Introduction to Urethral Play

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When you start to explore your sexual pleasure, you’ll likely begin by expanding on things that you already enjoyed.

As time goes on, you might start to try new things, and expand your overall sexual horizons.

There’s always new things to try though, and some things can slip under the radar of even the most accomplished sexual adventurer. Urethral play is one of these things.

Urethral play is something that when you first find out about it, you might shudder a little.

Compared to using a vibrator or butt plug to just improve your masturbation, it’s a lot more hardcore.

Essentially, urethral play involves using objects to stimulate your urethra. This can be done externally, or through penetration.

What Is The Urethra?

The urethra is a part of the body we all have, and most of us take for granted!

It’s a simple tube that runs between your bladder and either the vagina or end of the penis.

For women, its sole function is to carry urine out of the body. A man’s urethra has an extra function, to carry semen out of the body during ejaculation.

Types Of Urethral Stimulation

There are a few different ways people can stimulate their urethra. The most obvious is simple external stimulation.

You might have done this a lot without even realising!

While masturbating both men and women can touch or stroke the urethra and might find it quite sensitive and pleasing.

Your urethra isn’t just something sat at the edge of your body though. For women it extends around two inches into the body, and for men it can be as long as eight inches!

In order to stimulate the deeper reaches of your urethral tube, you’re going to need some extra tools.

Penetrating your own urethra might sound like a bit of a painful idea, but using specially designed sex toys correctly and carefully, you can minimise any risk to yourself and maximise your enjoyment.

There are a few kinds of sex toys out there for you to explore your urethra. Penis plugs are the simplest and are almost exactly what they sound like.

Variants exist for both men and women, despite the name, and they are simply small plugs which go inside your urethra a short distance. In a way they fill a very similar role to butt plugs for the anus.

A more advanced tool for stimulation of the urethra is a urethral sound.

These don’t just go slightly inside the body but can extend much deeper. With practise you can use these to reach the entire length of your urethra all the way up to the bladder!

While not explicitly a sex toy, there are also urethral piercings.

A piercing can take many different forms, and people get them for many different reasons.

Although they aren’t specifically designed for sexual pleasure, the fact that they are there can be great during sex or masturbation.

Is Urethral Stimulation Safe? Does It Hurt?

Most people who haven’t tried urethral stimulation before will have the same initial reactions.

The idea of putting something inside the urethra can’t be a good one!

After all, we’ve all experienced the horrible burning sensation from a urinary tract infection. Why would you voluntarily do something that might give you the same feelings?

It’s a valid concern, but one that is easily avoidable if you are careful and practised when using your urethral toys.

There are three main things you can do to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

Firstly, you need to be sure to properly lubricate your urethra before putting anything inside your body.

Secondly, you should take your time when inserting any toys and make sure you don’t go too big too quickly. You can definitely work your way up to some quite large plugs or sounds, but you need to take it stage by stage.

Finally, you should only ever use toys designed specifically for urethral insertion.

There are many, many horrifying stories out there from people who have ended up in emergency rooms by putting all kinds of different objects in their urethras.

If you take your time though, and make sure you’re doing everything carefully and safely, then you shouldn’t have any problems and can simply enjoy the new experience!

What Does Urethral Play Feel Like?

So, if it’s not painful or horrifying, then what does urethral play feel like? Like nearly any type of sexual pleasure, there’s always going to be some variation in each person’s experience.

There are likely to be some common trends amongst what people will experience though.

There are a few different things you might experience when you start to explore urethral play.

One of the physical aspects you can experience is very similar to wearing a butt plug. As you insert larger and larger toys you’ll feel your urethra stretching to accommodate the toys.

While stretching isn’t always a feeling you’ll associate with pleasure, but you might find it more enjoyable than you think!

Deeper into the body, there are distinct differences between both men and women due to the differences in our bodies.

These differences give you completely different experiences and pleasure to one another.

For men, the journey into the body is much longer.

Your urethral sound will have to travel several inches if you want to reach all the way into the bladder.

This is a small gland which men have between the penis and bladder which helps produce ejaculatory fluid and works as a valve to control which fluids exit the body through the urethra.

Women have a much shorter urethra, so need to be even more careful when inserting sex toys into it.

This does have its benefits though, as if you like the feeling of reaching and stimulating your bladder then it’s a much simpler process. Probably the biggest benefit for women when engaging in urethral play is the extra stimulation of the clitoris.

Many people think the clitoris is the small bean shaped part at the surface of the vagina. In reality though, it extends much deeper into the body.

The urethral tube runs alongside the clitoral tissue, so as you insert your sex toys you’ll be stimulating much deeper parts of the clitoris than normal which can produce some very intense orgasms.

Urethral stimulation isn’t something to be taken lightly, but when you are careful and do your research you can enjoy something that many people will be too scared to even try.

This can lead to orgasms that you might have never dreamed of!

If you’re not convinced yet, then read on through some of our other guides to see if we can put any of you worries to rest.

On the other hand, if you can’t wait to dive in, check out our store pages to find your perfect urethral toy!

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