How to Use a Penis Extenders

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Since ancient times, penis size has been a concern of men. Even the Pharaohs called for research to be conducted on penis extenders in order to increase their size.

One of the main methods used to increase the size of a man’s penis during ancient times was “jelquing,” which involved tying rocks to the penis to lengthen it.

Nowadays, although penis size is still a concern for men, there are more advanced and safer penis extenders available for purchase.

So, if you’ve decided to use a penis extender, we’re here to help you out.

Different Types Of Penis Extenders

There are two main types of penis extenders: rod-based and pulling extenders.

Using Rod-based Penis Extenders

When using rod-based extenders, your penis should be only at 20% hardness or below. Fit the sturdy base of the extender on your pelvic area just at the base of your penis.

Put it in the opposite end while gripping your glans, then tighten the noose so that it clamps onto the upper shaft while holding your glans in place.

Using Pulling Penis Extenders

When using pulling extenders, similar to the rod-based extender, your penis should be less than 20% hard.

Put the soft foam loop against your pelvic area at the base of your penis. Afterwards, secure the top part of your penis shaft with the gripping mechanism.

Last but not the least, hook the gripping mechanism to the pulling belt.

Daily Penis Extender Routine

You can start wearing the device every morning after completing your usual hygiene routine. Make sure that you’ve already used the toilet before putting it on.

Go about your day, and take it off during lunchtime. Use this time to relax. Once you’re done resting, put it back on and remove it when you get home from work.

Typical Penis Extender Usage

Remember that you can use the device from three to six hours per day.

You won’t get any results below the minimum time frame. On the other hand, above the maximum time frame you will experience pain. Ideally, you should do it for four hours a day.

Please refrain from thinking that the longer it stays on, the faster your equipment gets longer. You will only feel pain or even cause injury to your penis.

Feeling Of Wearing A Penis Extender

Whether you've decided to use a foam loop or rigid frame base, it will press against your skin.

Once it’s on, it will feel like your limbs are being stretched. This is why you should not wear it for extended periods of time.

Stop if you are feeling pain in your penis!

Safety of Penis Extenders

To safely use a penis extender, you should not use too much force. Too much force will lead to pain and possible injury. You must also limit the tension on your stretch.

A great way to expect good results is to follow a daily stretching schedule with the recommended routine as described above.

Benefits Of Penis Extenders

Once you’re seeing the results of following daily routine, you may experience a boost in your self-confidence which can motivate you to change the things you need to change in your life.

It will also improve your performance in bed and increase your libido and sex drive.

Most importantly, you get a larger package to carry around!

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