Maintaining Your Sex Doll

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When shopping and browsing for your perfect sex doll, you’ll probably spend the entire time thinking about what you’re going to do with it. While you wait for it to be delivered, you’ll probably be thinking about what you want to do with it first. Then when it arrives, you probably won’t be able to wait and want to get stuck in immediately.

One part of buying a sex doll that is often overlooked though, is the care and maintenance that you’ll need to keep up to date with as long as you own the doll. It’s a good thing to be aware of before you start though, as some dolls are easier to care for and another which may have some bearing on which one you decide to buy.

These are probably the most difficult sex toys to maintain. Not only are they much larger than a dildo or pocket pussy, but they also have many more parts. Each part will need different levels and types of care and you’ll need to constantly be aware of them when you own the doll.

The main parts of your sex doll that you’ll need to care for include:

  • Hair
  • Skeleton
  • Skin
  • Vagina, Anus and Dildo
  • Clothing
  • Mouth and Teeth
  • Storage

Some parts are very simple to care for, and others a little more complex. But don’t worry, we’ll go through each one by one.

Caring for Your Sex Doll’s Hair

Nearly all sex dolls come with a wig as opposed to having hair attached to the scalp. Not only does this mean you can change and replace your doll’s hair colour and style whenever you feel like it, but it also means you can look after them much easier. Simply take the wig off the doll’s head, and clean exactly like you would your own hair. You can use shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair soft, and let it dry naturally. Once dried, simply brush gently and style however you like.

Caring for Your Sex Doll’s Skeletons

All advanced sex dolls have their own internal skeletons. These are usually made of either metal or PVC and have joints all over their bodies which allow them to bend and pose just like a real human. These skeletons are quite hard wearing, and you shouldn’t have too many problems with them as long as you aren’t overly stressing them.

It’s particularly important to take care when moving your doll around. Dropping it, or getting limbs caught and bending them the wrong way can cause some damage if you aren’t careful. The way you place their limbs when positioning for sex also can be important. If you are doing doggy style, for example, you might want to place some pillows under your dolls stomach, so all of the weight isn’t focused on their wrists.

Caring for Your Sex Dolls Skin

The skin will be the part of your doll which will need the most overall care as it is the part that will be exposed the most. You need to take care of a few different things to avoid damaging the skin.

When dressing your dolls, you should try to avoid clothes where the colours might run or stain the dolls skin, or that are excessively tight and may leave dents or marks in the skin. When cleaning, you need to avoid scrubbing your doll too vigorously. You also need to avoid exposing it to particularly high temperatures if it’s not made of silicone or submerging it completely underwater if this may damage it.

After cleaning you also need to ensure the dolls skin is completely dry. If not, it may get mouldy and harbour nasty bacteria that will be bad for your own body. The water may leave the dolls skin feeling a little clammy and sticky too. You can counteract this using some sex doll conditioning powder, or a little corn-starch to keep the skin feeling as good as new.

Caring for Your Sex Dolls Orifices

The openings of your sex doll are probably the most important part that you need to take care of. These are the parts that you’re going to be penetrating or will be penetrating you. Any bacteria or damage found on these parts can actually have repercussions for your own body.

When you purchased your sex doll, you’ll have chosen between one of two options when it comes to the genitalia. These will have been that the genitals would have been fully attached to the doll without being able to take them off, or there would have been a hole in the doll for you to put or attach removable genitals.

Removable ones are much easier to care for. Simply take them out and clean them exactly the same as you would any other sex toy. Be sure to dry them completely as these are the parts that are the most likely to become mould and apply conditioning powder or corn-starch just like the rest of the doll’s skin.

Attached orifices are much harder to deal with, and you will kind of just have to it as well as you can. Small brushes can help a lot in reaching inside the doll, just make sure the bristles aren’t too firm.

Caring for Your Sex Dolls Clothing

The clothing your doll wears can be as important as any other part of the doll for you. After all, if you store your doll in a visible place then you’re probably going to see it clothed a lot more than naked. Caring for sex doll clothing is exactly the same as caring for your own clothing, so you shouldn’t need any specific guidance here, but it is useful to bear in mind when doing things like moving your doll around, so you don’t catch parts and tear the clothing.

Caring for Your Sex Dolls Mouth and Teeth

Depending on what you’re doing with your sex doll, the mouth may need regular and thorough cleaning, or only light cleaning occasionally. You should use your common sense here a bit. If you’re constantly ejaculating into the doll’s mouth, then you’re obviously going to need to clean up a bit more thoroughly.

Some dolls have removable heads, so you might be able to take it off and make it a bit easier to clean. If not, you’ll just have to do the best job you can like you do with the orifices. Brushes can be helpful here too, but again make sure the bristles aren’t too tough or they might damage the dolls throat.

During storage, you should always try to leave the doll’s mouth slightly open. Condensation and moisture can easily build up inside the doll’s mouth cavity and eventually go mouldy. Having it open allows the air to circulate and makes it less likely that this is going to happen.

Storing Your Sex Dolls

How you store your sex dolls is one of the most important considerations you should take when you think about how to care for your doll. Storing it improperly could lead to many different kinds of damage to your doll. It might have parts bent out of shape, the skin could get dusty, condensation could build up and cause mould, or you might even accidentally stain it. You should always plan out how you’re going to store it before you buy one to make sure you have the space for it.

You have a few different options to store your doll. You can either keep it standing up or laying down.

If you choose to keep your doll standing up, you should try to find a well-ventilated area. It should have plenty of space, so you don’t accidentally bump into the doll and damage it or knock it over. You will also want to have a little space around the doll so that the skin isn’t touching anything for an extended period of time.

If you want to keep your doll lying down, you can either leave it in the open or store it in a container. Some doll manufacturers sell cases specially for their dolls, and some inventive owners create their own, even going so far as to use coffins! Storing your doll lying down in a container will definitely be the safest way to avoid damage but be sure you leave some ventilation in the box so that it doesn’t go stale or mouldy in the box.

If you keep it on your bed, you should try and move it from time to time. Leaving it in one position for an extended period could cause parts of the body to lose their shape, such as butt cheeks or boobs becoming flattened a bit. Depending on the weight of your doll it could also permanently dent your mattress.

There’s a lot of information, but it’s all important. If you keep on top of it all though, your doll is sure to have a long and enjoyable life.

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