasure.

Can I use HUM as a clitoral stimulator?

     Yes!  HUM is equipped with two strong vibration motors and several different settings that work in unison to create the vibration you best enjoy depending on how much pressure you apply.

Is HUM hard to use or figure out?

     NO.  Although HUM is the smartest vibrator in today’s market, it is in all reality the most easiest yet complex vibrator to use.  You simply turn it on and use it.  You either click the "+" button for more speed, or the down "-" button if needed, and let HUM figure out the rest.