Cleaning Your Butt Plug

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An anal plug is very popular sex toy for both men and women as well as both gay and straight people.

It seems that people of all genders and sexual orientations enjoy anal sexual activity these days, whether it’s just the wearing of a butt plug to add a little more eroticism in your life or wearing it to prepare your anal muscles for anal sex.

One of the things that people often inquire about regarding butt plugs is how to best clean the items; fortunately, making sure that this is done properly is a very easy thing to do.

Why Is it Important to Clean Your Butt Plugs?

If you consider how butt plugs are used, it is easy to understand why cleaning them properly is so important. These sex toys go inside of one of the most intimate areas of the human body so using them regularly means making sure that they are always as clean as possible.

Even if your rectum is very clean, bacteria can still remain on the butt plug after your playtime is over and it is important that all of that bacteria be removed before you play with it again.

Unclean butt plugs are not only less comfortable for you but they can also be unsafe and downright dangerous because the more bacteria and germs that you have on the plug, the higher the chances that you’ll get an infection.

This is especially true if you’re using a butt plug made out of a porous material such as jelly or some plastics because they can attract bacteria and make things much worse.

Of course, it is also important to consider the type of butt plug you’re using in order to make sure that it is cleaned properly.

Both porous and non-porous plugs need to be thoroughly cleaned before and after each use but those plugs that have tails, faux gems, or flowers on them or plugs that vibrate often require special care in order to make sure that they are super clean.

Regardless of the type of butt plug that you own, however, you should never skip cleaning it regularly because in order for your playtime to be safe, stay healthy, and feel good, a thoroughly clean butt plug is a must.

It can be very tempting to omit this step, especially since it doesn’t take very long to do, but the truth is that your anal playtime is always going to be better in every way possible if you keep your butt plug clean at all times.

How Often Should You Clean Butt Plugs?

Again, cleaning your butt plug is never time-consuming so whenever you think to yourself “I have to clean my butt plug,” it shouldn’t be something that gives you a negative or exasperated feeling.

To start with, you need to give your butt plug a thorough cleaning as soon as you take it out of the package

Even though the manufacturing company will clean it before packaging it, it is still best to make certain that all remaining traces of dirt and dust, which sometimes get on there in the shipping process, be removed thoroughly.

Next, you need to make sure that you give your butt plug a thorough cleaning twice each time that you play with it -- once when you first take it out for playtime and once after you’re finished with it and before you store it away somewhere.

Yes, because you clean it immediately before storing it, it will be somewhat clean the next time that you use it. However, just the fact that it has been sitting there since its last use means that it could very well have picked up additional dust, bacteria, and even dirt that wasn’t there the last time.

This is why it is so important to clean your butt plug both before and after you use it, every single time that you use it. There should be no exceptions.

In fact, if you simply make a habit out of doing this, you’ll likely be surprised by how little time it takes and how little trouble it is to keep your toy nice and clean at all times.

Not cleaning it regularly can cause a host of problems but it takes little effort and no trouble to keep it clean all the time.

Can You Get Infections From Butt Plugs?

There are different medical problems that you can experience if you do not keep your butt plugs clean and these include not just irritations and rashes but also a variety of infections such as UTIs (urinary tract infections), yeast infections, and many others.

Not only can bacteria build up on your butt plug but you can also suffer because dirt, dust, dried-on semen and other bodily fluids, and even pubic hair has become stuck on the toy and reusing it at that point is both dangerous and unhealthy.

Unclean butt plugs can result in skin irritations and rashes and even more serious reactions that include various types of infections.

Let’s face it; the anal area is not a good area to have any type of itching, discomfort, or pain yet all of these things can be avoided easily by making sure that your butt plug is always thoroughly cleaned and cleaned regularly.

The best part of all of this is the fact that with simple, fast, and thorough cleanings, you can avoid getting any type of infection or irritation at all, which eliminates the nervousness you feel if you’re getting ready to use your butt plug and you aren’t sure if you cleaned it the last time you used it.

Again, make it a habit to clean the butt plug both before and after every single use and it can save you a lot of physical and emotional turmoil in the future.

What Happens If I Don’t Clean My Butt Plugs?

You are not only cleaning your butt plug to prevent infections and to keep it more comfortable to use; you are also cleaning it so that it lasts a lot longer.

Over time, all sex toys will degrade and become worn but if you don’t clean them regularly, this process is a lot faster and you’ll therefore have to replace your toy a lot sooner and a lot more frequently.

Some butt plugs, such as the ones that are made out of metal or stainless steel, are actually very easy to clean because they have no pores that will attract dirt and dust.

Others, however, are porous and a little more difficult to clean, which makes regular cleaning that much more important.

Regardless of what your butt plug is made out of, however, regular cleaning can prevent the material from degrading and breaking down quickly, which means that it is easier to keep your butt plug around a lot longer.

Some infections, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and even HPV or hepatitis, can live outside the body for several days at room temperature.

Therefore, if you reuse your butt plug and haven’t cleaned it since the last time you used it, you can reinsert bacteria and germs into the anus, which greatly increases your risk of getting these types of diseases.

Both infections and the need for frequent replacement of your butt plug are possible when you’re not cleaning it regularly.

Regular cleaning, on the other hand, greatly reduces the chances of getting any type of serious infection and enables you to keep your butt plug a lot longer than you would if it wasn’t cleaned properly and regularly.

How to Clean Your Butt Plugs

If all of the information presented so far causes you to be intimidated, do not worry. The good news regarding all of these things is that cleaning your butt plug is extremely simple and takes very little time.

Most people, in fact, clean their sex toys with one of two main methods:

    • You can clean any sex toy by washing it with a mild soap and warm water. Many people use baby shampoo to clean their butt plugs, which works perfectly because baby shampoo cleans thoroughly but gently. Wash it for a few minutes to make sure that it is thoroughly clean and that you’ve removed everything that is harmful to you so that the toy is squeaky clean.
  • You can also use a special cleaner made specifically for sex toys, which can be found in all reputable sex toy stores. Most of these cleaners are sprayed on the toy and then wiped away and they are usually antibacterial as well. In addition, some of the cleaners are made with all-natural materials including tea tree oil and lavender so they can smell just as good as they work.

After you clean your butt plugs -- indeed, any sex toy that you own -- you should either let them air-dry, which is the recommended method, or clean them with a clean, lint-free towel or cloth.

After they are cleaned and dried, they should be stored in a cool, dry place and stored separately from other sex toys.

As you can see, cleaning and storing your butt plugs is not time-consuming at all so there is no excuse for not following this simple step.

Porous Butt Plugs

According to many sex toy experts, butt plugs made out of jelly, rubber, cyber-skin, neoprene, and nylon are much more difficult to clean because they are usually porous, which means that they have tiny pores that you cannot see but can attract bacteria, germs, and other dangerous materials.

Few toys are made out of jelly or rubber these days, in part because they are so difficult to clean, but if you do find yourself with a butt plug made out of any of these materials, you have to know how to clean it.

You can use the mild-soap-and-water method or the store-bought cleaner method but never use an abrasive cleaner of any type even though you might be tempted to do this.

As long as you wash the toy thoroughly and completely, mild soap and lukewarm water will work nicely and remove everything from the toy that could be dangerous for you.

Many people avoid porous butt plugs because they sometimes take longer to clean than the non-porous plugs but you have to thoroughly clean your plug regardless of the material that it is made of so the type of butt plug you choose is really up to you.

Again, just make sure that you clean the butt plug both before and after every single use and it should be safe and comfortable to use from then on.

Non-Porous Butt Plugs

Non-porous butt plugs include those made out of silicone, stainless steel, and even glass but just because they are easier to clean than porous sex toys doesn’t mean that you can rush through the process.

Indeed, washing and rinsing the butt plug thoroughly every single time is crucial regardless of its age or what it’s made of so you might as well get into the habit now of making sure that you do this.

Just as with porous butt plugs, those made out of non-porous materials can be cleaned either with a store-bought cleaner or with mild soap and water.

The important point is to make sure that you don’t just rinse the toy off with water but use soap and clean it thoroughly for a minute or two before rinsing it off.

With all butt plugs, letting them air dry is the best way to dry them. You also have to store them separately from other sex toys because if you don’t, the products could meld together over time.

Butt plugs are definitely popular and they come in various materials, shapes, sizes, and even colors. Cleaning your butt plugs regularly is imperative, not only so that the toys will last longer but also to prevent infections and irritations of various types.

Fortunately, once you learn how to clean your butt plugs, you’ll realize that you have no excuse for not doing so regularly since the process is very simple and fast.

You can enjoy your butt plugs for many years to come if you treat them properly and it all starts with knowing how to clean them well and making sure they stay that way whenever they’re not being used.

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