Sex Dolls Vs Real Women

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The ultimate debate when considering buying sex dolls is whether or not it is as good as having sex with a real woman. Manufacturers are always striving to make their sex dolls more and more realistic. Ultimately the goal is to make sex dolls a viable alternative to having sex with real people, and with each passing month we move gradually closer to that goal. So, how close are we right now, and will we ever make it there?

How Realistic are Sex Dolls?

We’re in a golden age of sexual exploration right now. Society has become more accepting of all kinds of sexual activities, and people are trying out more and more different kinds of sex toys. Due to the increased demand, many new and improved sex toys are popping up nearly every year.

Sex dolls haven’t been left behind in this development, and the dolls available to us today are miles better than those of the past. New materials are used to make up the skin which feel more realistic than any we have been able to make so far. The dolls themselves are even being created with more care than ever before, with moulds made from the body parts of real people too.

So, with the most lifelike realistic dolls we’ve ever had, do they hold much of a candle to a real woman? Well, unfortunately, the answer is a bit of a no really. There are aspects of sex dolls which are great and realistic, and other parts where it starts to fall down a bit.

In terms of looks, the dolls are great. The skin looks realistic no matter the skin tone, and from a distance you might even mistake a sex doll for a real person. Body parts are made with great care, with artists taking hours to make sure every piece looks as good as it physically can. Even the vagina is moulded carefully, and you’d often not be able to tell the difference.

The first real downfall is when it comes to actually having sex with them. Physically there are a few key differences. A sex doll doesn’t produce its own lubrication unlike a real woman, so you’ll always need to use lubrication with them. They also don’t produce natural heat, so can feel very cold compared to a human body. Some are starting to incorporate heating methods, and others can be warmed up in various ways like taking out the vagina and soaking it in some warm water before you begin.

Even if you get past these slight downfalls to improve the realism of your sex doll, you still have to deal with the fact that at the end of the day it’s just a doll. Depending on your own sex life, you might be used to a lot of extra interaction from your partners, and a doll isn’t going to be able to do any of that. All they can do is lie there and let you have your way with them!

That’s not to say the sex dolls available today are bad though! Many people enjoy their sex dolls immensely, and with a little bit of suspension of disbelief they can feel just as good as the real thing for some people.

How are Sex Dolls Becoming More Realistic?

Despite the perfectly acceptable level of realism offered by the sex dolls we currently have available, manufacturers are still striving to get better. Currently dolls are being developed with many improvements, ranging from different heating systems, to artificial intelligence. While we are largely still in the early stages of development of these features, they do all serve to give an ever more realistic experience.

In the future, they might be able to develop these things further. Once we have a sex doll that is warm like a real person and produces its own lubricant then we’ll be as close as we can physically to a true sexual experience. That won’t be the end for manufacturers though. The early stages of work are already being done into fully moving and interactive robot sex dolls.

Once this technology grows to a level that is widely available, everyone will have access to sex dolls that can fulfil all the roles of a real woman, albeit in a pre-programmed way.

Will Sex Robots Replace Real Relationships?

Once a robot can walk and talk like a human, as well as satisfying us sexually, will they be able to take their place at our sides in a relationship? It’s an interesting though, as everyone would be able to have their ideal and perfect partners, and nobody would have to go through the rejection and sadness of a failed dating life.

We can’t really know though how accurate this future would be. It doesn’t just depend on the dolls themselves either. Who knows how accepting society will be of these new love interests? Will it be legal to marry your favourite sex robot, or will you need to keep your interests to yourself behind closed doors? Only time will tell, but if you’re looking for the most realistic experience you can get then things can only get better!

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