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Many of us have a particular mental image that springs to mind when someone mentions nippie clips. It may come as a surprise then, that there are many, many different types of these available!

Trying them all out yourself can be a long and expensive process, so to try and take some of the mystery out of it we’ve put together this guide to the many different kinds of nipple clamps.

Beginner Nipple Clamps

Anyone who is looking to try out nipple clamps for the first time will probably be looking for some kind of beginner option. While many stores may offer “beginner” sets of nipple clamps, there isn’t really a true category with distinct difference to other kinds of clamp.

The most important thing that is usually recommended with beginner nipple clamps is that they are adjustable. This means you might also be able to find collections of “adjustable nipple clamps” in various stores too.

The reason “beginner” or “adjustable” nipple clamps tend to be recommended for newbies is that they simply don’t know what kind of stimulation they’re going to enjoy yet. There’s no point picking the the super clamp 5000 nipple destroyers if you don’t actually enjoy the pain aspect of wearing them. Similarly, someone a little more hardcore might not be a huge fan of the nipple tickler deluxe set.

Of course I’m making these products up, but you get the idea. Starting with an adjustable set allows you to experiment with many different levels of pressure, and find something you enjoy!

Alligator Nipple Clamps

At first glance, you might recognise this kind of nipple clamp. The clamp style itself is often used in many other products!

An alligator nipple clamp is aptly named then, as the “mouth” of the clamp resembles an alligator’s mouth! These are sometimes referred to as crocodile clamps for the same reason.

The two pads of an alligator clamp tend to be wider and flatter than most other models, and the majority of them have a rubber coating over the metal pads. This softens the impact of the clamps against your skin.

One of the best parts of alligator clamps is that you can enjoy different levels of pressure by applying the clamp in different ways. The further towards the tip of the clamp that you place your nipple, the greater the pressure will be!

Some also come with a screw which can be adjusted, to give you even more control over the pressure applied by the clamps. This is why alligator clamps are commonly recommended to beginners.

You can also remove the rubber coating from many of these clamps to increase the pressure further. Some ever have pointed “teeth” underneath which makes for a much more intense experience!

Bull-Nosed Nipple Clamps

A set of bull-nosed nipple clamps can look very similar to a set of alligator clamps. So much so that some people often have difficulty telling them apart!

In essence, bull-nosed and alligator clamps aren’t particularly different. They both have similar designs, are usual padded with rubber, have fairly large pads which grip your nipples, and feature screws to increase or decrease the pressure.

The main difference between the two is the shape of the pads at the end of the clamps. Bull-nosed clamps tend to be a bit more rounded (like a bull’s mouth), while alligator clamps are a little more pointed (like an alligator’s mouth)!

Tweezer Clamps

Tweezer clamps are another introductory type of nipple clamps and a favourite among many beginners.

As their name would suggest, they are shaped just like a pair of tweezers. Many feature a rubber enclosure over the tips, just like the other nipple clamps we’ve covered.

Unlike other clamps though, tweezer clamps tend to be much longer. The reason for this is the mechanism used to increase or decrease the pressure they apply.

This style of clamp features a metal ring which surrounds both of the tweezer “arms”. You can move this ring up or down the length of the clamp to increase or reduce the tightness of them.

If you’re looking for something gentle, you move the metal ring away from your body, making the mouth of the clamp wider and applying less pressure. For a more intense experience, you can slide the metal ring closer to your nipple, greatly increasing their pinch!

Nipple and Clit Clamps

Nipples aren’t the only area of your body that you can apply clamps to in order to increase your sexual pleasure! Many people enjoy using clamps on their vaginas just as much.

Essentially, nipple clamps and clit clamps are two different devices, but they largely do the same thing. By applying pressure to these parts of the body, a person can gain a lot of pleasure, and also experience enjoyable pain (if that’s what they’re into).

Some like to experience both of these things at the same time though!

That’s where combined nipple and clit clamps come into play. These can be found in many of the other styles such as alligator or tweezer clamps. The key though, is that all three of the clamps will be linked together, usually by a chain.

This means that as you move around, either your nipples or your clit can be pulled on by the clamps!

String Nipple Clamps

Not all nipple clamps are made of cold, hard steel! If you’re looking for something a little softer then you might be interested in a set of string nipple clamps.

These feature an adjustable string loop, which you can tighten around your nipple to still experience similar pressure sensations. As you tighten the loop, the pressure becomes greater.

Of course string is very lightweight, so you often won’t feel the same tugging on your nipples that you would with other types of clamp. Sex toy creators have thought of this for you though!

If you enjoy string nipple clamps but miss the intensity offered by metal models, you can pick up a string set that is joined by a metal chain. The chain adds weight to the set, pulling on your nipples in exactly the same way as many of the other models.

String nipple clamps are also a great option for people who are allergic to various metals!

Nipple Suckers

While technically not actual clamps, nipple suckers are often included as a type of nipple clamp as they fulfill a very similar role.

These are usually cylinder shaped, with an open end which fits fully over your nipples. The mouth creates an airtight seal on your skin, and the sucker will have some mechanism of removing air from the tube. Often this is done with a screw mechanism.

As the air is removed from a tube, your nipple is sucked more tightly inside, adding additional pressure and sensation. Many people say these feel just like having someone suck on your nipple, and they prefer it to the more aggressive clamping action of other clamps!

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

As you become more experienced with different sex toys, it’s not uncommon for some of the magic to fade away. You become more accustomed to the sensations, and they just don’t feel as good anymore.

When this happens, people will often resort to turning up the intensity by large amounts. This can get the job done, but you’ll often find that you’re simply making things too intense and don’t really enjoy it as much as you used to.

A good direction to take when you experience this is to explore different kinds of stimulation. Vibrating nipple clamps let you try this out on your nipples!

These tend to be a little bulkier than most other nipple clamps, with the motor usually being attached to one “arm” of the clamp. You can find a variety of styles and designs, some resembling non-vibrating nipple clamps more closely, and others looking completely unique.

Magnetic Nipple Clamps

While most nipple clamps are fairly large and obvious while you use them, magnetic clamps approach things slightly differently.

By making use of extremely small, but very powerful magnets, you can apply just as much pressure to your nipples as you can with conventional clamps.

The other benefit to magnetic nipple clamps is that they are fairly discreet, and often just look like a nipple piercing. If you’ve been considering having one of these done, but aren’t sure if it’s for you, then trying out a set of magnetic clamps is a great idea.

A big problem with magnetic clamps is that you can’t really adjust them at all. The two halves are pulled together by magnetic force, and this force cannot really be changed. Only by using different magnets will you be able to feel greater or smaller amounts of pressure.

Due to this, you should never use traditional magnets on your nipples. You can’t be sure how much pressure they will apply to your body, and if they are too powerful they might become stuck.

Only use magnets specifically designed to be placed on your nipples.

Clover Nipple Clamps

Clover clamps are a favourite among many, and are a common site in nearly any store selling clamps. These are sometimes referred to a Japanese clover clamps, likely due to originating in the far east.

This style of clamp closely resembles various tools that you can find in fabric work and papermaking. Each set has two clamps, which are joined together by a chain.

Once you put a clover clamp on, the only way you can change the sensation is by increasing it. By pulling on the chain, the clamps will become tighter and tighter, but the only way to loosen them off again is to remove them completely.

Due to this, you should always start with a smaller amount of pressure, then gradually work your way up to more intense feelings.

Clover clamps aren’t the best choice for beginners, as you cannot reduce the pressure once you’ve applied it. For more experienced users though, they tend to be a popular choice thanks to the fairly large pad on the tips, and their fantastic, elegant look.

Nipple Clamp Materials

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the vast majority of nipple clamps are made of stainless steel or similar metals.

This can be quite a large problem if you suffer from any metal allergies, as you won’t be able to use them. There are a few options though, as many metal clamps feature rubber tips where they touch your skin, or you could try a skin option. You may also be able to find some silicone models, although these are much less popular.

Homemade Nipple Clamps

Most nipple clamps bear a striking resemblance to objects you can easily find around your house. Tweezer clamps are like tweezers, and alligator clamps are very similar to clothespins for example.

Naturally this might lead to the question “Can’t I just use those instead then?”

While these and other household objects might be good to experiment with nipple play, we strongly advise against using them in a long term situation.

To start with, none of these objects were designed to use on your nipples. The amount of pressure they can apply is designed for the intended purpose of the device. For example, clothespins need to be able to maintain their grip through strong winds, and hold up very wet clothes which can be heavy.

The amount of grip offered by these can be far too much for your body, and may lead to some damage to the sensitive nerve endings in the nipples.

Proper nipple clamps have been designed by companies who make sex toys, and they will have had the human body much more in mind when designing their products. Most are likely to have a maximum grip, that will be within a tolerable limit for the human body. They also feature various safety mechanisms and are designed to be easy to remove when you need to.

We’d always advise buying a proper pair of nipple clamps to take advantage of this.

As you can see, there are a vast range of nipple clamps available for you to try. Head on over to our collection to see more for yourself!

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