Are Men Threatened By Vibrators?

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In the constant struggle of man versus machine, it’s not uncommon to think that guys and boyfriends could feel intimidated by sex toys. These adult toys found their way into the mainstream many years ago, and millions of women use them every day. Despite that, they may still be a taboo topic with heterosexual couples. Most guys consider their penises to be the quintessential symbols of manhood and sexual pleasure. That’s why one could assume that men believe that a toy could endanger their male sexual power.

But is there any truth to that? Are men really threatened by vibrators? Keep reading to find out!

What Do Men Really Think of Vibrators?

It doesn’t take long to notice that porn depicts the male genitalia as the pinnacle of all sexual pleasure. In just about any heterosexual scene, performers can pull out their hard, massive cocks and watch women shiver in ecstasy at the mere sight of their ultimate weapon. It’s understandable to believe that men want to make women orgasm with their dicks. It’s also reasonable to think that they could feel inadequate if they fail to do so. Vibrators can take that power away and make women climax quicker as well as much harder, depending on the type of toy.

But you could look at the opinions that hundreds of guys post on the web daily to find the truth regarding this matter. In Redditt communities, many young men have answered this question quite positively.

The Truth About Men and Vibrators

Most men aged between 20 and 30 claimed that they didn’t have a problem with the toy at all. The majority was actually in favor of vibrators. They claimed that they loved to watch their partners use it in front of them or during sex. Interestingly, many have said that the idea actually turned them on. Allegedly, it let them know that their partner was confident with her sexuality. A lot of guys even said that they were considering sex toys for men. Others claimed to consider these toys as a sort of safety net against cheating, which is also understandable. Only a small number of people claimed that vibrators made them feel emasculated.

And if we take a look at some research, a Trojan study concluded that over 50% of U.S. males surveyed claimed that vibrators could improve their sex life. Even better, Indiana University recently found that over 70% of 3,000 surveyed men were actually in favor of vibrators. That surely separates the myth from the truth. However, every man is unique, and that’s why this subject is still somewhat sensitive.

Are Vibrators Meant to Replace Men?

These sex toys are a complicated piece of machinery. Essentially, they closely resemble a penis. However, you cannot replicate their primary function with the male sex organ. A vibrator’s rotating motor can reach various speeds and intensities. That means it can target the clitoral area in a vastly different manner compared to a male cock. Furthermore, men can often be afraid of the vibrating mechanism and believe that it would “outdo” them in bed. That’s why they could fear that the toy might replace them. They may think that what they’re doing in the bedroom is not enough for their partner.

However, it’s worth mentioning that is not usually the case. Most women have a hard time when it comes to reaching climax only through penetration.

In fact, just 18% of women in one study from the Sex and Marital Therapy Journal claimed that they could orgasm from vaginal penetration. The majority specifically said that they needed clitoral stimulation to fully orgasm. Due to the fact that men are not natural multi-taskers, it can be quite difficult for them to stimulate both areas simultaneously. And that is precisely why vibrators are so popular.

Women use these adult toys to improve foreplay and penetrative sex. They can facilitate orgasms and make them better. In a way, these toys also make things easier for men. So instead of worrying about vibrators replacing the real thing, the answer to our main question is actually quite the opposite. Many women love vibrators because they boost sexual pleasure, not just for them but for their partners too! But we’ll discuss that later on in this article.

How to Discuss Vibrators With Your Partner

So how can you find out if your partner is OK with a vibrator in the bedroom? The worst thing you could do is to tell your guy outright that you can only orgasm with it! That can be extremely intimidating. Such a statement could scare your partner away, especially if you are already having a tough time reaching orgasm. There are better and more efficient ways to bring them up in conversation, and even during sex.

Firstly, the safest way to approach this task is to ask your partner about his opinion casually. Slip it into the conversation and start talking about vibrators, dildos, or other phallic-shaped toys. If he rejects the idea straight away, listen to his reasoning. Try to discuss some of the advantages of using a vibrator, but not in an assertive way.

Your man may also be misinformed or may not fully understand why you would want one. If he still feels frightened about the toy replacing him, shift the conversation to some of the things we’ve mentioned today. And if you’ve got a secret toy that he doesn’t know about, try not to bring it up in a way that would hurt his feelings. Above all, if the guy is not into it, think about his reasons. If he absolutely feels emasculated or repulsed by them, he probably has some legitimate concerns. But if he’s unwilling to discuss his perspective and simply denies you the right for sexual pleasure, it may be time to rethink your romantic or sexual relationship.

When and How to Introduce It

If you discuss the subject with your partner, and he seems to be into the idea, there are a lot of ways to actually introduce the toy into your sex life.

You could try by telling him about how and why you would use it together. Explain how that could bring you pleasure. Additionally, watching porn with vibrators and male performers can be useful. Your partner will be able to see what happens when a couple has sex while using a vibrator or another sex toy. They could get inspired or turned on to see how it could be pleasurable for both of you.

Moreover, you could start on your own and show your partner what you like to do with a vibrator. Then, teach him to do the same, and he won’t feel compromised. Instead, he’ll gain the confidence to know that the toy is actually there to satisfy you both.

Why Are Vibrators so Good for Women?

As mentioned before, women primarily need clitoral stimulation to get a clitoral orgasm. The vaginal area is incredibly sensitive, and the clitoral orgasm comes from the stimulation of multiple nerve endings.

What’s more, they require additional bodily stimulation via the nipples and other erogenous zones. It’s possible to cum through penetrative sex, but, as we’ve mentioned before, studies have shown that only a tiny percentage of women can do that.

Why Women Love Vibrators

Essentially, the female genitalia is biologically much more complex than the male penis, which only requires direct penile stimulation for orgasms. Ignoring the clitoris is a major sex mistake that many guys can make. And if they are unaware of clitoral orgasms, they could be frightened of vibrators. However, it may just be a matter of perspective. Vibrators can reach and stimulate many sensitive areas on a woman’s body. The intensity of the vibrations is the key reason these toys feel so amazing for women. So instead of some men viewing them as threatening, it’s better to say that they are quite helpful.

Vibrators are unbelievably versatile when it comes to clitoral stimulation and penetration. Overall, they can produce an entirely different sensation compared to the penis. As stated before, you can use them during any sexual activity. That includes foreplay, oral sex, anal or vaginal penetration, and all kinds of vibrator sex tricks. These are all things that men can perform on a woman while using a vibrator together with their penis. And that is another reason men shouldn’t be frightened of them! Combining a vibrator with penile penetration can lead to unforgettable G-spot orgasms that are otherwise challenging to achieve. In truth, guys who worry about them fail to realize that vibrators are a blessing in disguise! They can contribute so much to mutual pleasure, and they can bring you closer together!

They Aren’t Just For Women!

Lastly, even though guys could still be frightened of their partners’ vibrators, there’s one thing that they might overlook. If you’re a man, remember that thousands of vibrators are on the market and that they are designed specifically for you!

These male toys include vibrating masturbators, suction cups, rings, glans massagers, prostate massagers, etc. In addition, you can find bullet vibrators, pumps, realistic vaginas and anuses, vibrating sex dolls, as well as many more!

Male Vibrators

While men may believe that male vibrators are only used for insertion and could be put off by the idea, it only takes a quick look online to see what’s out there. If you check out vibrators for men, you’ll see all sorts of incredible options!

For instance, vibrating hands-free masturbators can grip the penis with a realistic-like feel. They are incredibly popular among men these days. Their firm grip and powerful vibes can bring guys to orgasm like never before.

Moreover, the majority of men have never tried a male sex toy, but it’s worth noting that the penile area is extremely sensitive to mechanical stimulation. Any type of rhythmic vibration or pressure around the area will work miracles. That means massaging the testicles, penis glans, or the shaft with toys that will result in strong vibrator orgasms!

The Best Toys to Consider

Additionally, vibrating rings are fantastic toys to use during sex with women because they can stimulate both participants. If your partner already has a vibrator, do not hesitate to test it out as soon as possible and then look for a toy that will suit you the best. Couples’ vibrators are a fabulous option, and some of the most popular toys are U-shaped. They can stimulate both the penis and the clitoris for mutual pleasure. And if you’re open to the idea of anal play, there are many couples’ vibrators that can stimulate you both. For solo play or a kinky activity to try with a partner, P-spot vibrators are definitely the way to go. They can also provide you with a new sensation and mind-blowing prostate orgasms.

What’s more, if a couple discusses that together, they can decide to use various toys on each other. Women can use male masturbators, vibrators, remote-controlled toys, anal stimulators, and other gadgets on their guys and vice versa. We can surely recommend that to couples who wish to experiment! If you’re genuinely feeling adventurous, you could try things like vibrating double dildos.

As you can see, not only women can benefit from vibrators. Tons of available options will satisfy even the horniest guys. If anything, the variety of these toys is simply incredible!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, men have a legitimate reason to feel emasculated by vibrators. Luckily, studies and statistics show that their opinions are changing rapidly. Many adult males are quite comfortable with vibrators, in fact. Many love to use them with their partner for mutual pleasure. Hopefully, our article has provided you with the proper guidelines on how to talk to your guy about vibrators. We’ve covered many reasons guys shouldn’t be afraid of women using them and should instead be encouraged to bring them into the bedroom. Ultimately, if your guy’s opinion is still set in stone, grab a male vibrator, and he’ll end up begging for more!

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