Are Sex Dolls Creepy?

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Across society there are many different ways that people talk about sex dolls, and unfortunately a large amount of these dolls are negative. There are all kinds of adjective used like gross, weird, strange and disgusting. One in particular that pops up a lot though is creepy.

It’s unfortunate that despite our advances towards sexual acceptance, some men and women are viewed in a negative way simply because they enjoy using sex dolls. We hope that over time this attitude will gradually fade away, just like it did with many other kinds of sex toy. For the time being though, any owner of a sex doll will probably be asked the same question at some point: isn’t it a bit creepy?

There are a few distinct facets to this question though, as different people mean different things when they use the word creepy. Some view a person spending their time alone having sex with a doll rather than engaging with real people as creepy. Some simply think the dolls look a bit weird and creepy. Others just think the idea of having sex with a person that doesn’t move is creepy.

Unless you know the person asking the question particularly well, you’ll have no way of knowing which kind of creepy they are referring to. Generally, though, sex dolls aren’t creepy unless you have your own reason to find them creepy. As an object, they are just realistic dolls with the capability of making your solo sex sessions a little more interesting. There’s nothing creepy about that!

What Makes a Sex Doll Creepy?

For the most part, a sex doll functions just like a dildo, vibrator, or any other sex toy. You simply use it to get yourself off, clean it, then leave it until next time. So, what’s the big difference? Most of us have no problems with a woman using a vibrator or a man using a pocket pussy, so why do so many people have an issue with sex dolls?

In most cases the issue comes down to human simulation. The dolls aren’t just toys for your pleasure, but recreations of a human experience which many people find unnerving. To some it seems desperate and gives the impression that you are unable to interact with other human beings so turn to dolls instead.

While there are cases of these kinds of relationships between people and their dolls, it doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone. Someone who goes out nearly every night and regularly brings home real people for sex might still have a sex doll for the times they can’t be bothered. For many people this perceived air of creepiness is quite simply an example of their own prejudice.

It’s a difficult thing to fight against. Many people will be set in their ways and no matter what you say they’ll still feel the same. This is why it takes so long for the attitudes of society to shift. There are people who aren’t as closed minded though, and the best thing that you can do is be open with them. After all, if you’re having conversations about your sex doll with your friends, then it’s quite obvious that you can engage in human contact and your doll hasn’t replaced that.

As far as looks go, there’s unfortunately not much you can do. Sex dolls just aren’t for everyone. Just the same as someone finding dildos creepy because they look weird and aren’t attached to a body, there will be just as many people who just think sex dolls look odd no matter how many times you show them a different one. All you can do is hope that these kinds of people understand. We all have our own preferences, and they might also do things that you find a little odd or strange.

You shouldn’t let the perceived opinions of others put you off sex dolls though. Part of what makes life so interesting is that we all like and enjoy different things. So if you enjoy sex dolls then embrace it, and simply accept that it’s not for everyone.

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Are Sex Dolls Creepy?

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