Petplay Collars

For the sake of kinkiness, some people love to set their humanity aside and release the animal trapped within. If your pet needs a sign of your ownership, then there's no better way to do that than getting a collar from this pet play collection.

As the saying goes, people are born to be wild. While some people find satisfaction in being ferocious with their arts, fashion, or music, some people prefer to embrace their untamed side. They do so by taking the role of an animal or pet. To name a few animal role choices are puppies, kittens, ponies, and bunnies. On the wilder side, some also love to be a wolf or fox. People tend to embrace their animal side to escape from the toil and drag of living a typical human life. Most prefer to assume an animal character that contradicts their roles in the vanilla world. As for some couples, they utterly like the idea of exchanging roles and control.

Whatever your purpose is, it's best to enjoy pet play using the right tools and accessories appropriate for your kind of kink, and of course, collars are one of the essentials.

Making your pet wear a collar imposes your role as an owner, and likewise, your partner's role as a submissive and obedient pet. But using a flimsy or frail collar can make you an irresponsible and careless pet owner. So, get your pet nothing but the best for your erotic pet play. This kinky collection of pet play collars offers multiple ways of making your roleplay more arousing and realistic.

If you like pampering your pet, there are fuzzy and padded collars in this selection that will feel subtle and soft against your partner's sensitive neck. But if you want to make it a little more humiliating, you can take a closer look at leather pet collars in this collection. If you're not too concerned about your pet's comfort and want the experience to be a little torturous, then you can opt for a metal collar.

You can also find collars of other materials such as nylon and PVC. You can make your pet extra cuddly by getting holographic collars or those with bright colors. But if you have a naughty one, who needs a little discipline or punishment now and then, you can get a shock collar that will help you remind your pet of his or her place.

Besides having excellent design and durability, this collection of pet play collars also offers versatility. For sure, there's a collar that will match your pet's costume, suit, or tail. And of course, what's a pet collar without a chain or leash, which is why most of the pet play collars in this collection already come with a chain that you can use to make your pet follow you around obediently. Alternatively, you can also use these collars to restrain your pet's hands or feet whenever they misbehave. That is, of course, with the help of some handcuffs.

Succumb to your undomesticated and savage desires. Enjoy pet play at its finest by getting a collar from this bewitching pet play collection.

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