Pink Ergonomic Female Chastity Belt
Pink Ergonomic Female Chastity Belt
Pink Ergonomic Female Chastity Belt
Pink Ergonomic Female Chastity Belt

Pink Ergonomic Female Chastity Belt

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In this day and age, women can do anything. They can vote, go to school, get college degrees, get a job, and more. There are so many things that a woman couldn't do back in the days, which is why being called a modern-day woman is like being called a superhero...until Master comes home.

Wake up and stop daydreaming! You're never the queen when your Daddy Dom is at home, and that's okay. Being called his slave is more than enough for you; it's a dream come true. To spice up that role, why not introduce a Pink Ergonomic Female Chastity Belt into the mix?

This is a device that will keep your lady parts to yourself, because no one else is allowed to touch it...not even you. Covering your clitoris, vagina, and the anal hole is a solid frame made of high-quality stainless steel. This ensures that you can't stick anything in there to stimulate it because there's nothing more satisfying for Master than being denied of your sexual pleasure.

There's no way of getting your way because the device is secured with a padlock, only your Daddy Dom has access to the keys. Need a bathroom break? You can still do so with this on! There are perforations at the bottom for urine to pass through, and also for ventilation. It's easy to clean because the metal is rust-resistant and waterproof.

To make things more comfortable for you, we surrounded the metal frame with a medical-grade silicone lining. This will also protect your skin from any cuts or nicks since metal can be a hazard sometimes. You wouldn't want the Master coming home to find his poor baby with a boo-boo.

Available in six different sizes, this will be a treat for all types of women. Buy one now!


Colors Silver, Pink
Type Female Chastity Belts
Materials Stainless Steel
Waistline (inches) XXS - 25.59 inches to 27.56 inches
XS - 27.56 inches to 29.92 inches
S - 29.92 inches to 32.28 inches
M - 32.28 inches to 35.04 inches
L - 35.04 inches to 38.19 inches
XL - 38.19 inches to 41.34 inches

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