Indulge in the deeply sensual pleasures of urethral stimulation with our Electro Shock Black Silicone Urethral Sounds. Its super smooth and soft silicone material will bend and follow the contours of your body and take you to greater heights of pure orgasmic bliss. Everything about this urethral sound screams comfort and pleasure, the kind that once you’ve tried, you’ll always crave for it.

There are several size options that you can choose from, depending on your level of expertise and your tolerance for intense urethral stimulation. The shortest measures 13.78” in length with a diameter of 0.37” while the longest is about 14.57” in length with a diameter of 0.13”. All these are hypoallergenic, odor-free and easy to clean. Plus, they have the added benefit of being light and convenient to travel with. Given the proper care, they will last you a lifetime.

Suitable for beginners and experts alike, our Black Silicone Electro Shock Urethral Sound offers unparalleled orgasms that will leave you literally weak in the knees. If variety is what you’re looking for, then you’re on the right page.

It doesn’t matter how you intend to use this device – for solo masturbation, with a partner, as part of BDSM foreplay or for urethral training. You can even get your own power box to use one of these babies for an electro-shock stimulation. It does require a lot of research and you have to be 100% sure you’re ready for the out-of-this-world vibrations. But once you are and you’ve given these instruments a try, there’s simply no turning back.

What you choose to do within the confines of your own bedroom is your business, and if it’s a mind-blowing pleasure that you’re after without foregoing safety and hygiene, then you can’t find anything better than our Black Silicone Electro Shock Urethral Sound. Grab one now before stocks run out!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Type Silicone Urethral Sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 14.57, 14.17, 14.37, 13.98, 13.78 inches
Width: 0.13, 0.17, 0.21, 0.29, 0.37 inches


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Electro Shock Black Silicone Urethral Sounds

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