Anal Beads: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are anal beads?

Anal beads are a unique type of toy which are designed to stimulate your asshole in all sorts of pleasurable ways. Their unique length allows every inch of your sensitive inner walls to be stroked and teased - for men, it can even reach all the way to the prostate! Plus, the round, bulbous shape of the beads will stretch your asshole wide open and let you enjoy the erotic feeling of your hole taking something larger than you ever thought it could. Want a toy that stimulates you both widely and deeply? Then anal beads are perfect for you!

Why should I use anal beads?

You should give anal beads a try if you are looking for a new way to experience anal play. Deeper than a butt plug and wider than a prostate massager, a string of anal beads combines all of the types of erotic play which your sensitive little asshole loves best. Additionally, they're a fantastic way to find new games to play with your partner in bed, as inserting and removing the anal beads from your partner's ass can be a sexy bonding experience!

Are anal beads a type of butt plug?

Technically, anal beads are considered an "anal toy" and are not a form of butt plug, because they do not have the distinctive "bulb" shape of a standard plug and in most cases do not feature a flared base, instead relying on a string or plastic ring to allow for easy removal from the ass. However, there are several similarities between anal beads and butt plugs. Both stretch the asshole and are perfectly safe for long-term use. Because of this, many sex toy sites include anal beads as part of their butt plug collection.

Are anal beads the same thing as love balls / Ben wa balls?

No, they are not. Many people have mistakenly thought that these two distinct types of toy are the same thing because they feature a similar shape, both being sets of round balls that are often attached via a string and can come in a variety of sizes. However, their use is entirely different. Ben wa balls or love balls are inserted into the vagina and are used to strengthen it via performing Kegel exercises to engage the muscles. Anal beads are strictly meant for use in the asshole and should not be inserted into the vagina in any circumstance.

Can anal beads vibrate?

Yes, they can! As with many other types of anal toy, such as butt plugs and prostate massagers, anal beads can be made to vibrate by inserting a small motor which is controlled either by buttons located on the toy itself or a small, separate remote control which can be held by either the wearer or the wearer's partner. Vibration is one of the most popular add-ons for anal beads, because they add another layer of stimulation to the overall anal bead experience.

Can anal beads stimulate the prostate?

They most certainly can! Many strands of anal beads are extremely long and therefore capable of reaching that particularly sensitive gland that men just so love to have stimulated. You can shift the anal beads around inside you until the last bead is pressed firmly against the prostate, where it can be rubbed and prodded until you reach orgasm. In fact, some strands of anal beads have an extra-large or specially shaped bead on the end that is specifically designed to bring pleasure to the prostate.

Can anal beads be worn as jewelry?

Well, it isn't their original intended purpose, but...there isn't anything saying that anal beads CAN'T be worn as jewelry! If you've got a bit of an exhibitionist streak, why not try wearing a strand of shiny or colorful beads as a necklace or bracelet. You'll be sure to be the talk of the town, and can laugh to yourself as you go about your day and nobody figures out what your "stylish necklace" really is. Just don't forget to clean the beads before wearing them to avoid any lingering smells!

Can men use anal beads?

Ass-olutely! The original users of anal beads were men, and many men today still enjoy having their assholes stuffed full by these unique and incredible toys. Anal beads are great for men because they target the prostate and let you get that fulfilling feeling of deep, full stuffing that so many men desperately crave. Anal beads are also a great way to coax your body into having toe-curling, hip-twitching prostate orgasms. Some men can even cum simply from having anal beads inside them - they don't need their cocks touched at all!

Can women use anal beads?

Although anal beads were designed with men in mind, there is absolutely no reason why women can't get plenty of enjoyment out of these unique toys as well. Many women find that they quite enjoy anal stimulation, either on its own or in combination with having their clit, pussy, G-spot, nipples or other sensitive areas stimulated. Anal beads are a great choice because they can be comfortably left in while engaging in other types of stimulation or play.

If I'm new to anal beads, which ones should I buy?

The number one recommendation for anal bead newbies is this: start small. Don't immediately go for the biggest, chunkiest set of beads in our Lovegasm catalog. Smaller sizes will allow your asshole to get used to the stretching feeling without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Then, you can gradually train your ass to be able to take bigger and bigger toys as you become used to each new level. Once again, anal beads can help with that - why not choose a string that features multiple beads of varying sizes?

If I'm a veteran anal toy fan, which ones should I buy?

Don't worry - Lovegasm has also got plenty of options for those who have been incorporating butt play into their sex life for years and are looking to try something new. Extra-large anal beads will provide that stretch that you have been craving, and leave you gaping like no other toy possibly could. Alternately, try an extra-long strand for that sensation of being deeply stuffed, or some beads featuring a unique add-on such as the ability to vibrate or target the prostate directly.

What materials are anal beads made of?

Like many other sex toys, anal beads can be made from a number of different materials. These include silicone, stainless steel and glass (or crystal), which are also popular in the manufacture of everything from butt plugs to dildos to vibrators to even nipple clamps. However, there is another unique material which is especially suited for anal beads. Known as "jelly," it is actually a soft, yielding chemical compound that has a "squishy" feeling and lets you squeeze tightly around the beads as you insert them deeply into your ass.

What are the benefits of silicone anal beads?

Like other types of silicone-based sex toys, silicone anal beads are beloved because they are soft, comfortable and easy to use. The material is similar in feeling to human skin, meaning that you can easily get used to the sensation, and it will feel warm against your body rather than chilly or icy. Plus, it's incredibly easy to clean, and resists the buildup of bacteria, dirt, and other nasty substances while being used or in storage.

What are the benefits of jelly anal beads?

What is referred to as "jelly" is actually a soft, flexible rubber which is designed to have a "squishy" feeling. Like silicone, jelly is an extremely comfortable material which is easy to use and even easier to get your body accustomed to. In addition, jelly is an extremely colorful material which is easily made available in a range of hues - everything from bright red to sissy pink to deep blue and purple. We've got the entire rainbow and more - so find your favorite color today!

What are the benefits of metal anal beads?

The metal used to craft anal beads and other sex toys is completely clean and sterile stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the world's cleanest materials, able to completely resist any kind of bacteria or mold. Plus, it feels erotically smooth and slick against the flushed, sensitive flesh of the inner walls of your ass. You won't be able to forget that the anal beads are nestled deep inside of you - but you won't want to, either!

What are the benefits of glass or crystal anal beads?

Crystal anal beads draw inspiration from toys such as ben wa balls to create an experience which is not only pleasurable, but also purifying. Did you know that crystal as a material is able to absorb negative energy which could ruin your mood or pollute your aura, and replace it with positive energy instead? Well, it's true! You'll be getting a deep, thorough spiritual cleansing WHILE you are enjoying an amazing orgasm from the beads stuffing your ass so full!

What shapes do anal beads come in?

Anal beads generally appear similar to their namesake. They are small and perfectly round, occasionally featuring rough, bumpy or stubbly texture to increase the pleasurable sensations rubbing up against your asshole. Some anal beads may be slightly more oval-shaped and less perfectly round than others, but, in general, anal beads tend to remain extremely uniform in shape. The bead at the end may be slightly differently shaped in order to better stimulate the prostate.

What sizes do anal beads come in?

One unique and beloved property of anal beads is the fact that they are available in an absolutely huge range of sizes. From the tiniest beads which slide smoothly into your asshole with no trouble to enormous beads which stretch your anus to limits you never thought it could reach, Lovegasm has got them all! You can even purchase a string of anal beads of varying sizes, so that your asshole can have multiple experiences from just one single strand!

What are the biggest anal beads that you can buy?

At Lovegasm, we are proud to offer several sets of "Extra-Large Anal Beads" for those who are fans of the ultimate stretch. Our biggest sets of beads, the Big Double and Golden Delight, feature a diameter of 50mm - that's almost 2 inches! Such a huge set of anal beads will truly leave your asshole gaping for hours and hours even after your play has completed! That feeling of fullness will be with you all day.

What are the longest anal beads that you can buy?

The Lovegasm catalog is also full of several extra-long strands of anal beads, to give you that deep, stuffed, satisfied feeling of having every single inch of your asshole completely full. For example, why not give the Lengthy Silicone Beads a try? This single string of beads feature a length of 111.5 centimeters - or, using the English measurement system, 3 1/2 feet. That's right, you can put an entire yard of beads deep inside your ass! The pleasurable sensation has absolutely no equal.

What colors do anal beads come in?

While stainless steel and glass anal beads are fairly consistent in color, available in silver and transparent / clear respectively, other materials such as silicone and jelly offer the option of pretty much every color you can think of. Our most popular offerings include black, pink, and purple, but that doesn't mean that your favorite colors such as red, green, blue and orange aren't also available! We've even got multi color and rainbow offerings, or sets which offer a variety of colors to choose from!

How many anal beads come in a set?

There is no one "set number" of anal beads on a single string. A string of anal beads can feature as few as two beads - such as is the case with our extra-large Big Double model - or as many as twenty or even thirty. An "average" number is generally between six and ten beads, as that is considered to be a good amount to stuff an asshole full without overloading it. However, Lovegasm definitely encourage our customers to try out both extremes!

What is the difference between stiff anal beads and anal beads on a string?

Stiff anal beads feature greater similarities to a standard butt plug or dildo, but with a long, rounded design rather than the squat form of a butt plug or penis-shaped look of a dildo. Generally, the balls are attached to one another with no space between them. There is usually a handle or flared base which is used for insertion or removal. On the other hand, anal beads on a string are more flexible, feature some space between them, and are usually controlled via a ring-shaped handle rather than a solid one.

What are the benefits of stiff or fused anal beads?

Stiff anal beads provide a more similar experience for people who are accustomed to using butt plugs and dildos, meaning that it will not be as great of an adjustment to make. This is the reason why many people interested in anal beads choose to begin with a fused set before moving on to a string. In addition, they are extremely firm to the touch, meaning that they can be thrust powerfully inside of you and be used to put pressure onto your prostate or other sensitive areas.

What are the benefits of anal beads on a string?

Stringed anal beads are considered the "traditional" version, and remain extremely popular to this day. They provide a unique sensation upon insertion and removal. You can feel each and every bead rubbing up against your inner walls. Plus, string anal beads feel extremely amazing when they are slowly pulled out of your ass, allowing many people to have an orgasm simply by removing them one by one. It's an experience no other sex toy can provide!

Which anal beads are the best to buy?

This is an entirely personal decision, as neither type of anal bead is "better" than the other. If you are new to anal beads, you may wish to experiment with a set of fused beads before moving on to a string. However, if you are looking for something new and exciting, then immediately selecting a string might be the way to go. Of course, you can always go for the "best of both worlds" and purchase one - or several - of each kind to add to your sex toy collection!

How do you insert anal beads?

Anal beads should be inserted slowly, ideally one bead at a time. This will give your ass time to get adjusted to the sensation of having the beads inside. Additionally, if you are using a string of beads, inserting them slowly into you will prevent the string from becoming tangled or bunched up. Keep in mind that anal beads often begin to feel pleasurable during the insertion phase, so you might need a partner's help to stay focused!

How do you remove anal beads?

Anal beads can be removed in one of two ways. First, you can pull them out slowly, feeling each and every bead slip past the rim of your asshole and leaving it slightly gaping as it becomes adjusted to the sensation of emptiness. The other option is to "yank" them out quickly, so that the beads slip out of you all at once. This sends a sharp, intense spike of pleasure throughout your body, which might just be enough to bring you to orgasm. Try out both ways and see which one you like best!

Is it true that removing anal beads can feel pleasurable?

Yes, it is! This is one of the primary advantages of anal beads, even when compared to other ass-focused sex toys. Removing the anal beads gives you another chance to feel each and every bead rubbing up against your inner walls and your rim before finally leaving your body. Some people even find that the removal itself is intense enough to give them a second orgasm, even if they have already cum once from having the anal beads inside of them!

How long can you leave anal beads in before removing them?

Like butt plugs, anal beads are perfectly safe and in fact are specifically designed for long-term use. You can wear your anal beads all day or all night without any problems - although, you might have a little difficulty walking straight or ignoring the sparks of pleasure that are shooting up and down the inner cavity of your ass. It may take some getting used to long-term anal bead wear, but the folks here at Lovegasm definitely recommend it!

Should you use lube with anal beads?

Yes, yes and DEFINITELY YES! As with all sex toys primarily intended for anal use, lube should be used at all times prior to inserting the toy. This is because the anus does not naturally produce any lube like the vagina does, meaning you need a little extra "oomph" to help those beads slide easily in with a slick feeling. You can use any kind of sexual lubricant, including water, oil or silicone-based lube, to pair with your favorite set of anal beads. (If you're not sure where to get started, choose a thicker lube such as silicone-based for extra protection and comfort.)

Do you need to prepare or stretch yourself before using anal beads?

Depending on the size of anal beads which you are inserting, you may or may not require some preparation before putting in your toy and getting started. However, at least a little stretching is generally recommended before putting anything into your ass, to avoid pain or discomfort. You can use some lube and between one and three fingers to prep yourself, depending on the size of the anal beads which you will be using.

Can you use anal beads to masturbate?

Yes, you can! It might take a little time for you to get used to inserting and removing anal beads on your own. However, once you have, using anal beads to masturbate is a wonderful experience. You can give yourself an orgasm simply by stuffing your ass full of large, round beads which rub against your walls and poke at your prostate. Don't forget to try pairing your beads with other toys such as a vibrator or a set of nipple clamps!

Can you use anal beads while having sex?

Yes, you can! Men and women alike enjoy including anal beads as a major part of their sexual play. Women can have their pussy pounded by their partner while their ass is being stuffed full with beads. Men can take their partner to pound town with their own ass just as full. You can even pull and tug on your partner's beads mid-sexual act to give them an extra spike of pleasure that will send you even closer to a thrilling, explosive orgasm.

Can you use anal beads on your partner?

Certainly! Many people find that surrendering control of their anal beads to their partner actually leads to an overall better experience. Rather than needing to reach behind you or between your legs to awkwardly position the beads, your partner can easily reach behind you and tug, twist, press or tease with the handle of your anal beads. Plus, isn't there something more than a little bit sexy about allowing your partner to control when you get to be driven to an anal-bead powered orgasm?

Can you have an orgasm from using anal beads?

Absolutely one hundred per cent YES! Anal beads are notorious for providing you with shaking, intense orgasms that are like nothing you have ever experienced before, even when using other types of anal sex toys. What exactly makes the orgasm so great? Well, it's a combination of everything - the stretch, the stimulus against your prostate, the feeling of being under your partner's control, the varying shapes of each and every bead. Everything about anal beads just makes the orgasm they give you even better!

Can you have an orgasm just from pulling out your anal beads?

Not every person will be able to experience this; however, several anal bead fans have reported that they have experienced an orgasm simply from having the beads pulled out of their ass. The amazing feeling of each bead - slowly or quickly - sliding out of your ass will be more than enough to set you cumming and cumming over and over again! You might be able to cum even if you've already had an orgasm earlier in the session - or maybe even experience multiple orgasms.

Can you pee with anal beads inside you?

Yes, you can. Anal beads only affect the asshole, so your urethra remains completely free and you will be able to pee without removing or dislodging your anal beads. It might take a little bit of practice, as the "clenching" movements of your muscles might cause the beads to shake or move rather than staying in place, but eventually you should be able to "go #1" without having to worry about your anal beads in the slightest. Pee freely with no worries!

Can you poop with anal beads inside you?

No, you cannot. Having any sort of anal toy stuffed inside your asshole is generally extremely effective when it comes to preventing you from pooping. "Going #2" is impossible without either removing the anal beads beforehand or pushing them out into the toilet before beginning to defecate. The first option is definitely recommended, as you will have to clean your anal beads thoroughly if you drop them in the toilet while going to the bathroom.

Can you combine anal beads with other sex toys?

Yes, you can! Having the butt stimulated feels amazing, but the anus is only one of the sensitive areas which the male and female bodies possess. Men can wrap a ring around their cock or thrust into a pocket pussy while their ass is stuffed full with their favorite set of anal beads. Women can engage in "double penetration" play using a dildo, strap-on or vibrator at the same time as the beads. And absolutely anyone can dress up in some sexy bondage wear, like a nice collar, harness or set of vibrating underwear!

Can you wear anal beads in public?

There's absolutely nothing stopping you - that is to say, yes! Anal beads are great for long-term use, which means that it is totally okay to wear them "out" as you run errands, hang out with friends or go to work. You'll have a fun but torturous day as the beads constantly rub up against your asshole with every step. Just remember to check that the "end" or "handle" of your beads isn't visible beneath your clothing - you don't want to let the whole world in on your secret!

Can anal beads fall out?

In general, if anal beads are properly inserted, they will not fall out while you are wearing them. The muscles of your asshole (known as a "sphincter") will remain tightly clenched around the beads, keeping them safely inside. However, if you are brand new to wearing anal beads, you may notice some motion or "slipping" while you are walking around or undergoing any kind of vigorous exercise. Take some time to get used to wearing your anal beads before wearing them to the gym or on a run.

Can anal beads get stuck?

No, they cannot. Anal beads are large, and can stretch your asshole, and even the small ones can be gripped very tightly by your powerful muscles. However, the handle or flared base of the anal beads - featured with every set of anal beads sold here at Lovegasm - remains outside the body and prevents the beads from getting "sucked into" the anal cavity or otherwise stuck. You will always be able to safely remove your anal beads, no matter how large they are or how tightly stuffed you feel.

Can anal beads break or snap inside of you?

No, this will not happen. Some customers have found themselves worrying about this with anal beads on a string, as the string between each bead may come across as fragile and seem easy to break or snap. However, rest assured that this string is in fact much stronger and more powerful than you think. It is made out of multiple braided strands and will not break even if you tug or pull on it roughly while the beads are inside of you.

How do you clean your anal beads?

Anal beads should be cleaned in a similar manner to all other anal toys. Clean them after every use to avoid the buildup of bacteria. Use warm, but not boiling water and gentle, unscented cleaner that does not leave behind a sticky residue. Dry the toy thoroughly, focusing on the areas between each bead where liquid such as sweat, saliva or cum can easily build up without being noticed.

What should I avoid when cleaning my anal beads?

Do not boil your anal beads, as most variants are not safe for use in boiling water. This can cause damage and degradation which will shorten the lifespan of the toy significantly. Additionally, avoid any cleaners with added chemical scents, as these can irritate the sensitive skin and mucus membranes of your anal area during insertion. No scents or perfumes should be needed in order to give your anal beads a thorough cleaning.

How do you store your anal beads?

If you have a sex toy collection or a dedicated sex toy storage area, then definitely keep your anal beads there so that they stay safe and you always know where they are. If these beads are your first sex toy, you can store them in a drawer or sealed container. Wrap them up in something soft such as cloth - a spare washcloth or pair of socks works incredibly well - so that the beads do not rub up against anything and become damaged during storage.

What do you do if your anal beads break?

Anal beads are among the types of sex toy which should be replaced immediately as soon as they break or any damage is noticed. This is because anal beads are extremely reliant on their unique structure to remain safe for use. Without the handle or "stopper" found on the end of each bead string, anal beads could sometimes become stuck in your anal cavity and have difficulty being removed. Therefore, you should always pick out a new set of anal beads as soon as you notice any damage to your current toy.

Do anal beads hurt?

In general, anal beads will not hurt. They are made from comfortable, body-safe materials and can be both inserted and removed from the asshole with no pain whatsoever. Instead, you will feel only strong, intense pleasure. However, there is one exception. If you try to insert your anal beads - especially large ones - without the proper amount of lube or preparation, you might experience stinging, discomfort or even pain. This is why it is recommended to always focus on preparation prior to anal bead insertion.

Are anal beads safe?

Yes, they are! By choosing Lovegasm, you know that you are choosing a set of completely safe, healthy anal beads which will not damage your body in any way. You will be able to rest easily knowing that your anal beads are perfectly safe at all times. So put away those worries and have fun!

Can you use anal beads in your vagina?

No, you cannot. Anal beads are specifically designed to be used inside the asshole. You should never "cross-contaminate" by using your anal beads in the vagina. This is because the bacteria found in the anus can be harmful to the vagina and can cause irritation, soreness and even infection. If you are interested in a toy similar to anal beads but approved for vaginal use, take a look at our selection of "Toys for Her" to check out options such as Ben wa balls or yoni eggs!

Can you re-string your anal beads?

If your anal beads break, in most cases, we recommend heading over to the Lovegasm catalog and picking up a new set - or several. However, if the break occurs to your favorite pair of anal beads, which you desperately want to keep around for continued use, you may want to look into re-stringing your anal beads. Choose a strong, sturdy string - something braided is ideal - and slowly re-string each bead. Make sure to tie knots on both sides of each bead so that they do not slip out of place during insertion.

How long do anal beads last?

Anal beads generally have a similar lifespan to other metal and silicone based anal toys, such as butt plugs or prostate massagers. If properly cared for, they can last for several years without suffering any damage, and still providing just as much pleasure as they did on the day you first unboxed them. However, this long lifespan is only achieved if you carefully store and regularly clean your anal beads. Rough treatment and lack of proper care can cause your beads to break or degrade in just a few months - or even a few weeks.

Are anal beads covered by Lovegasm's Discreet Shipping policy?

Yes, they are! Anal beads are included in our one of a kind, customer focused shipping policy. They will be sent to you in an unmarked box which will not be labeled as containing sex toys or being shipped from a sex toy company. You will be able to receive your anal beads without any suspicion or attracting any questions from nosy friends, family or roommates.

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