Muzzle & Panel Gags

The mouth can do unbelievable tricks. It's a versatile body part, capable of doing many schemes. And so, you have to get the right tools to harness this sweet spot.

In sex, it is most helpful in giving good foreplay. The mouth is soft, wet, and the tongue can twist and turn accordingly.

Sensual deprivation is the way for avid BDSM players to heighten their sexual experience. By creating an atmosphere of loss, they excite the other senses, making them more susceptible to sweet caresses and touch.

That is why, when you cover this part of the body, you're depriving your partner and you some sensual time. It is where the beauty of the pieces of the Muzzle & Panel Gags collection comes in.

A muzzle will cover most, if not all, of the exposed parts of the mouth. Depending on your preference, this collection has a variety of muzzle design and panel patterns. Padded or a thick sheath, your Sub will love the comfort and sexy look of these items.

Most of these pieces are made of high-grade quality PU leather, a trusted material on mouth gags, as this material is gorgeous. Moreover, this is a reliable, sturdy medium with a soft texture to cushion all your wild lovemaking. The skin around the mouth is sensitive, so you need a delicate yet strong material to avoid bruising these body parts.

You will enjoy how diverse the designs this collection offers. This set includes some padded mouth panel for beginners who like to keep it simple. Some have laces as a decoration, while others have plain ones.

Depending on your mood, this lineup also features pieces with ball gags at the center. It will make it easier for your Sub to keep her mouth in place because she can easily bite on it. At the same time, one item features a dildo for the more experienced BDSM practitioners to enjoy. A dildo as a ball gag? Now that's a whole new experience.

More variations from this selection include a mouth gag that extends as a corset while one item has a harness with multiple strings attached to the head. The looks of these pieces will drive anyone mad with desire!

Whatever your taste is, you will have the most fun with ease, too, because these pieces have adjustable straps and buckles for your convenience. A snugly fitted mouth gag is essential if you want to enjoy your time without any awkward mishaps.

Additionally, this selection boasts different items to match your mood and personality. There are reds for the fiery vixens, fun purple for the flirty girls, and of course, the black ones for the sleek and mysterious divas.

As with its sturdiness and aesthetics, you can be sure of these pieces. Just be aware that you have to test these mouth gags first with your Sub before going all out. Timed practice with supervision is a safety step to make sure your session will run smoothly.

Relish the sensual play of deprivation by using the items from this collection. You will love the muffled cries of passion from your partner as you do all the naughty things you have planned for her.

These pieces are the perfect means for you to practice sensual deprivation in the best way. Take a peek now!

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