Repair Vinyl Sex Dolls

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Inflatable sex dolls are great entry points into the world of sex dolls. They’re cheap, easy to use, easy to store, and give you a bit of an idea if sex dolls are something you want to invest a bit more money in. One of the big problems though is that vinyl is quite prone to tears. Obviously with a tear, your inflatable isn’t going to stay very inflated. But it’s not time to completely dispose of your inflatable doll though. Depending on the size of the tear it can be quite easily fixed.

When it comes to repairs, there are two different types of damage you can deal with. These are small cracks or rips, and larger tears or actual holes in the material. How you repair it will depend which type of damage your doll has.

Repairing Small Cracks in Vinyl

Smaller areas of damage are much easier to repair. For these you just need some glue. There are many different types of glue on the market and some will be better at repairing vinyl than others. There are also specially formulated glues that are designed specifically for use on vinyl. You should do some research on the products available to you and try to choose one that won’t cause more damage to the doll. Some melt the vinyl in order to repair it, but if they are too strong they will just melt away the material more and create bigger holes.

Once you have your chosen glue, you simply need to position the doll in a way that the edges of the crack are lined up and closed. Then apply the glue and leave the doll alone until it is fully dry. Picking it up constantly to see if it’s working isn’t going to help and will probably make the problem worse.

Most glues will form either a seam over the crack or will repair it by kind of welding the edges together to seal them up. Even once repaired, there will usually be a visible mark, and the material will be weaker in the area where the damage was, so you need to take extra care when inflating not to reopen the crack.

Repairing Larger Areas of Damage in Vinyl

Larger tears or holes might seem impossible to fix, but it’s not completely hopeless. Rather than simply resealing the gap, you’ll have to seal it by covering it up. There are many kits you can buy that have patches of varying size to help seal up holes. These are similar to tyre repair kits.

These kits will either come with an adhesive or will just be the patches and you’ll need to supply your own. They usually are a spray bottle, and you simply apply it to the area where the damage is, then stick the patch over the hole. Again, you’ll need to leave it plenty of time to dry before you inflate the doll again or the patch might just pop off.

Clean Your Sex Doll Before You Repair It

In order to have the best chance of successfully repairing your favourite inflatable doll, you need to thoroughly clean off and dry the area before you start. For the best seal, using a rubbing alcohol on a cloth around the area will get off any dirt or dust. Take the time to dry it completely and make sure no moisture is left over.

Avoiding Damage to Inflatable Dolls

Just like nearly anything, simply caring for your inflatable dolls properly should help you avoid most damage. Never overinflate the doll when blowing it up. You should try to leave a little bit of give so that as you use it you aren’t going to pop it. Also take care when storing it to avoid getting it caught on other things or trapped in different places.

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Repair Vinyl Sex Dolls

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