Anal Beads

Anal Beads

These beads seem like a fun sex toy, but educating yourself on them is important. Here you can find the answers to all of your questions.

This sex toy is for everyone. Regardless of if you’re a man or a woman, have some experience or want to test your sphincter muscles for the first time. This toy will spice up any erotic game you want to play. Dive deep into the world of anal beads and begin your exploration.

What Are Anal Beads?

These toys are most commonly confused with a butt plug. While yes, they do go into your anus, their usage is quite different. Namely, it consists of a series of beads strung together on either a thread or thin wand. Unlike with butt plugs, you are supposed to use beads for penetration; that is, insert them and remove them repeatedly, not just leave them in. There’s always a “stopper ring” at the end, which you use to pull the beads out.

Not only does the material differentiate, but also its size. Sets usually include both big and small spheres, and their arrangement is from the smallest to the biggest and vice versa. Beads can also all be the same or similar sizes. So pick carefully depending on your experience levels. We recommend you start with something made of non-porous materials and avoid stainless steel models until you’re more comfortable. Maybe you can try vibrating beads?

Why Do They Feel So Great?

We know butts are some people’s erogenous zones. That’s why any type of anal play feels good to them. But really, what do these feel like?

Anal beads don’t provide prolonged, steady pleasure. Usually, they feel so good because they do stimulate the anus right here, right now. You can use them during sex or foreplay, but we recommend you start using them solo. That’s how you’ll get accustomed to them the easiest.

The pleasures this toy provides are great because the beads grow in size as you go. Kind of like your partner. That’s unless you decide to use those that go from the biggest to the smallest. Whatever you pick, you’re guaranteed to feel pleasure and enhanced orgasms. Trust us — we’ve tested them out. Multiple times!

How To Use Them?

Yes, these beads are different than other anal toys. It can require a little practice at first, but even then, it’s relatively easy.

Use them however you see fit. Whether that’s with a partner or alone, this sex toy will improve your sex life. What’s most important, as with any butt sex toy, is to start small, use a lot of water-based lube, and keep your toys properly cleaned. Doing so will prevent any rectal injuries, strains, and complications.

Insert them one by one into your anus. Take your time and go as long as you find comfortable. After that, it’s all a matter of when the right time to pull them out is. Again, it’s all your call. But we suggest you pull them out right before you climax. That way, your orgasm will be stronger. We are talking about the type of orgasm to send a shiver down your spine.

Make sure beads aren’t the main event, though.


It's great to have this anal toy. They’re easy to maintain and just as easy to use. No need to be a sexpert to figure this toy out.

But, always listen to what your body tells you. When’s the right time to insert the beads, and when’s the right time to pull them out? Only you know. Make sure you’re not tugging too hard when you’re pulling them, though. Having fun is important, but so is safety.

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