Flared Base Anal Training Toys 3pcs
Flared Base Anal Training Toys 3pcs
Flared Base Anal Training Toys 3pcs
Flared Base Anal Training Toys 3pcs
Flared Base Anal Training Toys 3pcs

Are you tired of the usual way of achieving orgasm? It's time to go on an adventure in the uncharted sexual territory. For the longest time, you may have thought stimulating the backdoor is a taboo. But that was before when only a few enjoyed and kept the secret to themselves.

But with the birth of modernization and the advancement of information technology, people started to question what's wrong with sodomy, particularly anal penetration. If you haven't tried, it's high time you started stretching your butt to welcome a cock or stimulate your prostate through your rear hole. To provide you with an enjoyable anal journey, choose Rectal Expansion Anal Training Toys 3 pcs to give you a delicious anal treat.

Whether you're a man or a woman, this set is for you! The kit is composed of three butt plugs in the same design but in different sizes⁠: small, medium, and large. Enjoy the bonus⁠—a bullet vibrator⁠— as it will boost the sensations during your anal play.

Each plug features a bulb-shaped head that tapers down for a slender neck. This properly-sized neck will optimize comfortable positioning during extended wear. And to make your experience safe, we designed it with a T-bar base to prevent it from going further where it shouldn't be. The anchor-shaped base, unlike other flared bases, won't cause any discomfort should you decide to wear it long-term.

You can do a lot of activities while this is plugged in your butt. Lounge in your living room reading a book, do the laundry, or make love with your honey. Each of you can have one in your bum while indulging each other in simultaneous oral sex, or vaginal penetration. Having this set in your intimate sessions will make you enjoy sex to the fullest.

When it comes to sensual pleasure, don't hold back. Click the "Add to Cart" button now!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
S: 2.95 inches (full length)
M:3.74 inches (full length)
L: 4.72 inches (full length), 3.54 inches (Vibrator)
S: 0.71 inch
,M:0.98 inch(base)
L: 1.30 inches


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Flared Base Anal Training Toys 3pcs

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