What Is A Nipple Clamp?

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When it comes to the many, many different sex toys you can experiment with, nippie clips are definitely one of the more simple choices. It’s just a clip you put on your nipple, right?

Strangely though, nipple clamps aren’t nearly as commonly used as they probably should be!

In fact, the only time you really hear about nipple clamps is in relationships where people enjoy things a little rougher.

Even if you’re not quite as into the kinkier side of sex, nipple clamps can still play a role in your sexual adventures. So let’s head back to basics, and look at exactly what nipple clamps are, and why people enjoy using them!

What are Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are one of the simplest sex toys out there. They are literally just a clamp which you place on your nipples!

There are a large variety of styles available. Some are larger and grip more firmly onto the nipple. Others are much smaller, simply resembling a standard clothes peg.

As for why people use nipple clamps, the nipples are another very powerful erogenous zone in the body. If you haven’t tried stimulating your nipples while having sex or masturbating then you’re really missing out!

Using nipple clamp simply takes this simple, pleasurable act, and turns it up even more. The clamps provide constant stimulation, and will intensify any touch while wearing them.

Of course nipple clamps aren’t for everyone! That’s completely fine. But we still think they’re one of the most underrated and under appreciated sex toys out there!

Nipple Clamp Basics

Why Do People Use Nipple Clamps?

As we mentioned before, the primary reason for someone to use nipple clamps is for stimulation of the nipples. This part of your body is filled with many nerve endings, and studies have shown links between nipple play and many other parts of your sexual functions.

To start with, when you become aroused, your nipples (and breasts, if you’re a woman) can swell up to 25% larger. When this happens, they become much more sensitive and responsive to stimulation.

Stimulating the nipples also activates many of the other erogenous zones around the body, getting you much more in the mood for almost any kind of sexual activity!

When you add a nipple clamp to the situation, things can get even more intense. The clamp applies pressure to the nipple, as well as restricting the blood flow slightly. Some describe it as an intense pinching sensation.

In fact, stimulating the nipples can produce so much pleasure, that some people are able to experience “nipplegasms” These are orgasms provided entirely by nipple stimulation!

Along with the more physical reasons to use a set of nipple clamps, they can also play a role in a BDSM relationship.

Many people who are aware of nipple clamps might associate them much more with these relationships, which can explore themes of dominance and submission, as well as pain and pleasure. It definitely wouldn’t be wrong to say that the majority of nipple clamp use comes from these kinds of couples.

Two main motivations exist for a “kinkier” couple to use nipple clamps. Those who enjoy exploring aspects of control and domination might use them alongside other sex toys. The dominant partner will often decide exactly how the submissive partner is going to have, and enjoy, sex on a particular day. This can include things that they both like and dislike.

Using nipple clamps in this situation can fulfill both those roles, as well as make the nipples so sensitive that it is almost overwhelming, leaving the submissive at the mercy of their dominant partner.

For couples that enjoy exploring pain dynamics in their sexual activities, nipple clamps can also be a great tool. There is often a fine line between pleasure and pain. Many clamps are easily adjustable, which allow you to put additional pressure on the nipples. This makes it easy to apply switch between pain and pleasure, and truly push your limits.

What Do Nipple Clamps Feel Like?

If you’ve ever been pinched by another person, or put a clothespin on your finger or arm for a minute or two, you likely already have some idea what a nipple clamp might feel like.

They are very often described as an intense pinching on your nipple!

A very common concern when people wonder what nipple clamps will feel like is if they are going to hurt or not. You shouldn’t let this kind of worry put you off using them though!

Ultimately, the simple answer is, yes, nipple clamps can hurt.

The key thing to remember though is that you’re in control of exactly how much it hurts. You can aim for a dull ache, or turn things right up to a consistent pain. You get to decide and explore these feelings at your own discretion.

Along with this, which clamps you choose can have a large impact on what it feels like to wear them.

For example, many alligator clamps have small rubber parts on the tip of the clamp. This gives them a much softer feeling and reduces the pinch you’ll feel. The key though, is that the rubber can be removed, so if you want a more intense session you can expose the metal underneath and wear them that way instead!

Similarly, clover style clamps feature a chain attached to them. When you pull on this chain the clamps “bite” harder, increasing the pressure on your nipples.

As you can see, what nipple clamps will feel like to you can be very different to how they feel for other people. Each of us has our own tolerances to pain, and even pleasure, so a clamp that fits just right for one person might be far too tight for the other.

We encourage you to persevere though! The vast majority of people who have given nipple clamps a try, and worked through the experimental stage tend to become massive fans. They use them during sex, as well as masturbation, and most will tell you that they feel “amazing” and make sex many times better than before!

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