Orgasms and Chastity

Despite what many newcomers believe, orgasms are still an integral part of the male chastity experience.

The key thing is that the man’s orgasms are controlled. Rather than simply masturbating whenever he feels like it, the keyholder gets to decide when and what kind of orgasm he’ll be having.

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Benefits of Male Chastity

While chastity can often seem like something cruel and not particularly enjoyable, there are a whole host of benefits that can come from taking part.

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Which Positions Work for Pegging?

There are a lot of ways to have sex. You can do it standing, sitting, on your back, on your knees, in any room of your house, outside, or even - if you're daring - just out of the public eye. Every year, adventurous couples come up with even more new, exciting sex positions.

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The Complete Guide to Pegging

If you were to ask us what our favorite sexual act or scenario to educate our curious customers about is, you would likely receive a single near-unanimous answer: pegging. Why pegging, you ask?

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So You Want to Be Pegged - How to Bring Up Pegging With Your Partner

So you're interested in pegging. The idea of your partner wearing a sexy lingerie, donning a strap on and roughly fucking your ass turns you on like no other. Maybe you've tried it out before, maybe you've just read about it on the Internet or heard your friends gossiping about how great it is.

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