Small Beginner Dildos

This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. After many successful orgasms from fingering and experimenting with different objects. Finally. Your first time dildo experience is about to begin.

Now that you’re here, your next question is: which one of these is the best toy to start with?

Well, for someone just starting out, some of the huge XXL monster cock dildos are probably a little more than intimidating. So you’re probably going to want to start out with a small dildo.

Our collection of small dildos features all the penetrating sex toys you can imagine. If you think that there aren’t enough options for beginners, we’d love to prove you wrong here. We compiled all the products that are suitable for newbies in the dildo area, or if you just prefer a small dildo. Whatever the reason may be, our small dildo collection is the only place you’ll need to browse.

As a first time user, you naturally want to start with a small dildo. Even if you’re already sexually active and have gotten used to penetration, using a dildo still feels different. With so many additional features like harder materials and vibration features, they include additional perks that a penis can never give you.

Our male customers also can take advantage of this collection to the fullest. If you have been wondering what anal play feels like, then our small dildos can help you answer that curious little kink that you have.

All our small dildos have a narrow width or smaller insertable length to satisfy the inner sex goddess (or god) that’s busting to come out. Whether you want something thinner but still long, or shorter but still girthy, you’ll find something in our range of small dildos.

They may be small, but they are nowhere near boring. Each small dildo uniquely stands out by their material, structure, dimensions, and any additional features or secret surprises they might have.

You will find a lot of different materials involved in the making of a small dildo. The ones that you’ll see being used the most are silicone, glass, and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These materials are tested and proven safe for internal use. They don’t contain any traces of latex, phthalates, or other chemicals which impose a health risk when you insert our small dildos.

The material you choose also depends on the type of flexibility that you want. Go for our soft silicone small dildos if you want something gentle and able to conform to your needs. If you’re ready to take things rough and want something firm and robust, you can go ahead and gravitate to some of our glass small dildos.

Starting from the bottom of the dildo ladder doesn’t automatically mean comprising on the features. Small dildos still have different shapes and textures to suit your preference and taste. Aside from the usual smooth body, you can also go a small dildo with ridges and bumps to add more of the stimulation (like our realistic-looking dildos). If stimulation is all you want from start to finish, strap yourself for a wild ride from our dotted small dildos. You could even go hands free by choosing a small dildo with a suction cup!

Do you still feel discouraged that small dildos won’t give you anything? Let our sex toys do the talking once you begin your journey!

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