Manual Enlargement Beginner Penis Pump
Manual Enlargement Beginner Penis Pump
Manual Enlargement Beginner Penis Pump
Manual Enlargement Beginner Penis Pump
Manual Enlargement Beginner Penis Pump
Manual Enlargement Beginner Penis Pump

Mr. Universe is how everyone calls you for your wondrous muscles. You're a gym rat, and you don't miss even the leg days.

You have these knee-shaking six-pack abs which you boast to everybody. But behind your boxers' thin fabric, you hide a tiny little secret—your average guy, which you would rather not brag about.

As you've already worked your ass to achieve those prominent muscles, you might as well get your cock exercised too. Use the Manual Enlargement Beginner Penis Pump and stand tall with a more massive dick!

This toy is a penile-enlarging mechanism that consists of a cylindrical tube, a pump, and a sheet at the base. The transparent conduit is made of ABS, a medical-grade plastic that's safe to use on the skin.

The sheet, on the other hand, uses silicone—a soft, hypoallergenic, BPA- and phthalate-free polymer widely known as a perfect material for sex toys. The texture of this material ensures that the pump will cling onto the skin surrounding the penis.

Lastly, the toy's hollow tubular section is connected to a PVC pipe, which has an air-bleeding valve, like the one in sphygmomanometers. The valve acts as the air content's moderator inside to release the pressure once pumped too much.

Make sure to read or watch videos on how to use the pump. You may need to shave the pubes around the penis so that the silicone base will stick to the skin and not to the shiny hair.

Place the cylinder over your penis, making sure no air escapes from the bottom. Then, pump out the air by pressing the air pump to create pressure. Once you get the hard-on, you can release the air from it and remove the tube from your dick. You will then notice the new bulge on your crotch! Amazing!

After use, water and gentle soap will suffice to clean the device. Make sure to dry all the parts before storing them in your sex toys cabinet.

With regular use, some say that it has a permanent effect on their cocks. One thing for sure—at an instant, you can grow your breakfast sausage into a Hungarian one with the Manual Enlargement Beginner Penis Pump. Buy now!

Color Tube: Transparent
Pump: Black
Material ABS + Silicone
Dimension Length: 8.66 inches (220 mm)
Width/Diameter: 2.71 inches (69 mm)

Manual Enlargement Beginner Penis Pump

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