Anal Hooks


The sexual toolbox is incredibly varied, and there are new and unique additions all the time. While most of us are familiar with vibrators, dildos, and even anal plugs, there are many other toys that fly completely under the radar.

Anal hooks are one of these.

While having a friend or family member discovering your collection of dildos could lead to a somewhat embarrassing conversation, there’s a good chance that if someone discovers an anal hook you own they won’t even know what it is. There’s a good reason for all this intrigue!

Most often, the people who use these are those found in communities who enjoy bondage and BDSM.

Many of these people won’t want to discuss the ins and outs of their sex lives with anyone who asks, so much of the information remains in vague answers found on forums and message boards. So today we’re going to be pulling back the curtain and telling you everything you need to know about it.

What Are Anal Hooks?

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is an anal hook?

Well, as the name should imply, it’s simply a hook that you put inside your anus!

Now I know what you’re thinking. Won’t that be painful?

You’re not wrong, and the origins of these hooks can be traced much further back than you might expect, all the way to medieval times. This ancient sex toy wasn’t made for your pleasure though. They were most commonly found as a torture device!

Its modern versions aren’t quite as brutal (thank God) and are adapted from their original designs to be a little more pleasurable. Most of them will be very similar in looks, being designed in either a U or J shape. They will only have one end designed to be inserted into the body, which will feature a rounded tip or even a ball on the end.

The other end remains outside of the body and has a ring at the tip which you can tie ropes to. The ability to tie things to the hook is what makes this sex toy such a favorite for those bondage and BDSM communities we mentioned earlier.

Whichever shape you choose, most anal hooks will be made of surgical grade stainless steel.

How Are Anal Hooks Used?

Again, this question should have a fairly obvious answer.

These are usually used inside someone’s anus!

Now with nearly every kind of sexual device, some brave souls will have tried to use them differently. People have tried using the hooks in their vaginas, and some might even use them in people’s mouths. In general, you’ll want to stick to the anus as this is what they’re designed for and you can find much better alternatives for the other parts of your body.

When it comes to actually using the hooks during your bedroom escapades, there isn’t really a huge amount to say about them that isn’t already said about other sex toys. You can use them in basically any situation you might use anal plugs or dildos.

Some people might find the hooks more comfortable than other sex toys so prefer to use them instead. Positioning them appropriately might even be able to give a woman a sense of double penetration!

When using an anal hook in the same way as these other toys, it’s important to make sure you position them well. The external part of the hook will likely be positioned partway up the wearer’s back, so it’s important to make sure it isn’t rubbing against your skin or digging into your back while you wear it.

Why Bother With Anal Hooks Then?

If we can basically use a hook as an alternative to plugs, then you might be wondering why people bother with them at all. Most of the time this will come down to your own personal sexual fetishes and fantasies. The real appeal of an anal hook is found by those who enjoy the more restrictive sexual activities usually found amongst BDSM practitioners.

While plugs or dildos can be quite flexible and comfortable to wear, a hook affords you none of these feelings. Depending on how they are positioned, they can really restrict your movement and force you to sit or lie in certain positions. The restriction can be a massive turn on for some, as they are effectively left at the mercy of their partners.

Once users move onto more advanced techniques, these turn-ons can become even more apparent. The small ring at the outer end of the hook lets you tie ropes to them and further restrict the wearers movements, putting you in complete control.

For those interested in bondage (sometimes called shibari), wearing an anal hook during a bondage “scene” can be viewed as a kind of final test. Wearing the hook while being tied in certain ways can make it nearly impossible to move without suffering discomfort or even minor pain.

Allowing a partner to tie you up in this way is a true demonstration of trust, as they will be completely in control of your body and movement. It works both ways, as the person wearing the hook has to stay very still for an extended period of time, so the tied partner must be trusted to play along and remain still while the one in control satisfies their urges.

Even if you aren’t willing to go the whole way and completely submit your body to another person, you can still experience a lot of pleasure from an anal hook.

When tying bondage ropes the intention is often to put pressure on different parts of the body, meaning that slight movements can increase or decrease the sensations felt all over the body, but particularly inside your anus. Even a slight movement can press the hook into your body in a completely different way, allowing waves of pleasure to wash over your body.

Often this idea will be adapted into something called predicament bondage, in which the person is tied in a way that they can move between two different positions, one pleasurable, and the other uncomfortable. It creates a game where they can take the pleasure for as long as they can but stopping leaves them in a position they don’t enjoy, which forces them back into the pleasurable position even if they can’t take it anymore.

What Does It Feel Like to Wear an Anal Hook?

If the last few paragraphs have got you a little bit excited, then you’re probably wondering what wearing them might feel like.

Like nearly all other sex toys, this can be a very personal thing. It’s difficult to say outright “you will feel this”, so I’ll be covering a variety of these feelings to give you some idea of what you might experience.

For the question of whether or not it will feel pleasurable for you to wear a hook, you’ll probably have a good idea if you’ve ever tried any other kinds of penetration in your anus before. If you didn’t like having a penis up there, then it’s pretty likely that you aren’t gonna enjoy an anal hook!

For those who do enjoy penetration in the anus, it’s probably going to feel very similar to many of your other sex toys. While it might not fill you up in quite the same way as a dildo or an anal plug, you’ll still notice that it’s there. One key thing an anal hook can give you is some very intense stimulation wherever the tip happens to touch your insides.

If your anal hook has a ball attached to the tip, the feeling of inserting it will be very similar to what you might experience while using anal beads. Some hooks are even designed with this in mind and might have multiple balls rather than just one.

As you insert each ball, the sphincter will gradually be stretched open before popping closed again as the ball passes through. Then the process repeats itself for each ball. The popping sensation can be incredibly pleasurable, and if you have the right hook you might even like to just play with pushing it in and pulling it out again!

Men, too, stand to gain an extra stimulation from these toys thanks to a small gland called the prostate.

The prostate is located between the penis and bladder and is hard to reach through traditional methods. The way most people stimulate this gland is through the anus, and the end of a hook can hit the area just right. Prostate stimulation can lead to some of the most intense orgasms possible so it’s definitely not something you’ll want to miss out on!

Less Positive Feelings From Anal Hooks

While there are many positive and pleasurable feelings you can get from using these toys, many people don’t use them for the positives.

This is where the bondage and BDSM enthusiasts can find their pleasure. As the hook is made of firm stainless steel, there won’t be much chance for it to move around inside your body. If you move in a different direction it can be quite uncomfortable.

Using bondage alongside hooks continues this trend by further restraining the partner wearing it. Depending on the way the rope is tied, the hook can be positioned in such a way to massively limit the movement available.

The person wearing it is encouraged to be as still as possible otherwise the hook can be very uncomfortable. Some like to tie the hook in another way, so that movements of the wearer will be not only uncomfortable, but also feel some amount of pain.

Whenever people take their anal hook use this far, it’s likely that there will be some elements of submission and domination, and possibly some sadism and masochism. All of the elements of using this device alongside bondage create a very intense scenario which can satisfy all of these unusual preferences.

Inserting Your Anal Hook

If you’ve ever used a sex toy in your anus before, then you shouldn’t find there to be a lot of difference when you use an anal hook.

To start with, you’ll need to use plenty of lubricant. As most of these toys are made of stainless steel, you’re free to use whichever lubricant you prefer. A lot of people tend to go for lubricant specifically for the anus though, as these tend to last much, much longer.

You don’t just need to lubricate your anal hook. As you insert it, a lot of the lube will be pushed off the hook by your sphincter. To combat this, it’s always a good idea to get some extra lube inside your anus before you start. If you struggle with this, then you can pick up a lube syringe specially designed to help.

When it comes to actually putting the hook in the most important thing you can do is be relaxed and calm. Whatever you need to do to achieve this is useful, whether it’s lighting candles, listening to music, or simple breathing exercises.

Depending on whether or not your hook has a bead on the end, getting it in could be very easy. The simple rounded cylinder hooks should slide in quite easily as you’ll only need to open your sphincter a little, while those with beads should be easy once you get past the bead. The important thing is to just take your time and not push yourself too hard.

While putting the hook in should be quite easy, you should usually only try to do it while led on your stomach or on your side. This makes it much easier. Also, given the inflexible nature of the anal hook, you need to be careful not to force it in too far.

While pressing against the edge of your rectum could be a little painful, continuing to push could lead to puncturing it which is definitely something you want to avoid.

Types of Anal Hook

The majority of anal hooks will be mostly the same, but there are a few differences you can find to get a hook that suits your fancy. Nearly all of them will be either a U or J shape and made of stainless steel.

Other than this, the manufacturers can add anything they like such as:

  • An insertable ball: Most balls will screw onto the end of the hook you insert so they remain secure once inside your body. As they are removable, you can usually find standalone balls of different sizes and get the ideal size for your experience level.
  • Multiple insertable balls: Rather than just a single ball, some anal hooks feature several. These can be all the same size or grow as you insert the hook. They might be positioned all together or spread along the length of the hook. When using this style, the experience will be very similar to anal beads.
  • Rounded Tips: A hook with a rounded tip will be one of the simplest designs you can buy. These are much easier to insert as they are much thinner. When buying one of these, the main thing to look out for is that the tip is properly rounded. If there are any sharp parts leftover from the manufacturing process, then you might hurt yourself by using it.
  • Patterns or twisted surface designs: Rather than a simple smooth cylinder, some anal hooks come with patterns or spirals on the end you insert. These generate an extra sensation while you insert and wear them, so some people enjoy them much more than the standard designs.

Some don’t just have extra features on the insertion end, but also have additional parts to stimulate other areas while you wear them.

Rather than wrapping around the back of your body and being tied to ropes, some anal hooks go the other way. By reaching the front of your body they can be combined with other methods of restriction often enjoyed such as:

  • cock rings: These are useful for men who find it difficult to maintain an erection during anal play, as the cock ring restricts blood flow to the penis and makes erections stronger.
  • cock cages: For people who enjoy the restriction aspect of anal hooks, using a hook with a cock cage is the ultimate way to restrict a man. Not only are his movements controlled by the anal hook, but even his erections are controlled by the cage!
  • Female Chastity Devices: Just like cock cages for men, some hooks are built into female chastity devices. This gives complete control of the woman’s pleasure to their partner.

Bondage and Anal Hooks

As we’ve already discussed, anal hooks are one of the bondage communities favourite sex toys. The inflexibility of the hooks encourages the stillness and control craved by those who enjoy bondage, so combining the two can make the experience even more pleasurable.

Two types of bondage in particular that go great with anal hooks are predicament bondage and suspension bondage.

Predicament bondage is the simpler of the two.

When tied up, the person is left with a choice between two different positions. There are a few ways to do this. You can give a person a choice between a pleasurable position and an uncomfortable one, or maybe two different uncomfortable ones.

It’ll be a more personal thing which kind of predicament bondage you’ll enjoy. The main point is the restriction created by the inability to choose which position you stay in.

Suspension bondage is what many people will first imagine when they think of using an anal hook.

This is difficult to do, so before you begin you should be completely sure exactly how you’re planning to tie everything. You don’t simply tie a rope to the hook and attempt to hang someone up though, and anal hooks should NEVER be used to suspend someone.

Instead they should be used as part of the ropework to put pressure on the anus, while the actual weight of the body is supported by other parts of the rope. You also need to take care to never restrict someone’s breathing during bondage.

An important thing to consider when engaging in more advanced bondage is to have a safe word.

This should be worked out before you begin, and as soon as one person says the safe word both must agree to stop whatever activity they’re doing immediately. It takes a lot of trust to let someone tie you up, and this trust extends to the safe word as both partners need to know that things will stop as soon as they are uncomfortable.

Another consideration is leaving an escape route for the person being tied.

While it may ruin the immersion a little, it can help to have a loose rope that will help to unravel everything, or a set of keys within easy reach if any locks are used. If something unfortunate were to happen, such as the person who isn’t tied up falling unconscious, then the person tied up is easily able to free themselves and get help.

Cleaning Anal Hooks

Cleaning anal hooks is just like cleaning any other sex toy. As they are usually made of stainless steel, you should simply be able to boil them to sterilise them completely. After cleaning, you need to make sure they are properly dry before storing them.

Anal hooks can be a little intimidating to a completely new user, and you might find it difficult to find others to discuss them with. Keeping at it though can be very rewarding, as those who own and regularly use them can enjoy them more than nearly any other toy!

What are you waiting for? Get your own anal hook today!

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