What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex with a Sex Doll?

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You’ve heard all the stories. You’ve read all the hype. You’re even considering buying a sex doll for yourself. There’s only one burning question left in your mind. What does it feel like to use a sex doll?

Ultimately, this is a question only you can answer. Just like sex with real people, it’s different for everyone. What one person loves about having sex with their doll, another person can hate. That’s not super helpful when you’re trying to find out what the fuss is though, so I can try to give you some ideas at the very least.

Positive Aspects of Having Sex with a Sex Doll

If you’ve spent any time browsing around the various stores, sites, and even subreddits dedicated to sex dolls, you’ll likely have seen plenty of claims of “amazing sex”, “mind-blowing orgasms”, and many other sales speech terms. It’s difficult to judge how honest these claims are. After all, many of these sources will be trying to sell you a sex doll of your own.

If stories aren’t good enough for you, then the physical feelings of using a sex doll is going to be largely similar to the physical feelings you get from many other sex toys. A male sex doll is going to have a penis, which can either be attached, or be a dildo which is held in place on the body of the doll. A female sex doll is going to have a vaginal sleeve for you to penetrate. Both will have an anal sleeve and a mouth and throat.

Many of these aspects are exactly the same as their respective sex toy, so you can try out a dildo or pocket pussy (styled after your favourite opening) to see what it might feel like. The important distinction here is the material. Some dildos and pocket pussies are made of much cheaper or lower quality materials than a sex doll. If you want to try before you buy, then pick up a sex toy made of either TPE or silicone as these are the materials your doll will be made of.

Even if you like the way it feels to use these kinds of sex toys, much of the pleasure of using a full sex doll is psychological. When you use a regular sex toy, it’s very obvious that you are masturbating. When you use a sex doll though, it’s another being rather than just a toy. You can actually hold onto the doll, just like a real partner, kiss its lips, hold its hands, and anything else you might like to do during sex.

Another psychological aspect of having sex with a sex doll is having complete freedom over what you do and total control over the doll. When I put it like that it sounds like something that only people into domination would enjoy, but I’m sure there are sexual fantasies you have that you’ve never wanted to try with a real person. There’s no need to be embarrassed when doing these things with a sex doll, so you can totally indulge in whatever desires you have and enjoy them fully.

Negative Aspects of Having Sex with a Sex Doll

These psychological processes work both ways though. Being able to try literally anything you can think of can lead some people to some pretty dark places. There are discussions of sex dolls encouraging non-consensual sex, especially when the dolls have AI personalities added to them. While this might be a bit too much for some people, the majority of the time it will be fine. As long as you remember that you’re actually using a doll, and don’t spring the same fantasies on real people out of nowhere you’ll be fine.

You might feel even feel a little dirty. Not necessarily in the good way either. Being able to try literally anything with no repercussions can have lasting effects on some people’s minds. If there are some things you think you’ll really enjoy, but then try with a doll, you might find that it actually puts you off rather than turns you on.

Another psychological part of using a sex doll is the fact that they don’t move. Some people are able to enjoy them just fine, but others find this a little bit too off-putting. Some even go so far as to say that it feels like “fucking a corpse”. Again, we’re reaching some darker places here, but I think you get the message. Some people just prefer a real woman at the end of the day.

Like I said to start with, it’s really down to your own preference. If you’re looking for more specific stories that individuals have about their adventures with their sex dolls, then reddit is usually the best place to look. Or you could take the plunge, and find out what it feels like all on your own!

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