Lubricants for Urethral Stimulation

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Lubrication might not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to sounding, but it’s an incredibly important thing.

You should be sure to use lubrication whenever you attempt to insert anything into your urethra.

It’s not always completely cut and dry though, as the urethra is very sensitive, and the wrong types of lube can very easily lead to infections or damage in the urethral tract.

Why Do We Need To Use Lubricant?

So, we always need lubricants when we try any kind of urethral stimulation, but why?

Doesn’t the urethra produce any of its own?

Well it does, but nowhere near enough for us to effectively use it, so were going to need more to avoid pain during the process.

Even if pain isn’t one of your main considerations, simply using lubrication makes the process of urethral play much easier.

When inserting toys into your urethra, you don’t need to actually push it in. In most cases, you let gravity do the majority of the work and the toy simply slides in on its own.

Lubrication makes the whole process much easier. Some people like to spend much longer enjoying urethral play than others and want to keep their toys in for several hours.

When doing this, using the right kind of lubrication is even more important! Some lubricants last much longer than others, so you’ll want to avoid using one that dries out quickly.

Types Of Lubrication

There are three types of lubrication most commonly used with sex toys: water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based.

You don’t have to choose a specific one, and which you use will depend largely on what you enjoy doing with your toys.

The most important consideration for urethral lubricant is that it is sterile.

The urethra can very easily absorb bacteria and other things, and some ingredients in some lubricants can cause you pain or even infections when you use them.

One important consideration when choosing a lube comes if you are using a silicone toy.

Silicone is a material which can react negatively with itself. If you use a silicone lube on a silicone toy, then the surface can break down and leave parts inside your body.

This is definitely something you want to avoid so if you are using a silicone toy then be sure to use a water or oil-based lube instead. Some of the more popular types of urethral lubricant include “Very Deep Urethral Lubricant”, “KY Jelly”, and “Surgilube”.

Can You Use Saliva As A Urethral Lubricant?

Saliva is often thought of as one of the simplest and easiest lubricants to use. After all, it’s always around and you have plenty of it available!

If you were to try it though, you probably wouldn’t be in for a great time. Saliva dries out incredibly quickly compared to other lubricants.

It might work when it comes to inserting your toys, but by the time you remove them any saliva you had used will have dried up.

Taking out a toy dry is just as painful as inserting it dry, so you definitely want to avoid it!

You’re also somewhat limited when it comes to saliva by how much you can produce.

You might be able to make enough to lubricate a smaller penis plug, but it’s unlikely you could cover a full-length sound with enough saliva to make it anywhere near slippery enough to use properly.

Lubrication isn’t the most exciting topic to discuss or even think about when you want to get started with some sexual pleasure, but it’s definitely an important one.

No matter which toy you decide to use, it can easily be ruined by choosing the wrong lubricant, or not using enough.

Be sure to prepare yourself properly before you start any sessions, and you’re sure to be able to focus on enjoying yourself free of any pain or difficulties.

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