Anal Toys

Your lover’s anus is like a 9-volt battery. You know you shouldn’t be putting your tongue on it, but you lick it anyway even against her sexy lingerie. In the wonderful name of foreplay and for the sake of sexual stimulation, you’d go beyond—and behind! And since you’re always on the lookout for new and refreshing ways to send your partner to the gates of orgasms, you might as well feast your eyes on our Anal Toys collection.

If your lady love is new to anal, feel free to browse through our wide selection of silicone butt plugs. As these are softer ones and are notably smaller in size, they are easier to insert in your partner’s tight ass. Don't hesitate as well to lay your fingers on our training kits and water-based lubes to warm up your partner for a whole other world of foreplay she is about to experience.

While you explain to her that your desire to probe her buttocks doesn’t mean you love her juicy pussy less, take the chance to show her how lovely each jeweled anal plug looks. For sure, she’ll find one in her favorite color which can also be matched with her best lingerie. And with that, you’re off to a good start.

Even with our visually pleasing toys, we assure you that these are body safe and non-toxic. Just make sure you're generous with your lubricant to make everything easier and comfortably sexy.

Did she already have a taste of some backdoor action, and you want to take things up a notch? Send her booty shaking with an expanding butt plug! These are silicone anal plugs shaped like a budding lotus. Apply lavish amounts of water-based lube and pinch the parts together as you make your way to your lover’s hole. When it’s settled, the plug will slowly blossom and expand inside her sexy ass. The toy gradually stretches her anal wall, resulting in an erotic sensation she’s never felt before.

This is also the same sensation she will feel when you try your hand at our inflatable butt plug, which is also offered in this listing. The only difference is that you get to maximize how far the toy stretches because you are the one pumping the plug and making them bigger.

Once you feel that your partner has gotten the hang of anal play and seems to be enjoying it, then it’s time to introduce her to the wild world of metal plugs! You can experiment in temperature play with our vast collection that consists of butt plug kits of different shapes and sizes. Some are jeweled, some are hollow, some dilates, and some even send vibrations to your sensitive areas with a click of a remote control! With vibrating butt plugs, you'll be able to witness the moan of sexual bliss from your partner! Challenge her anal nerve endings once you get a hold of these vibrating anal toys.

Coax her to give in to pleasure by using the right amount of pressure. Lucky for you, we have the right toys to help you with that. Select from the list of glass butt plugs and start collecting your tools of the trade. Now you can hit her G-spot from a different route with these toys that are crafted to perfection. Keep her wanting for more with a smooth finish which you can only expect premium glass toys to deliver. And of course don't forget the magic of lubricants which make everything much easier.

Don't be afraid to mix things up a bit and also try our double-penetration dildos. With both her anus and vagina being penetrated, it really is safe to say that two is better than one.

Seeing your honey satisfied and elated, you probably feel envious and want to experience the same. You won’t be left out because you can get something for your ass to enjoy, too! Included in this collection are some of the best prostate massagers you can find in the market. Oh, isn’t it fascinating how an anal toy can make one’s life brighter?

Amazing things can happen with your eyes closed and your butthole wide open. Let our Anal Toys collection show you all the ways to get the best anal experience. Kickstart your adventure and add these items to your cart today!

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