Urethral Beads

Go balls deep with extra bumps of pleasure with this collection!

Urethral play can go a long way. Beads lining up toys bump up the pleasure that you can get. Every small circle can make you sweat beads. Moreover, these sounds can strengthen your erection. Originally used medically, they treat erectile dysfunction. Even women can enjoy these rods f their bods. Here at Lovegasm, you can find these cylinders that can seal and deliver waves of arousal!

Inside our Beaded Sounds collection, you can find a wide variety of urethral sounds with beads. The main design in this assortment is the beads in every plug. Even with that, you can find more features to give you some spice. There are several that can give you an electrifying sensation. Some even have additional butt plugs to cover every hole. You can mix things up and have a long session that can keep you straight to your desire!

You can sound safely without any worry. Only the best materials line up every device. You can rest assured that the plugs come from high-quality medical-grade stainless steel, silicone, and glass. They're all hypoallergenic and free from harmful substances like phthalate, latex, BPA, and dioxin. Depending on your needs, each material can give you a different experience. Stainless steel and glass can provide more weight, while silicone can provide you with flexibility. Moreover, you can put some temperature play with stainless steel. You can relax while you let the sounds sustain!

To get you through the session smoothly, you have to make sure that you have the right size. Furthermore, you can use a good amount of lubricant on your toy and your cock. This can help you slide the rod easily. When you're about to insert or remove it, your penis should be flaccid. In addition, you can put it in while you're lying down so you can let gravity help you. Once it's all in, you can start the fun!

When you're ready, you can let the rods serve their purpose. There are a few ways to play. You can leave it in to solidify your already rockhard erection. If you want to get active, you can use it to thrust your urethra. With its high sensitivity, you can reach new peaks with this different stimulation. With your partner, you can incorporate it into your dom play. This can hold your ejaculation. With these toys, you can get both enhancement and control!

Once you've pulled out the stick from your dick, you can clean up easily. You can wash them with warm water and mild antibacterial soap. After washing, you can leave them out to dry or wipe with a clean towel. Once dried, you can store them in a safe place. Also, you have to make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight or volatile liquids like alcohol or acetone. With these simple tips, you can rock the rods of pleasure for a long time!

Sweat beads in delight when you get your very own from our Beaded Sounds collection!

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