The Future of Sex Dolls

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The industry of sex dolls has come forwards leaps and bounds in the last few decades. In part, this is largely down to new materials and manufacturing processes which have made sex dolls easier to make, and much more realistic than the humble blow up doll. With an industry obsessed with making your experience as realistic as possible though, there are always improvements to be made. So, what does the future hold for the sex doll?

Even More Realistic Materials?

Materials used in sex dolls are constantly evolving. Currently the most commonly used materials are silicone and TPE (themorplastic rubber). Even from manufacturer to manufacturer, the specific recipe they use can vary wildly. Each company is on its own quest to create the most skin-like materials for their dolls. It’s hard to say who is doing the best. Some customers will prefer one material over another, and others will think it feels nothing like the real thing.

We don’t yet know what the next breakthrough will be. All it takes is one researcher at one company to create something new and all of a sudden, every sex doll will be made of this new super realistic material. It really is just a matter of time.

Good Vibrations

Vibrators are nothing new. Putting vibrators into sex dolls isn’t some new alien new idea either. Sex dolls with vibrators aren’t the most common thing on the market though.

It’s difficult to put your finger on exactly why though. After all, vibrations improve almost every kind of sex toy for the vast majority of customers, so why not dolls?

Adding vibration to larger objects tends to be a little more complicated than smaller objects. Manufacturers have to consider how the vibrations will rattle through other parts of the doll. A vibrating vagina, but if turning it on causes your dolls ears or nose to start wobbling it’s probably going to put you off a bit.

You can be sure manufacturers aren’t going to give up though. Every month new models are released boasting targeted vibration and mind-blowing orgasms. In a few years’ time they may have mastered the placement and strength of vibrators in sex dolls and truly be able to deliver exactly the experience you want.

Turning Up the Heat?

Another area of experimentation for sex doll manufacturers is heating technology. This type of feature is still in its infancy and will probably take a little longer to develop though.

Right now, TPE and silicone dolls can retain a small amount of heat from your body. It’s not a lot though, and the dolls will quickly go cold again once you stop touching them. Temperature can play a large part in enjoying sex dolls, and some people are put off completely by cold dolls saying it feels like having sex with a corpse.

Warming up a doll creates some unique challenges for manufacturers. Most of the time a doll is moulded mostly in one piece, so they’d need to mould around any heating systems without causing them any damage. Even if they manage this, the dolls are made not to have any seams. If something goes wrong with your heating system, you can’t open the doll up and repair it.

Heat also needs to be perfectly balanced throughout the doll. Too much heat and you could easily melt some parts. Not enough heat, and the doll can become blotchy, with some hot parts and others cold. It’s a delicate balance.

It’s hard to be sure how long it will take manufacturers to solve these problems. It might not even be possible with current materials. When it happens though, we’ll have taken a massive step towards even more realistic sex dolls.

Doing the Robot

The final frontier. In a never-ending quest for the most real fake sex, this is where the future really lies for sex dolls. With a sex doll that you can talk to, interact with, and have amazing sex with, you won’t even need a real partner!

I was slightly joking with the last comment, but it is a real concern. As manufacturers combine AI with more and more parts of our lives people are beginning to worry that these developments might change society forever, and not in a good way. These concerns are amplified further with sex dolls, as many ethical questions are raised. Do they have consent? Can you ignore their consent? Can they truly replace living partners?

We’re still a long way off from these questions becoming a reality. Even so, they could still prove problematic, as manufacturers may be restricted by governments. It’s unclear how long we’re going to be waiting, but work is well and truly underway.

So how close are we? Well, companies already exist who are selling sex robots. They aren’t quite the feats of science fiction you might expect though. Most sex robots available today are actually fairly basic.

Some have moving parts controlled by motors. Others have sensors to feel when you touch them and are programmed with sound to react to you. The most advanced models are completely programmable with their own personalities and even learn from you and adapt.

At the real cutting edge of robot-human technology, we’re starting to see AI that can truly interact with you. These robots can make use of sensors and cameras to know where you are, have advanced programming to learn about you and have real conversations with you, and are made of the highest quality materials so they look more realistic than ever.

Mega advanced sex dolls aren’t as widely available as their more basic counterparts, and those that you can buy are extremely expensive. As the market develops though, these dolls will become cheaper as well as improved. Maybe in a decade or two, you’ll be able to have a fully heated, interactive and vibrating sex doll all of your own.

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