Vibrators: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a vibrator?

It is an adult toy which is controlled by a small motor. The motor causes the toy to shake, or vibrate, at a variety of different speeds. These vibrations are extremely pleasurable and can use to stimulate the sensitive areas of your body such as the cock head, prostate, nipples, clitoris or G-spot. With the help of these amazing vibrations, you can have body-shaking orgasms!

Why are they called vibrators?

The name "vibrator" comes from the fact that these sex toys release pleasurable shaking sensations, which are referred to as vibrations. "Vibrator" means "a thing that vibrates," which makes it the perfect name for this toy. Unlike many other types of sex toy, they are consistently referred to as vibrators and do not really have any common alternate names.

How do you use a vibrator?

The way that a vibrator is used will depend on the type. Some are meant for external use against the penis or clitoris or even nipples, while others are meant to be inserted into the vagina or anus. In general, you should hold the vibrator against your most sensitive spots and allow the pleasurable vibrations to shake you to your very core. Any part of the body that feels good can have a vibrator held against it to experience maximum pleasure!

What types of vibrator are there?

There are an astounding number of vibrator types. These types are split into three categories: shape, material, and location of use. Shape describes the function of the vibrator and includes small bullets and eggs as well as larger rabbits and magic wands. Material refers to what the vibrator is made of, which frequently includes silicone, glass, rubber, plastic, and perhaps even sleek metal or extremely modern CyberSkin. Lastly, location refers to whether the vibrator is intended to be used internally or externally and what sensitive areas and erotic zones of the body it targets.

What is a "standard" vibrator?

While there are many shapes and sizes of vibrator, a "standard" vibrator would be described as a narrow, medium sized, cylinder-shaped object made from silicone or hard plastic. It is meant for internal use inside the vagina or ass, with its vibrations specifically meant to target the G-spot or prostate, although it sometimes features an external add-on which targets the clitoris as well. A standard vibrator usually offers between 5 and 7 different speeds and intensities of vibration.

What is a bullet vibrator?

A "bullet" is a small vibrator which is shaped like the object from which its name derives, with an oblong shape and a slightly pointed tip. Bullets can be made from any material, but often feature a shiny "metallic" design in colors such as gold, silver or black. Bullet vibrators are meant to be stealthy and discreet. Because of their small size, they can be carried anywhere without attracting notice. Some bullet vibrators can even be disguised as a tube of makeup and hidden in a purse. They are small and precise enough for external use but also thin enough to be comfortably used for internal stimulation.

What is a magic wand vibrator?

A magic wand is a long, large vibrator with all of the "magic" - that is, the vibrations - concentrated in the tip. They can be inserted, but since they are so large, most people prefer to press them against external areas such as the clitoris or the head of the cock. Because magic wands are large, they are generally kept at home and are not suited for travel. However, they are capable of featuring a huge number of speeds - sometimes as many as 15 or even 20.

What is a remote controlled vibrator?

This type of vibrator is designed for play with your partner. Instead of the vibrations being controlled by a button on the actual vibrator, it comes with a small remote control featuring several buttons. The person holding the remote control gets to decide what speed, frequency and intensity the vibrations come at. This can lead to lots of fun play as the person wearing the vibrator will have no idea what they were in for and have lots of fun surprises coming their way!

What is a Bluetooth vibrator?

This type of vibrator is similar to a remote control vibrator with one major difference. Instead of being controlled via a remote, it features Bluetooth radio compatibility, meaning it can be controlled via a cell phone app or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Similar to the remote control vibrator above, the Bluetooth vibrator is designed for partner play, with the person wearing the vibrator usually not being the one who is in charge of what pleasure they receive (or don't!) As an added bonus, Bluetooth capability allows the vibrator to be controlled from quite a distance away - you don't have to be in the same room or even the same building as your partner!

What is an egg vibrator?

An egg vibrator can best be described as similar in size, discreetness and purpose to a bullet vibrator, but with a different shape more in common with its namesake: an egg. It is a small, squat, wide vibrator which nestles right up against the clit but also can be inserted into the vagina or anus if you are a fan of that more extreme stretching feeling. Some egg vibrators are wireless, while others feature a wire or string that dangles out of you and allows you to reach inside your pussy or ass remove it more easily. Like the bullet vibrator, the egg vibrator is perfect for travel as it is small and can be easily hidden. You could even try bringing it to work and sneakily teasing yourself all day long!

What is a rabbit vibrator?

Like the egg and bullet vibrators, the rabbit vibrator is named for its unique and distinctive shape. It is a long, narrow vibrator made for internal use, but also featuring an external add-on commonly referred to as "rabbit ears". These "rabbit ears" take the form of two small protrusions roughly in the shape of a pair of perky bunny ears. They rub against the clitoris while you are pounding away and driving the vibrator in and out of your pussy, letting you give yourself pleasure in two sensitive places at once!

What is a butterfly vibrator?

A butterfly vibrator is a relative of the rabbit vibrator, combining a long internal section which rubs up against your G-spot with an external component that is perfect for pleasuring your clitoris at the exact same time. However, with a butterfly vibrator, the shape of the clit stimulating part is different from the rabbit vibrator. Instead of two small prongs, it is a larger, flat protrusion, giving the vibrator its name because of its similarity in shape and size to a butterfly's wing. Some of these protrusions also contain many small nubs for texture-based stimulation or a small hole where you can place your clit to experience suction. A few extra-cute models are even shaped exactly like a big, colorful butterfly!

What is a tongue vibrator?

Another type of vibrator that gets its name from its shape is the tongue vibrator. It is a medium sized, wavy, soft and flexible vibrator which is designed to mimic the appearance of the human tongue, with added vibrations for extra pleasure. Fans of having their ass eaten or their pussy devoured cannot go wrong with a tongue vibrator. Its flexibility and smooth, precise motions are absolutely one of a kind!

What is vibrating underwear?

You can add vibrations to absolutely anything - and underwear is no exception! Vibrating underwear comes in two distinct varieties. One is simply a set of straps which attaches to a wide, flat vibrator such as a butterfly vibrator. The other is a full set of underwear, shaped like a standard pair of panties but made from leather or stretchy sweat-wicking fabric, with a small hole or pouch in the front where a small bullet or egg vibrator can be slipped in. Wearing these panties is a comfortable way to experience vibrations all day and all night long!

What is the best type of vibrator?

The best type of vibrator is whichever kind you want to use, of course! The "best" vibrator will differ from person to person depending on what they prefer. However, our Lovegasm staffers can provide a few recommendations. If you prefer internal stimulation targeting your prostate or G-spot, then a rabbit vibrator is a good choice (if you like it large) or a bullet vibrator (if you prefer to keep things small). For external stimulation, a butterfly vibrator will give your clit all the pleasure it desires, while an egg vibrator can be rubbed against your nipples, perineum, the rim of your asshole or the sensitive rim of your cock.

What materials are vibrators made out of?

There are a wide range of materials which can be used in the manufacture of vibrators. The most popular ones are silicone and hard plastic, which are extremely popular and used to make all sorts of sex toys ranging from butt plugs to dildos to chastity cages. These materials are well-loved because they are sturdy and durable as well as comfortable. However, you can also find vibrators made from metal, glass, elastic material called "jelly," leather, fabric, and even cutting edge, ultra-modern CyberSkin. Make sure to try all of the amazing vibrator materials available here at Lovegasm!

What is a silicone vibrator?

Silicone is one of the most popular materials in the entire world for making sex toys. It feels similar to rubber but is even softer as well as sturdier. Many people have described the feeling of silicone rubbing against their most sensitive spots as the closest artificial alternative you can get to the feeling of genuine human skin. Plus, silicone is absolutely gorgeous to look at, as it is available in a wide array of stunning colors! It's also extremely long lasting, easy to clean, and practically impossible to damage - overall, the perfect package.

What is a jelly vibrator?

Vibrators made from flexible rubber are most commonly referred to as "jelly vibrators". This is because they are similar in both texture and appearance to squishy, jiggly jelly! Jelly vibrators can be recognized by their translucent appearance, by being soft to the touch, and coming in a number of fun colors including pink, purple,and blue. They feel great and are incredibly comfortable to use, even being highly recommended for first-time vibrator users. Plus, despite how delicate they may look at first, jelly vibrators are able to give off some pretty serious "buzzing" as well!

What is a glass vibrator?

Glass vibrators bring a unique sparkling, twinkling beauty to your sexual play. Their beautiful clear or tinted glass surfaces glitter elegantly with each and every motion. Nothing looks hotter or sexier than a glass vibrator winking and glittering as it pounds in and out of a willing pussy or ass. Plus, all of our Lovegasm glass vibrators are made from extra-strength Pyrex glass, meaning that they only LOOK delicate while in fact being just as strong and sturdy as any other material!

What is a metal vibrator?

Metal vibrators are typically made from stainless steel. This eye-catching material has truly earned its reputation as the most intense and darkly erotic of the common vibrator types. Its metal "skin" feels cool against the burning flesh of your aroused body, adding a unique element of temperature play to an otherwise normal vibrating session. Stainless steel as a material is especially popular in the making of bullet vibrators, because that one-of-a-kind gleaming look truly helps them resemble their namesake!

What is a CyberSkin vibrator?

CyberSkin is the material of the future! This compound material combines the elasticity of rubber or "jelly" with the smooth feeling and warmth of silicone to create an experience that is truly as close as you can come to real human skin with a mere sex toy. Bring your sexual play into the 21st century with ultra-realistic, ultra-amazing CyberSkin. Some might even say that CyberSkin vibrators are BETTER than a real human cock - after all, do YOU know any men with vibrating penises?

What is a leather vibrating harness?

A vibrating harness is typically considered to be a piece of BDSM gear, and is often worn together with other pieces of a BDSM outfit such as a corset, garters, fishnet stockings, a collar with an attached leash, boots, or high heels. It is made from leather (usually black or brown in color) and features straps that wrap around the waist and run between the legs. The front of the harness features a hole or pouch which can be used to attach a vibrator - either a small bullet or egg vibrator to pleasure the person wearing it, or a large penis-shaped vibrator, rabbit or butterfly that will allow them to penetrate another person.

What are vibrating panties made out of?

Like a vibrating harness, many pairs of vibrating panties are also made from leather. This is because leather is both practical and comfortable to wear for a long period of time but also extremely erotic and appealing to the eye. However, some vibrating panties may also be made from quick-drying or moisture-wicking materials such as nylon, spandex, or polyester. Fabric (such as cotton) vibrating panties can sometimes be found, but are generally not as popular due to lacking sturdiness and support.

What are the differences between vibrator materials?

The biggest difference in vibrator materials (besides, of course, how they look) is whether they feel warm or cold to the touch. Metal and glass will generally remain cool unless they are actively heated up with an outside heat source, making them ideal for temperature and sensation play. On the other hand, silicone, jelly, and CyberSkin are designed to warm up with just a little bit of friction, meaning that they will adjust themselves to your body's temperature and feel comfortably warm, similar to human skin, the more that you play with them.

What parts of your body can you stimulate with a vibrator?

Absolutely any part that is sensitive! Common areas to stimulate with a vibrator include the clitoris and G-spot for women, the head of the penis and the prostate for men, and the nipples for people of all genders. Of course, running it all over your body to get yourself warmed up and in the mood for sex is also a great form of foreplay. We strongly recommend playing around with each new vibrator you purchase to figure out what parts of the body feel best when exposed to those pleasurable vibrations!

What is a clit vibrator?

You may not know this, but the clitoris - aka the "clit" - is the most sensitive area in the entire female body. That tiny little nub contains over 8000 nerve endings! It's no wonder that plenty of vibrators have been designed just for getting the clit all tingly. These vibrators are meant for external use and are usually either small in size or present as a small add-on to a larger vibrator (as is the case with rabbit and butterfly vibrators). Many of these vibrators feature small bumps or holes to create a unique texture that rubs against the clit or to provide the feeling of suction, as though your clit is being sucked on by your partner's talented tongue.

What is a nipple vibrator?

The nipples are an erogenous zone for both men and women. Of course, it's only natural that vibrators would be created that specifically target the nipples. Nipple vibrators are usually very small and are sometimes found in a U-shape so as to stimulate both sides of the nipple and "pinch" the nipple between two sources of vibrations. Like clitoris vibrators, some nipple vibrators create a pleasurable texture by featuring a series of small bumps to rub against your skin. Nipple vibrators also sometimes do double duty, featuring the capability to tease your nipples with electric shocks as well as vibration. You'll truly learn how erotic the combination of pleasure and pain can be!

What is a G-spot vibrator?

The G-spot is an area located deep within a woman's vagina. It is usually found about one-finger length down (2 or 3 inches) along the inner walls of the vagina. The G-spot is a highly erogenous zone which can be identified by having a slightly different texture from the "normal" vaginal wall. Many women find that they have their most intense and pleasurable orgasms from having their G-spot stimulated. G-spot vibrators are long and cylindrical in shape, as they need to focus on a spot deep within you. Many G-spot vibrators, including the rabbit vibrator and the butterfly vibrator, feature add-ons so that they can target the clitoris and the G-spot at the exact same time for an absolutely orgasmic experience!

What is an anal vibrator?

For both men and women, the anus is one of the most pleasurable parts of the body to have stimulated. Some people can even have an orgasm from anal stimulation alone! For men, anal stimulation is especially pleasurable because they have a sensitive, nerve-ending filled gland called the prostate located inside their asshole. Anal vibrators are designed to reach very deep without causing too much of a stretching sensation (unless that's what you prefer!) Anal vibrators are long, thin and narrow with a curved end designed to sit and rub against the prostate and target it with precise vibrations.

What is a finger vibrator?

Unlike the vibrator types listed above, a finger vibrator is not given that name because it is meant to stimulate the fingers. After all, the fingers are not exactly what you would call an erogenous zone! Instead, they are meant to be placed over the finger and worn on top of it, similar to a finger puppet. Once the vibrator has been properly slotted over your finger, you can insert it into your vagina or anus in order to pleasure your deepest and most sensitive spots. No need to hold the vibrator at awkward angles or struggle to get it inside - just slip it over your finger and go to town!

What is a couple's vibrator?

The term "couple's vibrator" can refer to two different types of vibrator sold here at Lovegasm. One is a set of two matching vibrators, usually in similar shapes and colors, which couples can use on themselves and each other at the same time. These couples' vibrators are fun for anyone who likes to match with their partner! The other type of couples' vibrator is one single item which features a curved shape with vibrations coming from both ends. One partner can insert the vibrator into themselves while the other rubs up against the outer part for external stimulation. It's an amazing way to get off and experience those pleasurable shakes together!

Do different vibrators use different types of motion?

Yes! Vibrators can use many different types of motion, as well as varied speed, intensity and frequency of vibrations. The two most common types of motion are described as "rotation" and "thrusts". Rotation is a circular motion, such as a woman might use while stroking her clit, while thrusting is an up and down motion which mimics the action of penetrative sex.

What is a rotating vibrator?

A rotating vibrator moves around and around while it is active. It stays deep within you, but it turns and twists, allowing every single part of your sensitive vaginal or anal walls to be stimulated at once. Not a single bit of your erogenous zone will be neglected with the motion of a rotating vibrator. Some vibrators rotate only at the tip, while others are capable of rotating entirely along their length. Because they are focused on targeting every sensitive area, rotating vibrators are usually long and thick - and are often made in the shape of real life penises.

What is a thrusting vibrator?

Unlike the rotating vibrator, the thrusting vibrator focuses on an "in and out" or "up and down" motion rather than a circular one. It works to mimic the feeling of being pounded by a penis directly in your pussy or ass. In particular, rabbit and butterfly vibrators tend to feature a thrusting motion, as they are focused on targeting the G-spot (which is located deep within the body) while repeatedly touching and stroking and buzzing against the clitoris at the exact same time.

How loud are vibrators?

Originally, vibrators were known as extremely loud sex toys which were impossible to keep quiet. Pleasuring yourself with a vibrator would often result in your roommates or housemates knowing exactly what you are up to. However, today, many innovations have been made in vibrator technology. As a result, many vibrators, especially small ones such as eggs or bullets, are extremely quiet and can barely be heard at all. Subtle, quiet masturbation with a vibrator is now finally within your reach. (Of course, there are still some vibrators capable of making loud noises - such as magic wands and other large vibrators - so you do have options if you want to be loud, proud and totally unashamed of what you're up to!)

What are the quietest vibrators?

In general, smaller vibrators tend to be quieter compared to their larger alternatives. Egg and bullet vibrators can generally be counted on to be fairly quiet. However, today, many technological innovations have been made to allow vibrators of all sizes to vibrate extremely quietly. In the Lovegasm catalog, you can find quiet rabbit, butterfly, and even magic wand vibrators which use special sound-dampening technology to keep your private time private!

What are the biggest vibrators?

If you're the kind of person who loves that extra-thick, extra-big stretching feeling deep within your ass or pussy, then have we got the vibrators for you! We are pleased to offer magic wand and rabbit vibrators up to a foot long or perhaps even longer! Yes, that's right, we have vibrators that will absolutely be able to reach the deepest and most sensitive spots within you with every single thrust. If you're a fan of the large side of things, then our huge vibrators have got you covered.

What are the most discreet vibrators?

The most discreet vibrator currently available for purchase are a special variation of the bullet vibrator referred to as the "lipstick vibrator". As their name suggests, these vibrators are specifically designed to resemble a stick of bright red or pink lip color. When you open the lid, instead of the expected lipstick, the secret tip of an extremely discreet, subtle vibrator is revealed! You can openly carry a lipstick vibrator in your purse without it ever being noticed. You can even bring it to work or travel with it on an airplane!

What are the cutest vibrators?

Aesthetics are extremely important, and many people care about finding a cute vibrator to match their cute pussy or sexy little ass. And what could be cuter than a brightly colored silicone vibrator in the shape of an adorable animal? In our Lovegasm catalog, we've got vibrators shaped like everything from kitty cats to friendly fish, hopping bunnies to fluttering butterflies. You can even find some cute exotic vibrators that you may have never expected to find. How about a snail? A unicorn, or an ear of corn? Your favorite vegetable? Yup, we've got them all here, and they're all downright cute!

Are vibrators warm or cold?

Whether a vibrator is warm or cold depends on what material the vibrator is made from. Silicone, jelly and CyberSkin will warm up naturally by experiencing friction or by coming into contact with your skin. They will quickly reach roughly the same temperature as human skin, or perhaps even a little hotter. On the other hand, metal and glass will remain pleasantly cool to the touch, unless they are heated up through artificial means such as wrapping them in warm towels or submerging them in heated water.

What is a warming vibrator?

A warming vibrator contains an internal heating element, which allows it to reach warmer temperatures on its own without having to be frantically rubbed and exposed to huge amounts of friction. The vibrator will literally warm up inside you, quickly raising to human body temperature (approximately 38 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) or just slightly above. Besides being perfect for temperature play, this gives the one of a kind sensation of an actual human cock pounding into you rather than a simple toy. Who needs a partner when you've got a vibrator to keep you warm?

What is the different between a strap-on and a vibrator?

Strap-ons can be vibrators and vibrators can be strap-ons, but they are not necessarily always the same thing. A strap-on is a toy in the shape of a simulated penis, usually made of silicone or CyberSkin, which is worn attached to a harness or pair of underwear. It is used by a person, often a woman or a man wearing a chastity cage, to penetrate their partner either vaginally or anally. Some strap-ons have vibrating motors inside them so that they can vibrate during penetration and give the person on the "bottom" huge amounts of pleasure. Some even feature small external vibrators that the person wearing the strap-on can get pleasure too!

Can you have a strap-on vibrator?

Yes, absolutely! You can have a strap-on that has a vibrator inside it and is intended for internal use. However, you can also find a strap-on that has a vibrator on the outside so that the person wearing it can receive pleasure rather than having to do all the work for no reward. Of course, the Lovegasm catalog also includes strap-on vibrators which feature BOTH of these elements present at the exact same time! This will truly lead to an intense sexual session that both of you can enjoy.

Can you masturbate with a vibrator?

Absolutely! Masturbating with a vibrator an extremely pleasurable experience. Nobody knows your own body better than you yourself, so vibrator masturbation allows you to focus on and target all of your most sensitive spots. You can even experiment to see which parts of your body feel best when exposed to the vibrations. Plus, you can learn how gentle or intense vibrations your body is able to take!

Can you have sex using a vibrator?

Yes! There are a large number of ways which you can involve a vibrator in your sex life with your partner. You can penetrate another person with an internal vibrator or be penetrated by one. You can use a remote control vibrator on each other, teasing each other by controlling the speed and intensity of the vibrations. Or how about trying out a couple's vibrator so you can experience sensual stimulation at the same time? Finally, you can stimulate your partner's clitoris with an egg or bullet vibrator while your cock or strap-on is thrusting away deep inside them.

Can you deep throat a vibrator?

You certainly can! Deep throating a vibrator is a really sexy and unique way to engage in foreplay and tease your partner before absolutely going to town on them. Take a large internal vibrator (or a smaller one if your throat can't handle the stretch) and lick and kiss at it before shoving it into your throat. The vibrations will be pleasurable against the inside of your mouth as you experience the unique feeling of buzzing against your tongue. Plus, your partner will absolutely love the sight of you taking that vibrator as deep as it can go!

Can you use a vibrator on your partner?

You bet you can! Unfortunately, the human body is very limited in what it can do, so your hands, tongue, and genitals can only do so much. That's why adding in a vibrator is such an amazing idea! It expands the scope of what you can accomplish, letting you tease and play with more parts of your partner's body than you would otherwise be able to. Introduce them to a brand new world of intense stimulation with the help of a Lovegasm vibrator!

How far apart do remote control vibrators work?

This will depend on the strength and power of the vibrator, and will be different for each and every model of remote control vibrator. A "standard" difference is up to 50 feet, or several rooms apart in your house. However, today, the integration modern Bluetooth and WiFi technologies allow for the creation of remote control vibrators that work even if the remote holder is in a different location entirely!

How do you use a vibrator to have an orgasm?

Many people find it extremely easy to have an orgasm while using a vibrator. Sometimes, it is as easy as holding the vibrator against a sensitive part of your body and just letting the steady motions of the vibrations carry you over the peak of pleasure. However, if you require something a little rougher, you can also thrust a vibrator in and out of the hole of your choice (pussy, ass, or even mouth) until you reach that "big O"!

What positions are best to use when using a vibrator?

A vibrator is an extremely versatile sex toy that can work with any position. If you are looking for suggestions, try fucking your partner doggy style while holding a vibrator against their clit or nipples. Or, if you want to use it while masturbating, try sitting or kneeling in front of a mirror so that you can see all the pleasurable expressions on your face as you use the toy on yourself.

Do vibrators make sex better?

Yes, they definitely do! Vibrators let you fuck yourself deeper and stimulate yourself in ways that you never were able to before. They add a whole new type of motion and pleasure to the act of sex, and let both you and your partner feel amazingly good in the process. If you've never tried sex without a vibrator, then you are absolutely missing out!

Can men use vibrators?

Yes! There are large vibrators with curved ends which are specifically designed to stimulate the prostate, as well as smaller vibrators which are excellent for targeting the tip of the penis or the testicles. Plus, don't forget about the nipples - many men are unaware just how sensitive their nipples can truly be! Vibrators should not be considered gender-restricted toys and can be used equally by men and women.

Can women use vibrators?

Although both men and women can enjoy vibrators both alone and together, many types of vibrators were originally designed for use by women. Rabbit and butterfly vibrators target the clitoris, as do smaller alternatives such as bullet and egg vibrators. Plus, lipstick vibrators are specifically meant to be concealed in a woman's purse, as makeup is primarily associated with women. With sensitive nipples, clit, ass, pussy, and of course the G-spot, women can thoroughly enjoy practically every type of vibrator that's out there!

Can you use multiple vibrators at once?

Yes, you can! While some vibrators, such as the rabbit, are specifically designed to stimulate multiple areas of the body at once, others are not quite so multi-purpose. Why don't you try inserting a vibrator inside your hole of choice while using another, smaller one to touch yourself in some of your favorite external places? Your body may not be able to handle the dual stimulation for long, but the inevitable orgasm at the end will be totally worth it! (If you think you've set a record for number of vibrators used at once, feel free to shoot us a message - we'd love to hear all about it!)

What other types of sex toys can vibrate?

Today, many other sex toys have seen the popularity of vibrators and added vibration capabilities to their existing functions. Pretty much, if you can think of it, and it can be used for sex, then it can become a vibrator! Want a couple examples? Currently popular toys in our Lovegasm catalog include: vibrating butt plugs, vibrating dildos, vibrating strap-ons, vibrating cock rings, vibrating nipple clamps, vibrating pocket pussies and even vibrating cock cages and other male chastity devices. Long live the all-powerful vibrator!

How many speeds does a vibrator have?

This depends entirely on the individual vibrator. Some more traditional and "classic" styles of vibrator feature 5, 7 or 9 speeds - similar to a mountain bike. However, high-tech vibrators which are becoming increasingly popular can have between 10 and 20 speeds, as well as unique patterns which differ according to vibration frequency and intensity - it's like a Morse code of sexy, pleasurable vibrations!

How long can you wear a vibrator inside you?

In general, you should only wear a vibrator inside of you for as long as the vibrator's motor keeps running. Once a vibrator has run down and gone still, this is a sign that you should remove it, give it a charging (or replace its batteries, depending on the type of vibrator) and perhaps clean it off before putting it back inside yourself. As long as you respect the battery life, feel free to wear your vibrator all day or even all night (but good like sleeping if you try THAT one out)!

Should you use lube with your vibrator?

Small external vibrators such as the bullet or nipple vibrator can safely be used without needing any lubricant. However, if you are using a larger vibrator and intend to insert it into your pussy or ass, it is recommended that you use lube to make that insertion extra-smooth. Coat the vibrator with a smooth layer of lube and it will slip inside you just like it was perfectly made for your body!

What kind of lube can you use with your vibrator?

Any kind of lube can safely be used with a vibrator, as long as it is an official sexual lubricant. Avoid "DIY" alternatives such as cooking oils, shampoos or lotions. We generally recommend water-based lube as it is both smooth and easy to clean off when you are done. Why not give some of our very own LoveLube, found right here at Lovegasm, a try?

How do you insert a vibrator into your pussy?

You should insert the vibrator slowly and smoothly while it is turned off. If you put it inside yourself while it is already vibrating, it can cause your hand to shake or slip, making the insertion more difficult than it would normally be. Once the vibrator is inside of you, turn it on and select the speed of your choice. Then, you can thrust it gently or roughly in and out of your pussy - whichever feels better for you!

How do you remove a vibrator from your pussy?

If you can turn your vibrator off while inside you, it is recommended that you do so in order to make the removal go as smoothly as possible. Grip the base of the vibrator firmly with your fingers and pull it firmly out of your body. If the vibrator is too slick, with either lube or your own internal sexual juices, then make sure to dry off your fingers so they can get a strong grip on the toy before removing it.

How do you insert a vibrator into your ass?

Unlike the pussy, the ass is not self-lubricating. This means that you should always use lube when inserting a vibrator into your ass. If you have chosen a larger vibrator, stretch yourself open with a few fingers before inserting it. Push the vibrator into yourself slowly, so that you will feel pleasure rather than pain. If you can hold off that long, wait until the toy is fully seated within you before turning on the vibrations or turning them up to their highest speed.

How do you remove a vibrator from your ass?

The asshole, because it is a strong sphincter muscle, likes to grip very tightly against toys and other objects inserted into it. Therefore, you should remove a vibrator from your anus just as slowly as you put it in. This will give your ass time to (reluctantly) let go of the pleasurable toy caught deep within, whereas pulling it out too fast may cause your asshole to clench down on the toy and make removal more difficult.

Should you use a douche or enema before putting a vibrator in your ass?

This is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to thoroughly clean and flush out their colon before inserting anything into your ass, while other people are completely comfortable skipping the douche or enema and skipping straight to the insertion. If you do wish to use a douche or enema before using a vibrator in your ass, it is recommended that you do so an hour or two before your planned "playtime" to let anything that needs to have plenty of time to drain out of your ass.

Can you sleep wearing a vibrator?

Well, this is another matter of personal preference. Some people find that they simply can't ignore the vibrations pulsing inside you, and will not be able to get to sleep at all, while others will be able to drift off perfectly comfortably and enjoy a deep and pleasurable night's sleep despite the vibrator. The only way to figure out which camp you fall into is to give sleeping in your vibrator a try!

Can you pee wearing a vibrator?

Yes, you can. Most vibrators are not meant to plug up the urethra, so they leave it completely free. This will allow you to pee completely normally while using a vibrator. However, because of the shaking of the vibrator so close to your urethra and bladder, it is possible that you may not be able to pee in a steady stream like normal, but your pee may messily splash everywhere due to the powerful vibrations. If that happens, don't worry - a quick wipe-down with a tissue or washcloth will fix everything just fine!

Can you poop wearing a vibrator?

This will depend on where you are wearing the vibrator. If it is inserted inside your ass, you will not be able to poop properly until the vibrator has been removed. However, if the vibrator is somewhere else, such as inside your pussy or attached to your nipples, then you will be fine if you need to "do #2" while you are using it. (You may have the same issues described above with peeing, where the shaking of the vibrator causes you to make a greater mess than usual in the bathroom.)

Can you go to work wearing a vibrator?

If you are capable of being sneaky and quiet enough during the day, then absolutely, give it a try! Just make sure to pick a quiet, discreet vibrator - ideally a small one such as a bullet or lipstick vibrator, which can be easily concealed if necessary. This is a very fun game to play with yourself. Try to make it through the workday, pretending like everything is normal, while being teased and tormented by the vibrator all day long. Just don't forget - no orgasms for you until you make it all the way home!

Can you use a vibrator on your period?

You definitely can, but this will be another matter of personal preference. Some women do not like using sex toys on their period, because they feel that they become more messy and are more difficult to clean. However, other women enjoy using sex toys on their period because it distracts them from cramping, mood swings, and other negative side effects. Like many other suggestions on this list, give using a vibrator on your period a try to see if it will end up being something you enjoy!

Can you use a vibrator if you are pregnant?

It is safe to use a small vibrator in the early days of your pregnancy - typically the first trimester. However, as your pregnancy progresses, vibrators or any similar toys which "shake things up" should be avoided. Consult your doctor, or a pregnancy focused medical professional, to determine when and what vibrators are safe to use during your pregnancy, as well as how long after your pregnancy you need to wait before getting out the vibrators once again.

How do you pick the right sized vibrator?

Well, you just browse through our extensive Lovegasm catalog and decide which vibrator - or possibly "vibrators" - is right for you! Most of our vibrators, unlike other sex toys such as cock cages, are "one size fits all," meaning that you will not need to worry about them not "fitting" inside you or against your clit or nipples. Therefore, it is totally okay to choose a vibrator simply based on which one looks better and more appealing to you! Go wild - there's absolutely no "wrong answer" here!

How do you charge a vibrator?

This will depend on the individual vibrator which you choose. Some vibrators require batteries, which will need to be replaced every time they run down. Most battery-powered vibrators use small "watch batteries" which are easy to store. Other vibrators can be charged using a charging cable, which can attach - depending on the style of vibrator - either to a USB port in a laptop or other large electronic or to a standard wall outlet. These vibrators usually require between 1 and 3 hours to reach full charge.

How do you clean a vibrator?

All vibrators should be cleaned by hand and should not be put into dishwashers or washing machines. Rub them gently with a wet rag using warm water and gentle soap or official sex toy cleaner. Avoid anything strongly scented, as scents can stick to your vibrator for quite a long time. Make sure that your vibrator is thoroughly dry - especially sensitive areas such as the battery area or charging point - before using it on yourself again.

How often do you need to clean your vibrator?

In general, it is recommended that you clean your vibrator after each use. This prevents the buildup of lube, ejaculation fluids, sweat and other things which are quite fun in the moment but can wind up becoming rather sticky and gummy if allowed to sit for too long. Give your vibrator a "buffing" with a dry cloth before using it and clean it thoroughly afterwards, and your vibrator will stay dry and working perfectly for months and years!

Where should you store your vibrator?

You should store your vibrator somewhere safe where it will not be jostled, shaken or scratched. If you are a collector of sex toys, it is definitely recommended to store them all together in a plastic tub or dedicated drawer so that you never lose track of any of them. If your vibrators are your only toys, you can wrap them in soft clothing such as socks or underwear to keep them completely safe between playtime sessions.

Are vibrators safe?

Yes! Vibrators are totally one hundred percent safe, and will not cause any damage to your overall health or body. However, this does not mean you should ignore safety precautions when taking your vibrator out to play. Always make sure that it is thoroughly dried after each time you clean it, and turn it all the way off before storing it post-playtime. These seemingly little tricks can help keep all of your vibrator play completely safe and health-approved!

Do vibrators hurt?

In general, vibrators do not hurt. However, large vibrators which are inserted into your pussy or ass can sting slightly if you insert them without proper lubrication, thrust them in too roughly or leave them in too long. As with all sex toys, make sure to observe proper safe procedures to avoid discomfort or pain.

Can you get addicted to vibrators?

We admit it, the feeling of those pleasurable vibrations causing your entire body to shake can be pretty darn addicting. There are in fact a few reported cases of vibrator addiction out there. However, this is an extremely rare situation and not at all common. Most people who use a vibrator will love the feeling, but will not have any risk of becoming addicted.

Can a vibrator fall out?

Small vibrators, such as a bullet, can sometimes fall out if they are worn internally. This is because your body has to clench down around these small vibrators to keep them seated safely inside. Keep that in mind if you are wearing a small vibrator all day, and make sure to wear underwear that can "catch" the vibrator if it happens to slip. Large vibrators, such as rabbits or magic wands, will generally not fall out regardless of how long you wear them for.

Can a vibrator get stuck inside of you?

No. Most vibrators feature flared bases which are specifically designed to prevent them from getting stuck inside of your body. Some of them, such as the smaller egg vibrators, are also attached to strings that can be used to pull them out of your body. If your vibrator does get stuck, this is usually a sign that your muscles have clenched up too tightly around the toy. Slowly relax your muscles as much as possible until you are able to release the vibrator.

Can a vibrator get lost inside your pussy or ass?

No. Because vibrators are constantly trembling and pulsing, it is pretty much impossible to "lose track" of even the smallest ones. Once again, if it feels like a vibrator has been "pulled" too deeply inside of you, this is usually a result of tensing up your muscles too much during vibrator insertion. Again, the key is to relax your muscles slowly and use your fingers to pull the vibrator back out.

What do you do if your vibrator stops vibrating?

In most cases, if a vibrator stops vibrating, that simply means that it needs charging or its batteries replaced. Once that is done, it will be happily buzzing away just like before. However, if charging your vibrator does not fix it, this unfortunately means that your vibrator is likely broken and needs replacing. Take this opportunity to treat yourself to a brand new vibrator from our extensive Lovegasm collection!

How long can a vibrator last?

If it is well taken care of - stored properly, charged regularly and cleaned frequently - then a vibrator can last for several months or even several years and still be functioning just as well as the day you first bought it. The average lifespan of a well cared for vibrator is 1-2 years. If you maintain a large collection of vibrators and frequently switch between them to explore different options, then your vibrators might last even longer than that!

When do you need to replace your vibrator?

You should replace your vibrator if it has stopped vibrating and its function cannot be restored even with a full charge or a new set of batteries. In addition, a vibrator should also be replaced if you notice that it has become cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged, as even the smallest amount of damage can quickly become much larger and lead to full breakdown of the toy.

Where did the first vibrators come from?

The first vibrators were in fact invented as medical tools rather than sexual toys. They were large devices made for use by doctors. Doctors used these clunky "early vibrators" to induce orgasms in their female patients. Why orgasms? This is because many females at the time were diagnosed with "hysteria" which was in fact a sign of high levels of stress and anxiety, and doctors believed that orgasm was a simple method of relieving all that stress and curing the patient's "hysteria".

What year was the first vibrator made?

The first vibrator was made in the year 1880. It was made by a doctor and scholar of electricity named J. Mortimer Granville. He sold his invention to a number of other doctors and it quickly became extremely popular.

Who were the first vibrators made for?

There is an extremely popular myth, which was prevalent for a long time, that the first vibrator was a jar of live, buzzing bees and was made for Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. However, this has been proven false today. The first vibrators were made for doctors during the Victorian period, who used them to treat female patients who are suffering from a condition named "hysteria," which caused them to suffer from symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Who used the first vibrators?

Women diagnosed with "hysteria" used the first vibrators - or, rather, they had the first vibrators used on them by their doctors. The women did not use them for their own pleasure by had them prescribed as a cure for their "hysterical condition". The doctor would operate the vibrator and clinically induce an orgasm - except they weren't even acknowledged as orgasms at the time, and were instead referred to be a more formal medical name - "hysterical paroxysms".

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