What Are Sex Dolls?

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Sex Dolls: A Beginner’s Guide

Sex toys can be a wild and wonderful way to explore your own sexual fantasies and preferences. Almost anything you can think of can be enhanced or amplified by some kind of sex toy available. Sex dolls are one of the best sex toys on the market, and rather than focusing on a single aspect of sexual pleasure they stimulate you in a multitude of ways.

Whether you’re a complete novice to sex dolls, or an experienced veteran, you can never learn too much. Every year, new developments continue to improve the sex dolls we can buy, bringing us closer and closer to a more and more realistic experience.

Unless you keep completely up do date with developments, and put extensive time into research, it can be difficult to keep up and know exactly what’s dolls are good and what you should buy. To save you the trouble of going through hours and hours of websites and posts trying to find the right information, we’ve put together a short guide to give you the basics and hopefully sets you off on the right course.

Basics: What is a Sex Doll?

So, for the completely uneducated people who’ve stumbled up this article by complete chance, you might even be wondering what a sex doll is.

At the most basic level, a sex doll is a doll which you can have sex with. Not surprising really. These dolls are wildly different, but the important part is that they have at least one sexual part that you can use to gain sexual pleasure. This can be a vagina, butthole, mouth, penis, or a combination of them.

The dolls come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. Some are life-sized and made of realistic feeling materials designed to emulate intercourse as closely as possible. Others can be simpler, smaller, or made of different materials, and rather than trying to be realistic they can just be designed with individual preferences in mind.

Basics: What Types of Sex Dolls Are There?

With so many options available to you, how do you even start to decide which kind of sex doll you want to buy. You don’t need to be an expert on every aspect of sex dolls just to make a decision though. There are a few distinct categories and depending on what you want from your sex doll you can instantly narrow your decision to a much more specific cross-section of dolls very quickly. Common categories include:

  • Inflatable Sex Dolls: These are usually the cheapest kind of sex dolls available. They aren’t super realistic, but still perfectly functioning, just inflate and you’re ready to go.
  • Fabric Sex Dolls: Fabric is a bit of an acquired taste. Some people will really enjoy the feeling, while others will completely hate it. Fabric sex dolls tend to be less realistic and are very often modelled after fantasy or anime characters rather than real life people.
  • Mini Sex Dolls: Some people want the realism and feelings a life-like sex doll can offer. These can be very big though, so finding space to store it can be a bit of an issue for them. Mini Sex Dolls fix this problem perfectly by maintaining as many of the lifelike features found in full-sized dolls as possible, but in a much smaller package.
  • Realistic Sex Dolls: Life-like sex dolls are the standard models which many people will have or think about when they look at sex dolls. These are the same size as a real person, weighted at about 50% of a real person, and carry as many details as possible. Even the skin is made to feel real to touch. For many these are the ideal version of a sex doll.
  • Sex Robots: Sex robots are likely the future of sex dolls. These are fitted with AI to let you have actual conversations with your doll, and over time are developing to be more and more advanced. In the future they might be able to walk and talk just like a real person, giving the most realistic fake sex experience possible.

Basics: How Much do Sex Dolls Cost?

There’s no one answer to this question. Sex dolls can vary in price from anywhere as low as $10 right up to several thousand depending on which model you buy. The cheapest will usually be the inflatables, as these are made from the cheapest materials and generally won’t last as long as other kinds.

As you move up the price range, the materials become higher quality and the dolls have more and more features. You pay for what you get with sex dolls, so don’t expect a bargain doll to last too long or give you the best experience.

A couple of things can help you bring down the price of your doll without sacrificing quality if price is a real pressure point for you. Sometimes you might not need to buy the entire doll but are only interested in parts of the doll. You can buy torsos without arms and legs, or even just the parts of the body you want to have sex with.

You can also buy a lower quality overall doll but add some higher quality parts in the important areas. For example, if you always keep your sex doll in clothing, then for the most part you won’t be too worried about their skin.

You will care about their genitals though, as these are the parts you use a lot. So, to save a bit of cash, you can get a cheaper sex doll with lower quality skin, then separately purchase a pocket pussy or dildo that you can attach to your sex doll to have better feeling sex at a lower price.

Getting to the Good Stuff: Using Your Sex Doll

Once your sex doll has been delivered, you’ll probably be itching to try it out. It’s even worse if you’re at work and have to spend the entire day being productive but all you can really think about is what a could time you could be having with your doll. You shouldn’t be too overeager though, as there are a few things to be aware of to make the best of your time with your sex doll.

Lubrication is probably the single most important thing. Unlike the real human body, a sex doll’s vagina doesn’t produce any lubrication of its own. You’ll need to have some of your own lubricant ready if you’re planning to insert things into the doll.

For the most part this is a male consideration as females will be inserting the doll’s dildo into their own body which does produce lubricant. There are a lot of different kinds of lubricant available, and even some you can make yourself at home, so make sure you’re choosing one that’s suitable for your particular sex doll.

With any preparation done and your lubricant ready to go, you can close the curtains, lock your door, and get down to business. There are so many different things you can do with a sex doll, so you’ve got a world of exploration ahead of you.

Most of the time people will start out by trying out different sex positions with their doll before moving onto anything more advanced. Just take your time and you’re sure to find a whole world of enjoyment!

Caring for Your Sex Doll

Simply choosing and using a sex doll is only half the battle. Once you’ve got it home, you’re going to need to care for it properly in order to avoid damaging it. You need to take care when you use it, store it, and clean it. Just like owning a pet, there’s a ton to do!

In use you have a bit of an easier time. Depending on the type of sex doll you’re using there will be a few simple considerations to make. For example, if you have an inflatable sex doll you’ll want to avoid putting too much weight on it or it might burst. Or if you have a full-sized sex doll you’ll want to try not to put too much weight on the dolls wrists or knees, so you can try placing pillows under her stomach if it you’re doing doggy style.

After use you’ll need to make sure to clean your doll thoroughly. Any openings or parts that you’ve used during intercourse you’ll need to rinse out and make sure any bacteria are gone before putting your doll away. There are various methods of doing this depending on your doll. You also need to properly dry everything to stop it going mouldy.

You also need to regularly wash the entire doll. The skin can act like a magnet to all kinds of dust and dirt. This will take a lot longer than an after use clean, but it’s worth it. Once you’ve washed and dried your entire doll you can use conditioning powder on it to make sure the skin stays in great condition.

The final part of caring for your sex dolls is storage. It’s a good idea to think about this before you even buy one, as different types of dolls have different storage requirements. Larger dolls will need much more space, and you’ll need to make sure they aren’t resting on walls in a cupboard or anything like that as you could damage the skin.

Other dolls will still need to be carefully stored and you should watch out when moving them around just in case any part gets caught or scratched. You’ll also need to think about the weight of the doll, as it can deform parts of the doll or even your mattress if left in the same position for an extended period.

Are Sex Dolls Good for You?

One key consideration about sex dolls are the psychological aspects of using one. Depending on your opinion, they can be a good thing which is beneficial for society, or a bad thing making existing problems worse. These are complicated issues with no clear answers, but in the future, this will have to be addressed as sex dolls become more advanced and raise more questions on morality, consent, and legality.

There’s so much to sex dolls it’s not something we can cover in a single article without it being the length of a book! If you need more information on any of the issues we’ve discussed, then feel free to check out some of our other articles for more detailed explanations. Otherwise, head on over to our store and start your very own sex doll journey!

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