Caring For Your Tail Butt Plug

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Once you’ve found the perfect tail anal plug, you’ll never want to let it go! Unfortunately, you need to take proper care of your plugs to make sure they stay in tip top condition.

While it sounds tedious, this is actually pretty easy to do. By the end of this guide, you’ll know everything you need to make sure your plugs last a lifetime!

Cleaning Tail Butt Plugs

The most obvious place to start is cleaning. All sex toys need to be properly cleaned on a regular basis to make sure they stay safe to use.

Each time you insert your plug, it picks up lots of bacteria from inside your body. This will stay on the surface (or even inside the surface) of your plug until you next clean it properly.

But these bacteria don’t just come from inside your body! Your tail plug can pick up bacteria from practically anywhere, so between uses it can become very unclean.

This means you should not only clean your plugs after you use them, but also before, just to be on the safe side.

If you’ve chosen a plug made from a porous material (glass, stainless-steel, or silicone), then cleaning off all this bacteria is very easy. Thanks to the small pores found in these materials, the bacteria will only be found on the surface of the plug. A simple cleaning with some soapy water will usually get rid of most bacteria.

One of the best things about most non-porous plugs though is that you can boil them. This makes sure that they are completely sterile, and all bacteria is killed. Make sure to check any information that came with your plug to see if your is suitable to boil.

Non-porous plug materials (basically anything else) need extra care. In these materials, the pores are larger, so bacteria is able to find its way into the surface of the plug. You should be extra thorough when cleaning these, and even though you’ll never be able to get them truly sterile, you can remove enough of the bacteria to make sure they are safe to use.

You might see some information that you can clean your butt plugs in different ways. The most common of these will be the dishwasher.

Using a dishwasher is only really suitable for butt plugs that can withstand high temperatures, so be sure to check the instructions that came with your plug to make sure it isn’t going to melt while inside.

Of course, make sure to take out any kitchenware before putting sex toys in the dishwasher. You should also try to remove it as soon as possible after the cycle is complete, to avoid mould building up on the plug or the dishwasher.

Another important note, is that the tail will usually not survive very well in the dishwasher, so this is only really suitable for butt plugs where you can take the tail off to clean it.

Once you’ve finished using the dishwasher, make sure to thoroughly clean it before returning it to normal use. Small fecal particles found on the surface of the plug will now be inside your dishwasher, so you’ll want to purge these so they don’t end up all over your plates and cutlery!

Other methods that are commonly suggested to clean butt plugs are the washing machine, and boiling them in a saucepan. Both of these are not really advised.

Using the hob can cause your plug to melt, as they give a lot more heat than just boiling water. Many hobs use exposed flames too, which pose a fire risk if the tail manages to get into the wrong position.

The washing machine might seem like a great option, but putting anything that isn’t clothes inside is likely to damage the washing machine as they rattle around in the spin cycle. The rough motion of the plug bouncing around inside the machine can also damage the surface of the plug. This can make it unsafe to use as the cracks can be sharp and hurt the sensitive anal lining, or be a great place for bacteria to hide between uses!

Should You Clean The Tails?

An important difference when cleaning tail butt plugs is the tail itself. No other sex toys have parts with so much fabric, and the tail doesn’t enter your body. So do you need to clean it?


Not only should you make sure that the plug itself stays clean, but the millions of fibers that make up the tail can also harbor bacteria.

The first important point is that you should never fully submerge the tail in water. All the extra weight will make it very likely that the tail may be pulled off of the base of the plug.

If you’re lucky enough to have a plug with a detachable tail, you can take it off the plug to clean it. This means you can put it in the washing machine just like other clothing. Again check the information that came with your plug to make sure that this won’t damage the tail.

Drying Your Tail Plug

Once you’ve cleaned it, it’s important to properly dry your tail plug too.

If you don’t then when you put it away the leftover moisture can cause things to become damp. This can eventually lead to mould.

The plug can be dried very easily. Simply wipe it down with paper towels, or just leave it to air dry.

To dry the tail, you should avoid hanging it up. All the extra weight from the moisture can cause it to stretch and warp. The best way is again to just leave it out to air dry.

If you need to speed things up, you could try a hairdryer. Make sure to use a low heat setting, or it may melt some of the hair in faux fur. Some tails will be completely unsuitable to use a hairdryer on, so make sure to check before doing this.

Storing Your Tail Plug

The best way to store any kind of sex toy is in it’s own container, in a cool, dry place. The simplest way to do this is to place each one in its own ziplock bag. Each bag can then be put on a shelf, or stored in a box.

If you leave the plugs exposed, then there is more chance of them picking up bacteria and dust from around your house.

You also risk the different toys touching each other, which can cause reactions between some materials and begin to warp and damage the plug.

Getting Rid Of Factory Smells

One of the most common complaints when people buy tail butt plugs is that they often come with a very distinctive smell attached to them. This is from the machinery and chemicals used during manufacture.

How bad yours will smell will largely depend on which material it’s made out of. Silicone is notorious for retaining smells, so even if you manage to get the initial factory smell out, you’ll need to keep cleaning it thoroughly to make sure they don’t start to smell again.

Unfortunately, there’s no amazing solution that’s guaranteed to work. The best thing you can do is unpack your butt plug as soon as you get it. Wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water, making sure to get into every nook and cranny. Then leave it out to air dry in a well ventilated room.

The airflow in and out of the room can help to carry smells away. If you find that it still smells after it’s fully dry, then clean it again and let it dry once more. Keep repeating the process until you’re satisfied that your plug is now smelling pleasant.

Keeping Your Tail Fluffy

Another common occurrence is that over time, the tail will not stay as fluffy and bouncy as it once was. This is natural, and in particular washing it can emphasise this loss of life.

But with a little TLC, you can keep your tails looking as great as they did the day you bought them!

If the hair has become very flattened and limp, you can use a hairdryer on a cold setting to push the hair around and start to fuzz it back up.

Then use a brush, and gently comb the hair, just like you would your own. If you take care of it as well as you do your own hair, it’s sure to look amazing every time.

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Once you’ve found the perfect tail butt plug, you’ll never want to let it go! Unfortunately, you need to take proper care of your plugs to make sure they stay in tip top condition.

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