Electric Nipple Clamps

If you've been through a lot of clamping and pulling, and it's still not enough for your adult game, then maybe it's time to whip out the more prominent features into your clamps! This collection of Electric Nipple Clamps is going to be a treat for you, and you may not look anywhere else.

There has been a misunderstanding about nippie clips and how they can actually help you achieve what they call "nipplegasm". In fact, a lot of people don't even know how they work. They're quite simple: you clamp your already erect nipples to restrict the blood flow and make them numb. After 10-15 minutes, the nipples should be released, which you will instantly feel the blood flow rushing back to your mini chest raisins. Because of this, they will feel even more sensitive and stimulated from every touch, stroke, and lick.

Aside from that, nippie clippers can also have additional features in them such as long metal chains, weights, and adjustable levels of pressure. These make the experience even more fun and exciting. But there is one more feature that might spark some interest. If you're already aware of electric butt plugs and male chastity cages, then rest assured there's an electro shock feature for your nips as well!

The only way to successfully pass on electric current is through a conductive material such as metal. Our electric breast pinchers are mostly made of metal or stainless steel. You'll see some of these made from plastic, but these have electric strips inside to act as conductive material. All the materials used in our electric variant are of high quality, medical-grade, body-safe, sturdy, and built to last you for a long time. Whatever brand you’ll end up purchasing, you have to make sure the toy is taken care of, keeping it as clean as possible to avoid infections or bacteria build-up.

After the clamps, the power supply is the next essential on your kit. Once you clamp your nipples with our adjustable or alligator clamps, you're just a push-button away from different levels of invigorating jolts and maybe even a satisfying finish. The power boxes house various modes and settings to control and adjust the level of shocks based on what's comfortable for you. You can increase or decrease the speed and intensity, or you can put it on automatic mode. Some of the boxes also have a vibrating feature if that's what you're more into.

If you want to experience a new sensation rather than the regular clamping, then perhaps you'd like to try our few choices of nippie suctions. This is a suitable hands-free stimulator for you if you adore the feeling of your nipples getting sucked. They also increase the sensitivity of your nipples by restricting blood flow and can cover a bigger area. After these are sucked up with this device, you can add some more fun into it by sending a surprising electric shock into your breasts.

Finally, there's an entire collection of your favorite sex toys all in one place! Some of our electric nip pinchers are complete with a metal butt plug, cock rings, and even massage pads! You can simply sit back and relax as your trusty love devices get to work on you.

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