Sex Positions with Vibrators

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We’ve already discussed some of the great feelings you can experience by using your vibrators during sex. Some of you might want to try it, but not actually be sure how to incorporate the vibrator into your experience. There’s already a lot going on during sex, with penises and boobs flying all over the place, so adding another object to mix can be a little confusing. We’ve compiled a list of sex positions that could be fun for you to try. Some are a little more advanced than others, so we’ll start with some basics.

Simple Sex Positions with Vibrators

The simplest ways to use a vibrator in sex are variations on some of the more basic sex positions. These include:

    • Modified Missionary: The simplest of all positions, missionary is a favourite for many. Traditional missionary though doesn’t leave much room for your hands to hold a vibrator in place. Rather than leaning forward over the woman, the man should lean back, letting his legs sit underneath the woman and forming a kind of X shape. This leaves plenty of room for either of you to hold the vibrator anywhere you choose.
    • The Reach-around: A very easy position in theory, simply spoon your partner, entering her from behind. Then with your outer arm reach over and hold the vibrator in place. Some people will find this one easier than others, as having sex while spooning can be pretty awkward at times.
    • Doggy style: A classic, and similar to the reach-around just a little easier. During doggy style the man can either reach around the woman’s body to hold the vibrator in place, or the woman can hold it herself making use of all the extra space underneath her body.
    • Table-top: It doesn’t have to be a table. Any suitably heighted furniture will do. Sit on top with your butt as close to the edge as possible. Spread your legs wide and lean back. This gives your partner plenty of room to enter, and either of you can hold the vibrator wherever you choose for maximum pleasure.
    • Water Sports: Shower sex is a treat for many couples, and as long as your vibrator is waterproof, why not bring it along for the fun? Simply placing one leg on the edge of the bath tub opens everything up for sex with plenty of room for the vibrator. The man will usually want to hold the vibrator in this one, so the woman can hold on to stop herself from slipping over.
    • Raised butt: Placing a pillow underneath your butt can elevate everything, making entry a little easier and letting the penis hit spots it wouldn’t normally be able to. While lying on your back, a man can kneel between your legs and go for it while holding your legs or butt. While he does this, position your vibrator wherever you like. Flipping this one over can be even better, as you’re still nicely raised up, but can place the vibrator between the pillow and your body leaving your hands free to flail around in excitement.
    • One for the men: Vibrators can take a simple fellatio to the next level. Have the man lie on his back and open his legs wide so you can access the entire area. Experiment holding the vibrator in different areas while you provide oral pleasure. You might even try holding the vibrator to your cheek while you do some lip service. He’ll thank you for it later.
    • Cowgirl: This is a great position for a vibrator, as the woman being on top leaves plenty of access for the vibrator to stimulate both the man and the woman. Either of you can hold it, so experiment with what feels good.
  • Standing: This is probably the most advanced basic position, and requires a lot of core strength. While both standing, the woman raises a leg and either wraps it around the man, or props it up on a chair. Lean back against a wall or table to keep your balance while the man enters you. He has plenty of space to hold the vibrator wherever he pleases while you just try to stay on your feet.

Advanced Sex Positions with Vibrators

While these are some of the simplest positions you can use a vibrator in, you can try virtually anything you can think of. The key thing is that there is simply enough room for your hands to go to work between your legs. Depending on the positions, different vibrators may be more suitable. The bullet will always be the easiest to work with due to its small size, but it’s also relatively easy to drop and not be able to find it again in the heat of the moment.

Larger vibrators like rabbits might be impossible to use in positions like missionary, but the extra length and space to grip onto could help a lot in more stretchy positions. If your woman is flexible enough to get her legs up behind her head, almost anything goes, as you’ll have a ton of space to work with.

Other uses for larger vibrators include experimenting with double penetration. This isn’t for the faint-hearted, but the main shaft part of larger vibrators is ideal for penetration. Again, you can experiment with which way around you prefer, as some people like the penis in one particular place. Just remember that once something goes in the butt, you need to wash it before putting it in the vagina, or you run the risk of contamination.

Ultimately, sexual positions with vibrators are as varied as they are without. This is one of the most fun parts of learning with vibrators, as you can try literally anything you can think of. So why not spend some time with your partner and see what fun new positions you can dream up?

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