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Adult toys... Such a wonderful world of devices and creations to bring you more pleasure than you ever thought could be possible. With such selection though, you might suffer a big problem: choice paralysis.

Do you want a butt plug or a vibrator? Do you want a dildo or a sex swing? What even is a pussy pump?

Whether you’re an experienced veteran, or a complete beginner, there will always be a time where you just aren’t sure what you want to try.

So, to try and make things easier for you, we’ve asked five of our long time staff members the big question: “Which Lovegasm product do you love the most?”

Dave is one of our longest serving members of staff, and spends most of his days sourcing any and all new and exciting sex toys he can find. He gets to see some of the most cutting edge toys way before anyone else. Who better to recommend a sex toy?

Dave: That’s a tough one. There’s so many different options to choose from, but I think it’s important to have something that you can use often. Nobody uses a sex swing or giant dildo every time they masturbate!

My favourite would probably be my jewelled butt plug. I know a lot of men avoid anal toys, but they’re really missing out. This plug isn’t too big, so it’s not like you need to prepare yourself to use it, which makes it a great entry point for any anal amateur. I love to just put it in and let it do it’s thing!

It’s also great because you can easily wear it when you’re doing pretty much anything. The slight pressure inside feels great whatever the situation. Sometimes I even like to wear it while I’m at work finding the best sex toys for our store!

As one of our customer service representatives, Karin will often get to hear from all of you who contact us about our toys. Sometimes this involves answering questions and helping with problems, but often it can mean listening to feedback on what you do and don’t like about different products. This puts her in a unique position to try to find the perfect toys for her own collection.

Karin: Well when I started working at Lovegasm, I wasn’t particularly experienced with sex toys myself. They gave us plenty of training and taught us all about the different kinds of sex toys we’d be offering our customers advice on, but nothing really compares to trying it yourself.

I really wasn’t sure what to pick up, but lots of women love their vibrators, so I thought I’d give one of those a try. I went all in, and picked up a decently sized rabbit vibrator. I figured having a bunch of different ways to use it would mean that I’d enjoy at least one part of it.

I was definitely not disappointed. Whether I use the whole thing, or just the little ears, it always delivers. There’s also a load of different programs you can try which change the way it vibrates. I’ve bought several more sex toys since I picked up this one, but nothing can really compete!

Working in our warehouse means that Emily truly spends her days in the deep end. She sees almost everything that we stock, and also gets to see which toys our customers are ordering the most. Thanks to her unique perspective, she gets the opportunity to try out almost all of our top sellers to see what the fuss is all about.

Emily: Spending all day packing up orders to be sent off to our customers means I get to see the full range on offer at Lovegasm. There truly is something for everyone!

It also means I get an inside look at the products themselves. Seeing them in real life is a bit different to browsing online, so it really helps me find toys that I’m going to enjoy.

For me, size is all that matters. I love the feeling of being filled up by a big sex toy. Vagina or butt, I really don’t care.

My all time favourite would have to be the biggest dildo in my collection. It hits spots that no other sex toy I’ve been able to find can, and most importantly, it’s got plenty of girth so I can really feel my body stretching to fit it all in.

If you’re a woman who loves big penises, you can’t go wrong with this dildo!

As a member of our web development team, Jenny spends a lot of time making the back-end of our site work the way it should. She gets to see which products we promote, which ones get discontinued, and perhaps most importantly, which ones you all leave great reviews for. With her perspective, she often finds hidden gems that other members of our team would never think of trying!

Jenny: I’m pretty heavily involved in building the different parts of our website, so often while working I’ll see something unusual or interesting that I think would be fun to try. I’ve discovered sex toys I never even knew existed, and eventually I want to try them all!

My favourite purchase is probably the most unusual one I’ve made. It’s a male sex doll. I know a lot of the time people think that sex dolls are only for lonely men to use (I know I did!), but as they’ve become more mainstream all kinds of different dolls have started appearing.

When we first added sex dolls to our site, I just knew I had to try one. It’s a big purchase, but certainly one I don’t regret. I’d recently got out of a long term relationship and wasn’t ready to start dating again, so I took the plunge and picked one up.

My doll has a removable dildo, which means I can change it whenever I feel like something different. Using a vibrating dildo is really quite the experience as you ride it. Best of all though, it’s not just for sex! You can cuddle up to it when you’re feeling lonely, share your bed with it, or even just have it standing near a window which makes me feel a bit safer when living alone.

Our writing team are possibly the ones deepest down the sex toy rabbit hole. They spend hours doing extensive research on many different toys sold by companies all over the world, and more importantly, how people are using them. Spending so long researching these toys gives Walter a lot of authority around the office when recommending toys.

Walter: Spending my days writing articles for the Lovegasm blog (which you should check out if you haven’t yet, it has tons of useful information) means that I spend a lot of time researching different sex toys. We look at what other people have to say about each toy, as well as trying some of them ourselves so we can write accurate content. This puts me in a pretty well informed position when I choose my own toys.

I’ve tried a lot of different things over the years, but the ones I enjoy most are those that I can share with my partner. Nothing can beat plain old sex in my book, but if we can find something to help us both enjoy it even more, then I’m all for it.

My favourite toy so far is my vibrating cock ring. Putting it on helps me last longer than ever in the bedroom, bringing her multiple orgasms without losing my erection. The real plus though is the vibrators. If you position it just right you can have it stimulating her clitoris without having to interrupt your natural groove!

Find Your Own Favourite!

Of course, these five products are only a tiny selection of what Lovegasm has to offer. You can start here and know that you’re getting something you’re going to enjoy, but don’t be afraid to try out anything that takes your fancy! Once you find your own favourite, don’t forget to leave a review and let us know you enjoyed it!

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