Can Using Penis Pumps Really Improve Your Health?

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The use of penis pumps as a treatment option for erectile dysfunction has been common practice for decades. The device, also commonly referred to as a vacuum erectile device (VED) or various other monikers like an impotence pump or penile pump, has been around in one form or another as a means of medication since the sixties.

VED use has, in fact, grown into a much-preferred method over the years, though not necessarily the first option to be suggested by medical professionals. Between 60 and 90 percent of patients see effective penis pump results with correct use.

What exactly makes the VED a viable alternative for curing or alleviating erectile dysfunction? The use of this device comes with a long line of health-related benefits, as you will see below.

General Health

Vacuum erectile devices are, logically, utilized to combat erectile issues. However, one commonly overlooked benefit of penis pump use carries over to overall health. Namely, the device serves to improve the blood flow into the penis, creating more enduring erections. A natural result of this treatment leads to improved circulation throughout the groin area.

Now, this might not sound amazing at first, but the benefits are truly something worth considering once you’ve given them more thought. The point is that improved blood flow in the nether region directly correlates to the potency of the erection. As such, better blood flow is more desirable and vice versa.

If a penis pump benefits people in terms of improving blood flow in this area, then the odds that someone using it experiences problems performing sexually are lower. In other words, the pump does more than cure already existing dysfunctions. Indeed, it can even prevent a well-performing user from developing erectile dysfunction in the future. That applies even if they’ve never had any ED issues in their lives.

As such, vacuum pumps for impotence aren’t necessarily a tool for mending a problem that’s already present. Rather, they can also serve as prevention measures, particularly so for those older than forty, who tend to suffer from ED more than their younger counterparts.

Erectile Dysfunction

For many who have a form of ED, a penis pump presents the most convenient solution. While it may not help with more severe forms of impotence, those under the effect of moderate ED typically find it effective, even preferable to other existing options.

Here is a brief description of how to handle a standard pump. The user places the tube over their penis. Then, they use a pump (either motorized or manual) to create a vacuum within the tube, which forces blood to surge into the penis. After enough negative air pressure, they place a constriction ring or band around the base of the penis, keeping the blood from flowing away.

Once you’ve completed this process as per the instructions given alongside the device, the erection should remain sufficient for around 30 minutes. You may use the pump as often as once a day, even multiple times in some cases.

The pump is a terrific treatment alternative for multiple reasons. For one, it involves no invasive procedures, such as injections or insertions. Secondly, it’s quite cost-effective as its initial cost pays for itself in the long run, as opposed to repeated purchases of drugs. Finally, it’s convenient, requiring little setup and delivering immediately noticeable results.

Using a Penis Pump After Surgery

Many cases of erectile dysfunction come as a result of nearby surgery, mainly on the prostate. Prostate surgery, for one, can often lead to ED. Similarly, radiation therapy on the prostate can bear the same consequences. For these patients, a penis pump can be of great service.

One of the reasons why post-surgery patients can benefit from a VED is because it is noninvasive. As such, there are no side effects you need to worry about that can negatively impact your recovery. Using a penis pump is safe if in tune with its instructions, and the risks of compromising your prostate’s health are next to nothing.

The biggest benefit, though, has to do with the recovery of the penis. The penis, much like most of the body, requires stimulation and activity to maintain functionality. In that regard, the impotence pump is effective at stimulating the nerve endings in the genital area. And these nerves may get severed or damaged during prostate surgery, causing them to malfunction.

That is where the pump comes in to help. Stimulation and stretching of these damaged nerves will reduce scarring that they undergo, which can cause problems in the penis. The penis pump does exactly that, allowing the patient to avoid any unwanted side effects of their surgery.


Impotence and erectile dysfunction are terms that many often interchange. That said, they do basically mean the same thing, though most people would describe impotence as an extreme case of ED.

Nevertheless, impotence can be defined as consistent incapability of achieving or maintaining an erection, as well as the inability to ejaculate or reach orgasm. The causes of impotence are many, quite a few of them stemming from psychological issues or emotional stress.

Those diagnosed with impotence will normally go through a few treatment methods before considering the pump. The first one tends to be a pill and they will move on to different means if these prove insufficient. Other alternatives include injections or, if all else fails, prosthesis. The pump will normally be a recommendation before penile implants since at that stage, there is not much else that could help.

Vacuum erectile devices are tools that urologists typically prescribe to those with moderate-level impotence. In these cases, the pump has proven effective with consistent use. It has been shown to not only reduce symptoms but cause complete recovery in some patients. However, more radical examples of impotence normally do require other forms of treatment beyond the VED.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder that afflicts many people — roughly one out of every hundred men (older than eighteen) experiences it in the United States. Its main symptom is a curvature in the penis while erect, usually accompanied by pain in this aroused state. It makes both erections and sexual encounters uncomfortable for the afflicted men.

While experts struggle to conclude what causes it, we do understand what happens in a penis with Peyronie’s disease. Namely, scar tissue (believed to originate from trauma) forms at some point in the organ. This tissue is more rigid than the surrounding one, making it harder to expand. During an erection, the tissues in the penis (most notably the corpus cavernosum) stretch, but the scarred part cannot, causing the penis to bend to painful results.

For the people who endure this condition, a penile pump for impotence represents a safe, viable means of treatment. That is because the pump creates a vacuum surrounding the penis, enabling it to stretch with vigor. And when that vacuum happens, the scarred section also stretches to a point. Over time, this tissue becomes more flexible. An increase in its flexibility leads to future erections being less painful, and thus, the condition is alleviated in time.


Diabetes is becoming more and more of an epidemic disease, and it displays a wide array of different symptoms. These include increased thirst or hunger, frequent urination, and many others. And one of them is a lack of erectile function, which is common among patients with this condition. In fact, type 2 diabetes accounts for the majority of ED instances. The impotence is a direct result of abnormal blood pressure that causes various vascular disorders, ED included.

As it turns out, diabetes sufferers can benefit from the correct use of penis pumps. The pump stimulates blood flow in the penis when used by creating a vacuum that draws in blood. That allows the users to experience sufficient erections for sex. However, with consistent use, it can also result in a permanent increase in circulation in that area.

Its effects on the penis make the VED doubly useful to people struggling with diabetes-related erectile problems. On the one hand, it serves as an acute aid, facilitating an erection when required. On the other hand, it gradually increases your natural blood flow in this region. Therefore, attaining a natural erection independent of the pump becomes easier in time.

Heart Disease

There are strong correlations between a person suffering from heart disease and experiencing erectile dysfunction. In more than half the cases, someone with a form of ED is likely to also endure a heart condition. That makes sense, seeing that the way the heart performs directly affects the potency of a man’s erections. The one is linked to the other, with ED often serving as a predictor for heart problems and vice versa.

Heart disease typically arises from consuming too much cholesterol. The human body already produces enough cholesterol for itself, but we tend to ingest it through food as well. The excess cholesterol eventually winds up in the arteries, where it solidifies into plaques and blood clots. These formations narrow the arteries and make it hard for blood to pass, resulting in suboptimal blood pressure.

As we have already established, penis pumps stimulate the flow of blood. The vacuum they create is enough to give blood a hand reaching the penis. That vacuum is usually strong enough to counteract the irregularities in blood pressure caused by artery obstructions. As such, they can help someone with heart disease achieve and keep an erection with success.

Spinal Injuries

An injured spine can lead to a series of side effects, ranging from unpleasant to debilitating. If the spinal cord experiences a fracture at a certain point, the ability to get an erection becomes significantly impeded. The neural pathways running along the spine may become less responsive or not at all, causing erectile dysfunction.

For an erection to appear and last, both reflex and psychogenic pathways must be intact. Reflex erections are the result of immediate physical contact (touching, stroking). Meanwhile, psychogenic erections are activated upon hearing, seeing, or thinking of something arousing. Damage to these pathways might hamper the triggering of an arousal response.

These neural pathways are connected to the spine, so hurting it could affect your sexual health. Any injury the spine sustains above T12 normally leaves the reflex path relatively unscathed. Meanwhile, lesions below T12 will often result in this pathway becoming severed from the brain. But that doesn’t make erections impossible. The implementation of a penis pump can and usually will result in satisfactory arousal.

A treatment plan centered around a VED can even rehabilitate erectile ability in many cases. Repeated use of the device, alongside other forms of therapy, could lead to at least partial nerve recovery.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis comes with a swath of symptoms, many of which progressively worsen or appear later down the line. Among these, erection-related problems don’t seem to receive as much attention from the public. They’re still just as relevant, however, and addressing them can positively impact the lives of people with MS.

When suffering from MS, the inability to perform sexually may have roots in many other symptoms. These can be more directly linked to this condition or more loosely related to it. For example, the person’s lack of motor functions may prevent them from moving correctly enough for sex.

Furthermore, poor bowel or bladder control can make them reconsider being intimate with someone and risking embarrassment. And something like depression can deter them from sex just as easily, in addition to fear of the sufferers’ symptoms creating trouble for them.

In terms of ED, though, the problem usually comes about from either nerve damage or stress. In these instances, vacuum pumps for impotence will usually prove successful. The devices collect blood in the penis, while the constriction bands keep it in place for the duration of the intimacy. Should it last under 30 minutes, the erection should be strong enough for adequate sexual activity.

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