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Built for Performance

HUM’s unique design is unlike any other sexual product. It is the most advanced vibrator available, featuring functions you will not find anywhere else. High quality parts combined with sophisticated technology produce sensations that cannot be matched. Add to this attentive craftsmanship and individual care that will ensure your HUM lasts for years—and many great orgasms.

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You're In Control
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You're in Control

We talk a great deal about how HUM will react to you. It truly is the most intelligent sex toy ever. However, while your sexual desires and satisfaction are best served by you a little help from HUM can make all the difference. Make the choice to experience pleasure with HUM and experience an AI orgasm for yourself.

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As Individual as You

In order for HUM to respond uniquely to each unique body, every HUM is handcrafted in California. Each vibrator is hand-dipped (molded) in high grade silicone, allowing for specialty colors and patterns. You can order your HUM in many different colors, including glow-in-the-dark and even clear!

How HUM Works

Although HUM is the smartest vibrator around,

it is quite easy to use 

"HUMS technology is so advanced it's like you're having sex with a real person. It can feel your needs and wants. It's the vibrator of the future! It's designed with great packaging. I used HUM at a party and everyone was drawn to it since it also glows in the dark! It was amazing!” - MF


Most vibrators don’t come with an instruction manual, and once you hold HUM in your hands you’ll realize not all vibrators are created equal.  HUM has the ability to generate a different pleasure experience, as you begin to learn what it can do. 

It’s dual motors linked to sensors create a large range of responses and variations. 

Each experience can be a different one since your body can tell HUM what it is you want.  HUM will respond in tune with you.  Its body response technology feels your touch and movement in a way no other vibrator in the world responds. 

HUM has a built-in rechargeable battery which uses the popular Qi wireless charging system that allows you to simply place HUM on it’s charge pad or any other existing Qi charger! 

HUM is all about technology and even it’s space aged advanced silky specialty coating which adds lubricity and encases its Class VI medical grade silicone.  Knowing HUM is completely bio-compatible and body safe will add pleasure to your experience. 

Are you ready?  Learn more about HUM, or purchase from our online store.