Butt Plug: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an anal plug?

It is an extremely popular sex toy which is used for anal play. It typically takes the form of a short, rounded knob with a flared base for easy removal and insertion. However, today they are available in a much wider range of shapes and sizes from long to short and tiny to enormous. They are enjoyed by both men and women because they can make the ass-hole feel extremely stuffed full and widely stretched. Plus, they can be comfortably worn for long periods of time - perhaps even all day!

Why should I use a butt plug?

People use butt plugs for two major reasons. One is simply because it feels great! Butt plugs stretch out your anus and let you feel that stinging but pleasurable burn of being fuller than you ever imagined you could be. The second reason is a mix of pleasure and function: butt plugs can be used for anal training! By starting with a smaller butt plug and gradually working your way up to larger and thicker sizes, you can accustom your ass-hole to stretching so that it can accept even the largest of toys such as dildos - or even a partner's huge cock!

Can men use butt plugs?

Yes, they can! Butt plugs were originally designed for use by men, and they continue to enjoy extreme popularity today among men of all ages, races, and sexual orientations. Men enjoy butt plugs because they generally have more sensitive ass-holes, and enjoy anal stimulation greatly. Some extra long and thick butt plugs may even be able to reach the prostate, brushing up against it teasingly all day long while they stay plugged up!

Can women use butt plugs?

Absolutely! It is not only men who are able to enjoy the feeling of being stretched by a butt plug. Although women do not have prostates, many women love anal play and anal training which only a butt plug can provide. Today, many designs and styles of butt plug are actually designed specifically for use by women (and sissy men!) such as jeweled or princess butt plugs which are fashionable and beautiful in appearance as well as effective at giving pleasure to their user.

What are jeweled butt plugs?

One especially popular butt plug is known as the jeweled plug. This is an elegant, usually stainless steel or brightly colored silicone butt plug which is designed around aesthetics and fashion. The flared base of the butt plug, instead of being plain and un-decorated, are set with glittering jewels in a rainbow of colors. In our Lovegasm catalog, you can find rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, glittering pink and purple crystals and even stunning rainbow gemstones! Popular among women and men alike, wearing these gorgeous plugs will absolutely make you feel like the royalty you truly are.

Are jeweled butt plugs the same thing as princess butt plugs?

Generally, the term "princess butt plug" is used to refer to any type of butt plug with a "feminine" design which is specifically meant to appeal to female butt plug fans. Of course, this includes jeweled butt plugs - but these are far from the only butt plug types falling under the "princess" umbrella. These include heart- and flower-shaped plugs, small "cutesy" butt plugs, and butt plugs featuring feminine colors such as pink, purple, white and rainbow.

Which butt plugs are best for beginners?

If you have never used a butt plug before, it is definitely recommended that you start with a smaller butt plug rather than immediately "jumping off the deep end" and sticking a huge, thick one up your ass-hole. Here in our Lovegasm catalog, we have a special category set aside for beginner-appropriate butt plugs, featuring smaller, thinner, shorter designs and soft, easy to use and clean materials such as silicone. Once you get used to these beginner plugs, you can work your way up to our larger and more extreme offerings.

Which butt plugs are best for experienced butt plug users?

If you've been using butt plugs for a while, and they are a regular part of your sex life or alone time, then you might be looking for something a little more extreme. Luckily, Lovegasm offers all sorts of unique butt plug designs and styles which can appeal to newbies and veterans alike. We've got extra-thick and extra-long plugs to stretch your anus to its fullest, as well as "adventurous" options such as expanding, hollow, and inflatable butt plugs which can provide a new experience each and every time you break them out in the bedroom.

What are tail butt plugs?

Tail butt plugs are probably the most popular butt plug style in the entire world - here at Lovegasm, they're definitely flying off the shelves! These butt plugs pair a traditional base with a long, flowing real or faux fur tail in the style of a popular animal. When you insert these butt plugs, you can twitch and shake your hips from side to side, causing the tail to shimmy and shift just like it was really attached to you! Bring out your inner wild side with the help of one of our amazingly high quality tail plugs.

What kinds of tail butt plugs are sold at Lovegasm?

Here at Lovegasm, we offer tails based on a wide variety of both wild and pet / domesticated animals. Among our truly stunning range of tails are: cat tail plugs, dog tail plugs, fox tail plugs, horse tail plugs, raccoon tail plugs, rabbit tail plugs and wolf tail plugs. These butt plugs are perfect for role play and pet play, letting plug wearers truly act out the role of the animal they are embodying as they happily serve their "master". You can even pair your tail plug with a nice collar, leash or pair of sexy matching animal ears!

What kind of tail butt plug should I buy?

Well, what's your favorite animal? Your spirit animal? What animal do you think best embodies how you truly are inside? Does your partner have any cute animal-related nicknames for you, such as "kitten" or "puppy"? Consider all of these questions, and then choose the tail butt plug which best matches with your answers. However, if you can't decide, there's no reason to worry - there's absolutely nothing stopping you from buying one of every tail plug and starting your very own amazing - or is that "paw-mazing?" - collection!

What are vibrating butt plugs?

Love butt plugs? Adore vibrators? Then why not explore the best of both worlds? Vibrating butt plugs both stretch out your ass-hole AND introduce it to a variety of intense buzzing, vibrating sensations in a range of different speeds and patterns. Powered by a small, discreet but immensely effective motor, these vibrating butt plugs come in all sizes from S to XXL, and some are even controllable via external remotes so that you can submit yourself to your partner's domination!

How many speeds do vibrating butt plugs have?

This will depend on the butt plug. The "standard" amount is two speeds, a gentle "low" type of vibration which provides excellent foreplay and a "high" and more intense set of vibrations for when you really just want to race your way to the "big O"! But why stop at two? Today, vibrating butt plugs featuring four, six, eight and even up to ten different speeds and patterns are available for purchase right here at Lovegasm! You've just gotta try them all!

What are expanding butt plugs?

Like a big, intense stretch - but only sometimes? Prefer variation in your play, letting your ass-hole experience everything from thin to thick depending on the day? Then an expanding butt plug might just be right for you! These "flower-shaped," "petaled" butt plugs start out small but can quickly be expanded to absolutely unbelievably large sizes. You can even expand your plug WHILE it is filling up your ass-hole! Perfect for the experienced butt plug veteran looking for something new, expanding butt plugs are truly a modern innovation!

What are hollow or tunnel butt plugs?

Hollow butt plugs, also known as tunnel butt plugs, are another unique option from Lovegasm which is great for spicing up your plug play for veterans looking for a brand new adventure (although newbies can enjoy them too!) These butt plugs are cylindrical and rounded in shape, rather than tapered, and feature a large hole running through the center. A wide variety of objects and substances can be inserted into this hole - everything from enemas to lube to other toys such as dildos to even your partner's cock! Want to have your brains fucked out while you're all plugged up? With a hollow butt plug, you can make this dream a reality!

What is a suction cup butt plug?

Suction cup butt plugs are designed for that sex toy lover who wants to get their ass fucked anywhere and any time! The thick suction cup on the base allows the butt plug to firmly attach to a variety of surfaces, including wood and tile floors, glass, mirrors, or the sides of a bathtub or shower. You can attach your plug anywhere and anytime and just go to town! Try sitting on your plug and riding it while it's sealed tight to the floor, or attaching it to a wall and backing that ass up right into it! You can even attach it to a mirror and watch yourself get totally fucked as your ass opens up and stretches around the plug!

What is an inflatable butt plug?

An inflatable butt plug is similar to an expanding butt plug, but with even more options and variety available. These plugs are made from silicone and are attached to a small hand pump which allows the plug to grow or shrink in size depending on how much you squeeze it. With one single plug, you can experience a huge range of thicknesses and different stretches, from the gentle beginner's size all the way up to the fully pumped extreme! Plus, just like the expanding plug, these can be pumped up WHILE they are inside of you!

What materials are butt plugs made of?

Typically, butt plugs are made out of one of three common materials. Silicone is the softest material and is recognizable because it is available in a wide array of colors, from dominant black to delicate pink with plenty of reds, blues and purples in between. Stainless steel is glittering and imposing, instantly recognized by its shiny silver or black color and cool texture. Lastly, glass is sturdy yet delicate, aesthetically pleasing with a variety of patterns and designs not possible with any other material.

What are the benefits of silicone butt plugs?

Silicone is the material most recommended for use by beginners - even those folks who have never used a butt plug before in your life! It is soft and yielding to the touch, feeling similar to human skin in a way few other sex toy materials are capable of achieving. It also naturally adjusts its temperature, becoming warm or cold depending on the situation without you needing to put in any extra effort. The ultimate result is a sexy, amazing feel which will help your ass-hole get used to that brand-new stretching feeling!

What are the benefits of stainless steel butt plugs?

Stainless steel might initially look rather imposing, but it is in fact a wonderful material which is recommended for every butt plug fan to give a try. It's safe, healthy and easy to clean, meaning that you have no reason to feel any anxiety while using your stainless steel plug. Plus, they warm up or cool down with just a little effort, making them perfect for those who would like to try out temperature play. Finally, stainless steel plugs are extremely sexy and sleek-looking and pair perfectly with leather and metal bondage attire!

What are the benefits of glass butt plugs?

Glass butt plugs are widely considered to be the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing member of the butt plug material family. Made from beautifully transparent materials, tinted with delicate colors such as blue, pink and purple, some glass butt plugs are even decorated with elegant patterns or designs made by sex toy artisans around the world.

What colors do butt plugs come in?

The answer to this is "practically any color which you could possibly imagine"! Whether they're part of the rainbow or outside it, all colors can be found here at Lovegasm. Some of our most popular butt plug colors include - but are not limited to! - pink, purple, black, gold, silver, and of course a glittering see-through transparent! Look for your favorite color in our catalog and create a stylin' look by coordinating a sexy outfit to match your butt plug!

What shapes do butt plugs come in?

Any shape which you could possibly think of! The "standard" butt plug shape is squat and round, extremely distinctive among other longer and thinner sex toys. However, you can also find butt plugs in a variety of shapes. Narrow ones often appear in the form of prostate massagers or beginner butt plugs, while large or expanding ones will often be so thick that they appear as round as a solid ball. There are even curved, textured and twisted butt plugs for that extra unique appearance!

What sizes do butt plugs come in?

Lovegasm proudly offers an array of butt plugs ranging in size from "narrow" to "super thick" and from "small" to "extra extra large". We have butt plugs which appeal to ass-holes of all shapes and sizes! You can even get 3, 5 or even larger multi-piece sets so that you will have a huge array of butt plug sizes to choose from. That way, no matter what you're in the mood for that day, the perfect plug for your ass will be right there ready and waiting!

How do I put in a butt plug?

Inserting your butt plug is an extremely simple process; however, it is still recommended that you start out with a little preparation. First, stretch your ass-hole with a finger - or possibly two or three - in order to get it ready to take the full width of your thick butt plug. Definitely use plenty of lube, especially if you are still getting used to incorporating butt plugs into your sexual play. Once you are stretched out, you can slowly insert your butt plug into your ass-hole. A slow insertion is not only recommended for safety reasons, but it also feels great as your anus gets to feel every millimeter of that amazing stretch!

How do I take out a butt plug?

Removing a butt plug is even simpler than inserting it. Grasp onto the flared base (or ring, if using anal beads) and slowly but firmly begin to pull. You will feel the plug begin to slide out of your ass. It is recommended that you move slowly because it gives your ass-hole time to close up as the toy is removed, and lets you become more accustomed to the feeling of being empty after such a long time of being stuffed so wonderfully full.

Can butt plugs fall out?

In most cases, butt plugs will not fall out. They will remain firmly nestled deep within your ass. This is because your ass-hole features a sphincter, an incredibly strong muscle which is capable of gripping and clenching down around toys such as butt plugs with a surprising amount of power. However, if you are using an extremely small butt plug and are moving around a lot, such as performing stretches, yoga, or other exercises, it is possible that your butt plug may slip out. In this case, relocate to a bathroom or other private place to reinsert it.

Can butt plugs get stuck?

No, they cannot. This is the reason a majority of butt plugs feature wide, flared bases. These bases are so large that they are incapable of getting "sucked into" the ass-hole, no matter how strongly your sphincter grips and pulls. The base also makes removal of your butt plug significantly easier, as it gives you something to grasp onto and carefully pull. If you are worried about your butt plug becoming stuck, avoid purchasing or using any models which do not feature this large base as a preventative measure.

Does using a butt plug make me gay?

Not at all! This is an unfortunately common myth surrounding butt plugs, which has remained surprisingly prevalent even though tolerance of all sexual orientations has become more widespread. Rest assured that using a butt plug has nothing at all to do with whether or not you are gay. Men, women, gay, straight and bisexual people alike - truly, people of all genders and sexual orientations can enjoy using a butt plug! All it means is that you like having your ass played with - and don't we all?

Can I use a butt plug to masturbate?

This is absolutely something that you can do! Masturbation with a butt plug is a fun and unique experience that lets you stimulate all parts of your body. You can even pair it with other sex toys such as a cock ring or pocket pussy (for men) or a dildo, vibrator or set of nipple clamps (for women). Stimulate your ass by rubbing the butt plug against your sensitive inner walls or by thrusting it in and out at the speed of your choice. You can even watch yourself masturbating in a mirror for that extra sexy touch!

Can I use a butt plug with my partner?

Yes, you can! Many men and women both find that they enjoy having their ass-hole all plugged up while they are either being penetrated or penetrating their partner. It lets the recipient experience the unique feeling of double penetration, or simply having their ass attended to by a toy while their partner is preoccupied with their pussy, cock, or other sensitive parts of the body. Intense, multi-targeted stimulation can lead to some of the most pleasurable, body-shaking orgasms!

How long can you wear a butt plug for?

Butt plugs are a sex toy which are specifically designed for extended use. The feeling of being plugged up is extremely pleasurable and the tingling stretch can keep you teased and on the edge all day long - while not quite being enough stimulation to send you over the edge into pure pleasure. Many people enjoy wearing butt plugs all day as they go about their errands or to work, or all night as they try to get some sleep while still stuffed up. Just don't forget to take it out if you need to poop!

What underwear should I wear with my butt plug?

Any kind of underwear can be worn with a butt plug. However, do keep in mind that if you are wearing a particularly tight pair of underwear, such as a jockstrap or pair of skin-hugging panties, people may be able to see the line of your butt plug through your underwear, especially if you are wearing one with a large, flared base. It is also not recommended to "go commando" (go without underwear) with a butt plug, as it may become uncomfortable while rubbing against the sensitive skin around your ass-hole all day.

Can I go out in public while wearing a butt plug?

You can and you absolutely should! Wearing a butt plug in public is one of the number one most popular ways to enjoy this particular toy. The teasing sensation is (usually) not enough to make you cum, which means that it can be worn all day without messing your underwear or your nice work clothes. Just keep in mind, you might need to practice walking with your butt plug inserted, to avoid walking with a limp or strange gait that might let everyone know just what you've got going on under your panties!

Do butt plugs hurt?

No, they do not! Butt plugs, like all other sex toys sold in our Lovegasm catalog, are completely safe for use and do not cause any pain or permanent damage to their users. However, you might experience a small amount of stinging upon insertion if you have not prepared yourself properly. If you start to feel pain, take some time to stretch yourself with an additional finger or use some more lube than you may have thought you needed. Remember, there's such a thing as too little lube - but not as too much!

Are butt plugs safe?

Yes, they are! Butt plugs are made from sturdy materials which will not break no matter how much rough treatment you subject them to in the bedroom. They are comfortable to be used with proper preparation and can be both inserted and removed without causing any damage whatsoever. Just make sure to keep them clean and use plenty of lube, and your butt plug experience will remain completely safe!

Should you use lube with your butt plug?

Yes, you should. Lube is generally recommended because the ass-hole does not produce any natural lubricant of its own, so it usually needs a little artificial help to get slick and open enough to accept a butt plug inside. You can use water, oil or silicone based lubricants, although you should always avoid "DIY alternatives" such as lotions or cooking oils, as these are not sufficient and can potentially cause pain.

What should you do if your butt plug becomes damaged?

In most cases, butt plugs will not suffer any damage no matter how roughly you use them in the bedroom. However, if you start to notice any cracks or chips, you should replace your butt plug immediately. Having it break or shatter while inside your ass would be incredibly dangerous, as well as extremely painful for you. Instead of becoming upset or frustrated when your butt plug breaks, see it as an opportunity to buy a brand new one from Lovegasm - maybe even in a style that you've never tried before!

How do you clean a butt plug?

Butt plugs should be cleaned using the exact same method as other standard types of sex toy. Wipe them down with a damp rag (warm water is okay, but avoid getting it too close to boiling!) and clean them off with some gentle, unscented soap or cleaner. If you're looking for a quick solution that you can purchase anywhere, try out gentle facial soap or perhaps baby-safe body wash or shampoo. Finally, don't forget to dry your butt plug off completely - sticking a wet, dripping toy up your ass is far from pleasant!

How do you store a butt plug?

Store your butt plug with the rest of your growing sex toy collection! Set aside either a sealed plastic container or a dedicated drawer for only storing your sex toys, accessories and other sex-related objects. That way, you'll always know where your butt plug is and won't find yourself scrambling for it when you're in the mood for a little play. Plus, it will keep all your toys clean and avoid them picking up any nasty dirt or dust bunnies when they aren't in use!

Can you use other sex toys together with your butt plug?

Yes, you can! Try shooting for overwhelming stimulation by pairing a butt plug with toys that focus on the cock, pussy or breasts at the exact same time. Women, why not pair your butt plug with a big thick dildo and attempt to thrust them both in and out in tandem? Men, fasten a ring around the base of your cock to tease yourself by holding back your orgasm while you are driving yourself crazy with a nice thick plug. Absolutely everyone, clamp up your nipples for that perfect pleasure, pain and stretch combination!

Can you wear a butt plug while you pee?

Yes, you can. Butt plugs do not block the urethra and so you will be able to pee without any difficulty. There is absolutely no need to remove your butt plug if you are just heading to the bathroom to do a quick "number one," so feel free to pee and then just keep going about your day all plugged up. No problem whatsoever!

Can you wear a butt plug while you poop?

Unlike peeing, pooping does become extremely difficult or even impossible if you are wearing a butt plug. With your ass all plugged up, the poop is all blocked inside and you cannot release it without first removing the butt plug. Since clenching your muscles and dropping your butt plug into the dirty toilet water as you push with your sphincter is far from an ideal solution, definitely remove your plug before trying to defecate. Look on the bright side - think of this as a great opportunity to apply some more lube!

What kinds of kinks are good for incorporating butt plugs?

A butt plug can be successfully paired with pretty much every kink, fetish or sexual scenario that you could possibly think of. Your imagination is the only limit! However, if you need a couple suggestions to get started, why not try some pet-play with a tail plug, or role playing as a princess or other damsel in distress with a nice sparkly jeweled butt plug. Of course, they're also perfect for dominant/submissive play, as what master doesn't want to see their slave all squirmy and stuffed up?

Can a butt plug be worn inside the vagina?

No, it cannot. Under no circumstances should a butt plug ever be inserted into the vagina. This is because the bacteria found in and around the anus are extremely harmful to the vagina and can cause irritating conditions such as rashes, discharge, or even bacterial vaginosis (BV) or a yeast infection. There are plenty of penetrative toys designed for the pussy, such as many varieties of dildo and strap-on, so focus on those and leave your butt plug for ass-hole use only!

Do vibrating butt plugs need charged?

Some vibrating butt plugs are battery powered. They will need their batteries replaced - probably with small, single cell varieties also known as "watch batteries" - whenever the motor runs down and they are no longer able to vibrate regularly. However, other vibrating butt plugs come with a cord (with either a USB or wall-style outlet on the end). When these run down, they can simply be plugged in and recharged for a few hours until they are functioning just as well as they did before!

Can I buy a whole set of butt plugs just for myself?

Yes, you can! There is no rule stating that you can own only one butt plug. Plus, having different sizes means that you will always have something to tease your ass-hole with regardless of whether you are in the mood for a big stretch or are preferring something slimmer that day. So why not try a set of butt plugs - such as a three piece set featuring small, medium and large varieties - that give you the flexibility to try out many different types of plug play?

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