How to Use a Sex Machine

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What Does Using a Sex Machine Feel Like?

Even if it may look like a sex toy of the future, the sex machine isn’t new to the market. The first thrusting machine was developed in the 1900s, and it’s been giving us pleasure ever since. Nowadays, it’s very popular among women, especially in the USA. Of course, men use it too, although maybe in secret.

So, spicing up your sex life with high-tech toys may be the best thing you’ll ever dare to do. However, “a love machine” isn’t a device you should be messing with no matter how joyous the experience may be. The top sex machines are quite powerful and can provide you with amazing 100 thrusts per minute that’ll make your head spin.

Therefore, the experience, while certainly more thrilling than anything you’ve tried before, can be terrifying at the same time. However, if you want to bring it to a higher level, you have plenty of different possibilities, especially if you’re playing with your partner and if you’re into bondage, sensation play, orgasm control, etc.

However, all the best things in life come with a little bit of risk, as we’ve said, and safety should always be the priority number one. If you’ve never tried sex machines before, you may feel awkward or overwhelmed at first. But, if you use them responsibly, you’ll be up for the time of your life.

Preparing Your Sex Machine

There are various different types of sex machines. What’s most important when buying one is the motor. If you want it to last and to provide you with the best possible experience, you’ll need the sex machine that has a good motor.

And in case you have roommates, kids, or annoying neighbors who complain often, maybe you’d rather choose the machine that makes less noise. Keep in mind that some of these machines are extremely loud.

When trying it for the first time, most people complained about feeling awkward. It’s because you have to adjust the position of your body to the machine and find the right angle. In order to avoid awkward moments, take your time to learn how to control it. Also, learn what speed, depth, and intensity fit you the most.

When using a sex machine, you’ll need tons of lubricants. These things won’t go easy on you. And, unfortunately, we’re not made for handling such a powerful penetration for a long time. So, no matter how wet you are, always keep a big amount of lube at your hand.

Sex Machine Controls

Not all sex machines have a thrusting dildo — there are also vibrating and riding types. In case you buy a thrusting machine, those usually come with a number of attachments: Vac-U-Lock, double penetration attachment, etc.

Also, some sex machines will provide you with hands-free experience, but some of them you’ll need to hold. So first, make sure you know what you want and what interests you the most. Not everything’s for everyone.

Depending on which one you choose to buy, you’ll have different options when it comes to methods of controlling it. Although most of them come with remote control, there are also those you can control by using an app or Bluetooth. Those you have to hold are, of course, hand-controlled.

Take your sex machine as a new sex partner you need to get familiar with. You’ll need some time to explore different possibilities it gives you and to learn how it works. So, don’t set it on the highest speed right away, no matter how tempting it may sound.

Sex Machine Positions

When it comes to different positions you can assume while using sex machines, it all depends on what you prefer. However, not all machines will provide you with the same possibilities and experiences. These are some types that require different approaches.

Handheld Sex Machines

Machines you need to hold in your hand have some advantages. One of them is that you can use it in various positions and find the perfect angle more easily. If you’re playing by yourself, a missionary position may be the most comfortable one, but you can still use it in whatever way you want. Some girls even use it for deep throat training.

Sybian Saddle

This one doesn’t require handholding, but you can’t lay down or use it doggy style. Instead, you have to sit on it and “ride” it. What’s more, it also has buttons for rotation and vibration. Sybian saddle may look intimidating, but it’s not going to hurt you if you use it safely. And it can provide you with amazing orgasms.

Thrusting Machines

Thrusting or fuck machine is for those who really enjoy hard G-spot stimulation. Some of them are quite big, so you may need a good hiding place for them. You can use them in different ways, but most preferable positions are missionary and doggy. Having a lot of sex won’t be a problem once you get one of these.

Making Sex Machines Easier

It’s crucial for a sex machine to be stable while working. You’ll need a flat and firm surface to put it on. Some of them come with suction cups, so you can stick them to the surface. And if it’s too high for you, you can use chairs, tables, etc. to place it at the right level.

Either way, you would probably want to prevent it from jumping all over the place. If the machine isn’t steady enough or placed at the right level, the attachment may poke somewhere you don’t want it to, and you possibly won’t like it.

Keep calm and focused while using it. If you move all of a sudden, the dildo may slip out, and then, just like in the case of a machine moving too much, go in an unwanted direction. Other than making you feel awkward, it can hurt you that way.

Speaking of which, choose wisely the size of the dildo attached. Maybe you think that “bigger is better,” but in the case of sex machines, you don’t want to take more than you can. The risk of friction is high when you set it on high speed and, at the same, time use a huge dildo.

If you’re not sure whether to get one or not, keep in mind that the first sex machines were made for improving women’s psychological and sexual health. Having many strong orgasms can’t be a bad thing, right? And once you learn how to use a sex machine safely and decide to own one, you’ll definitely reach a new level of sexual excitement and pleasure.

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