Pure Bliss Wireless Prostate Massager
Pure Bliss Wireless Prostate Massager
Pure Bliss Wireless Prostate Massager
Pure Bliss Wireless Prostate Massager

They say nothing worth having comes easy. This statement is true when it comes to unique sexual experiences. You must want it bad enough and take the adventure to reach your climactic destination.

As for anal stimulation, you have to be patient and master it before going all out. And what better way to open up that sweet backside hole than with our Pure Bliss Wireless Prostate Massager? This stunner has all the right curves in all the right places. Made of silicone, it feels like skin to the touch. You will get lost in its softness as you let it graze over your sensitive areas.

This toy is designed with curves and ridges. These details will give extra flavor to the in-and-out motion you will make as you pleasure yourself. Moreover, we have attached two distinctive cock rings to the plug with a silicone string. This design is going to make your plug play exciting as the string will tug on your phallus. What's more, you will bask in the glorious quiver inside your ass and on your dick when you activate the vibration mode. That's hitting two kinky spots at the same time!

You can hand the controller to your partner and let her choose among the vibration frequencies that this item features. Change the pace of your pleasure vibe from soft caresses to high impact massages with just a press of a button.

Make sure you prepare well for your anal session and clean your bum with soap and water. You will also have to wash this toy to remove any harmful bacteria on its surface. When it’s time to go in, make sure you use a generous amount of water-based lubricant to ease the process. Breathe in as you push it in your bottom.

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Color Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Prostate Massager- 5 inches
Controller- 3.03 inches
Shaft- 1.03 inches
Ring 1- 1.4 inches, Ring 2- 1.22 inches
Controller- 1.26 inches


Pure Bliss Wireless Prostate Massager

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