The Psychology of Sex Dolls

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For most people, owning and using sex dolls is a simple matter of doing something for sexual pleasure. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes though, and there are a lot of psychological aspects at play. Some are simple, and some are much more complex.

Why Do People Enjoy Sex Dolls?

So, at its most basic element, using a sex doll brings you sexual pleasure. This means the real question is: why do people enjoy sex?

Unlike many other animals on earth, humans will have sex for pleasure, not just reproduction. This is a very unique thing and it’s largely because of our brain chemistry. Essentially during sex, we light up all of the different areas of the brain like a Christmas tree. It doesn’t happen all at once, and the closer you get to orgasm the more areas that are activated. When you reach orgasm, everything is activated, and a flood of dopamine hits the brain. The dopamine makes you feel great, and the chemical response is much like when you eat chocolate, smoke cigarettes or take drugs.

After the orgasm, it takes your brain a little while to cool back down. This is what gives you the relaxed muscles and chilled out feelings you get following sex.

Doing this with a sex doll isn’t any different than doing it with a real person, but it is easier. With a sex doll, only you have to be in the mood, and you can do it whenever you want. You don’t even need to be in a relationship. With all these great feelings available on demand, who wouldn’t enjoy sex dolls?

Negative Psychological Effects of Sex Dolls

When thinking about more long-term use of sex dolls, there can be some impact on you psychologically too. Some aspects of sex doll use don’t entirely match up to sex with a real person. As there is no-one else involved, you are free to explore some of your more intimate and darker fantasies without fear of embarrassment or rejection.

For many people, this will simply involve strange sex positions, slightly more unusual fetishes, or just trying new things. This is perfectly harmless, and in some cases even healthy. Where the trouble starts though is when the fantasies get even darker.

One area that this comes to for is in consent. Being just an object, there is no need to ask for permission to try any of the new ideas that pop into your head. The more time you spend trying these things with your dolls, the more normal it will all seem to you. For most people this will never really be a problem, but in some cases, it can have an effect on the way you interact with other real people.

Sex dolls are constantly evolving. Before long, we may have access to fully functioning sex robots that can interact with us in a replication of interaction with a real person. When this happens, the question of consent gets even more complicated. When the sex doll can walk, talk and think for itself, do we need to ask its consent? It’s still an object created for our pleasure after all.

Some dolls already have artificial intelligence and are programmed with personalities to interact with you. In some cases, the dolls are programmed to be a little less happy with your advances. On top of all the existing consensual issues, we now add questions of encouraging rape or abuse into the equation and things get ever more complex. Obviously, those actions are never something that can be endorsed, but some might argue that having it happen to a doll might be a better thing for society.

Loneliness and Sex Dolls

Another aspect of your brain that a sex doll can affect is loneliness. Sometimes they can be viewed as both a positive and a negative.

For people who are already lonely, getting a sex doll could help with it immensely. Wherever the void comes from, you can fill it with a sex doll that isn’t just used for masturbation, but also companionship.

On the other hand, having such easy access to many aspects of a human relationship from the comfort of your own home could have a negative effect. It could encourage you to withdraw further into your own loneliness and end up spending even less time with real people in order to spend more time with your doll.

Whichever psychological aspect of owning a sex doll you look at, there’s always going to be some nuance to the situation. Some elements are more positive, and some are more negative. Even psychologists aren’t in full agreement on whether or not more and more realistic sex dolls will be a good or a bad thing for society.

From an individual perspective though, the most important thing is to enjoy your sex doll in as healthy a way as possible. Just like almost everything else in life, the key is moderation. Try not to go too overboard with your sex doll and you should avoid any negative effects. If you ever do feel like it’s becoming too much, never hesitate to talk to somebody about it.

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