Do Sex Dolls Help with Loneliness?

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To many people, loneliness is a simple part of life that has a very easy fix. Just get out there and spend more time with other people!

It’s not as simple as this for everyone though. We’re all different and can have our own unique reasons for feeling lonely. For some of these people, sex dolls can help to fill the void in their life that other things just can’t.

There’s a lot of debate about how successful sex dolls are at dealing with loneliness though. Many people swear by them and feel that their live have got drastically better since owning a doll. Other’s think that the doll encourages loneliness, because it can often make people withdraw further away from other real people.

Why Do Lonely People Buy Sex Dolls?

Before we start to examine how successful these dolls are at eliminating loneliness, it’s important to understand why people even turn to them in the first place. These reasons can be as varied as the dolls themselves!

In the case of customising their own sex dolls, many customers request that dolls be made in the image of a real person. Often, these are husbands or wives that have passed away, but the customer isn’t quite ready for life without them. For these people, loneliness is often the driving factor behind their purchase, and many will never actually have sex with their dolls.

Another example of sex doll purchase driven by loneliness comes from the far east. In China, there is a massive shortage of women due to the old one-child policy and the countries natural predisposition to having male babies. At the time this didn’t cause too many problems, but now a generation later there are significantly more men than women. Not everyone in these communities have the option of packing up and moving to another place with more available women. Rather than spending their lives alone, sex dolls seem like a great alternative.

When it isn’t a social or grief problem, things get a little bit more complicated. Some people have instances of trauma early in their life, anxiety problems, or even medical problems that might play a part in the impression they give to other humans. While many people can work through these problems to overcome any issues they might have from dating, there isn’t a clear-cut plan of action. Things that help one person might not work on another.

Do Sex Dolls Actually Help with Loneliness?

Again, this is a matter of personal preference. Some people are completely content to spend time with their sex doll in place of a real person. It isn’t a case of these dolls completely replacing real people. Most owners will know that these dolls aren’t real, but just having them makes them feel more comfortable. It’s like a husband getting home from work to see his family. Rather than a single person coming back to an empty house they can see their dolls smiling and waiting for them.

It doesn’t work for everyone though. Some people find the dolls just as hollow and empty as their house is without them.

Is it Healthy to Use Dolls for Loneliness?

The real debate when it comes to using sex dolls to help deal with loneliness is the long-term effects they can have on your mental health. Some psychologists and medical experts are completely against the idea. They claim that spending time with your doll can encourage introverted behaviour and end up with you withdrawing from society even further.

Some psychiatrists though encourage their patients to embrace the positive feelings they get from using sex dolls. It might not be something they personally agree with but starting to work through any positive emotions is a good way to improve the overall mental health of the patient.

It’s a fine line to walk, but if you have the right attitude and don’t go too overboard, then there is nothing wrong with owning a sex doll for a little extra companionship. You don’t even have to have sex with it, you can simply have it there to cuddle, have dinner with, or do whatever else you enjoy.

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Do Sex Dolls Help with Loneliness?

To many people, loneliness is a simple part of life that has a very easy fix. Just get out there and spend more time with other people!

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