Best Sex Toys for Petplay/Animal Roleplay

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The worlds of animal roleplay or petplay can be an exciting way to spice up your sex life. Simply acting out these unique characters can bring you some unforgettable experiences.

Like all sex though, after a while you need to change things up or you’ll quickly become bored. Thankfully there are a whole range of exciting sex toys that go hand in hand with animal roleplay and petplay!

Tail Butt Plugs

The most obvious sex toy you can use during animal roleplay is a tail butt plug. Most animals have a tail of some kind, and for many it is a key part of their personalities. So why wouldn’t a roleplayer want a tail of their own to explore?

Tail plugs are available in a variety of styles, each reflecting a different kind of animal. These include:

  • Foxes
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Wolves
  • Bunnies
  • Ponies
  • Raccoons

Even if the animal you’ve chosen to roleplay as isn’t a common one, you will usually be able to find a tail that is close enough to give the right impression. Failing that, you can try to find a custom vendor, who can make a tail to your specifications, or even make one of your own!

Wearing a tail plug isn’t just decorative though. The butt plug itself adds a whole new dimension to sex. Alongside the obvious anal stimulation they provide, they can also make a woman’s vagina feel tighter, stimulate deeper parts of the clitoris, or provide stimulation to a man’s g-spot!

Sexy Pet Ears

While you’re perfecting your pet look, another great accessory is a pair of ears!

These are mounted on a simple headband which means anyone can wear them. The most common ear designs are simple fluffy ones, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find nearly any kind of ear.

Combine these with your tail butt plug, and you’ve already created a much more believable character to enjoy in your roleplay. The extra fur can also be great fun to play with in the bedroom, teasing and tickling your partner!


Particularly during petplay, where the master “owns” his pet, a collar is another ideal accessory. This can be a simple visual accessory to help complete your look, or carry much more meaning.

Many BDSM communities view the wearing of a collar as a commitment to your partner, and it isn’t something you can just wear whenever you feel like it. For more info on collars, check out our page on collaring fetishes!


These unique sex toys are designed to restrict the submissive’s ability to move freely around. They strap onto your ankles, and then are attached to your genitals.

This means if you try and stand up the humbler will pull on your genitals and be quite painful!

Humblers are ideal for any animal which walks around on all fours, which is basically any animal. They are a little more hardcore though, so not everyone will want to use them.

Paws and Bondage Boots

Accessories designed to be worn on your feet are commonly referred to as either paws or bondage boots. These are simply placed over your feet and sometimes hands as well.

These boots can come in two different forms. One is purely visual, adding yet another aspect to your pet look. The other kind is more impactful though, and will restrict your ability to walk normally. As a result, your physical movements can become much more animal like than normal.


Face masks are another accessory with multiple purposes. The most obvious is that they block the view of your human face, and masks designed with animal faces are ideal as they further project the image of an animal.

While the most obvious use of these masks is a visual distortion, they can also play a more psychological role. By wearing a mask, the roleplayer is even further detached from their human persona, letting them get even more into the roleplay.

Gags and Mouthpieces

Another accessory with multiple roles, gags and mouthpieces aren’t going to be for everyone.

The simple function of a gag is that it can stop the petplayer from speaking, instead needing to communicate with grunts and sounds just like a pet would.

Depending on the animal your roleplay is centered around though, a gag or mouthpiece can fill a much more functional role. Dogs may be given a gag to stop them biting things, or a horse may have a mouthpiece which attaches to their reigns and helps to control them. Of course these aren’t necessary with a human who is roleplaying, but making use of them can make any training or punishment roleplay much more convincing.

Reigns, Whips and Leads

Many different animals are commonly put on some kind of lead to keep them under control, and the same thing can be done with your petplay partner. Which kind you use will depend on the animal you’ve chosen, and often these will not fill much of a central role in your scenes.

However if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can use leads, reigns, or even ropes to bring some bondage into your petplay adventures. Even collars can be involved in this, with intricate ropework restricting the movement of your pet.

Then of course, you can simply use any of these objects as whips! This might be as part of some punishment and discipline roleplay, or may simply be because you enjoy it in a more masochistic way.

General Pet Accessories

Most of the things we’ve discussed so far are sex toys specifically designed for use in these kinds of situations. That doesn’t mean you can’t use your imagination though. Many accessories which would normally associated with pets can easily become a fun addition to your bedroom.

Pet toys can be a great start, as they can add an extra dynamic as your submissive will be distracted by the toys while also enjoying what you’re doing sexually.

Scratching posts, and other larger pet equipment can give you some unique places to have sex, and let you try out some completely different positions.

Even food bowls can play a role, with many couples enjoying bringing food into the bedroom! Obviously you shouldn’t use real pet food, as this can be harmful for human consumption, but giving your pet a treat if they give you good oral or follow your instructions carefully can be great incentive.

Anything that would usually be used by a pet is on the table, all you need to do is think of fun and interesting ways to bring it into the bedroom!

Anything Else You Can Think Of!

We’ve only really scratched the surface of sex accessories you can incorportate into your petplay or animal roleplay. While these are some of the most common things used, the sky really is the limit!

Anything you can think of that might be fun to use in your roleplay, don’t be afraid to give it a try! It doesn’t even need to be sexual, but you might find that as you use it more it becomes a key part of your roleplay experience.

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