Pain and Pleasure Kama Sutra Candle
Pain and Pleasure Kama Sutra Candle
Pain and Pleasure Kama Sutra Candle
Pain and Pleasure Kama Sutra Candle

Pain and Pleasure Kama Sutra Candle

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The waning moon just above you felt inviting. It created a sexy mood, and you were both raging with lust. The soft kisses and gentle caresses turned into a burning desire. Passion refused to be contained. Your heart ached for the magical ending.

That was ages ago, and you’ve had a hard time recreating the moment. No matter how similar the conditions are, a sexual encounter will never be replicated. One thing is for sure: Candles create the right ambiance for romance and excitement.

Light the Pain and Pleasure Kama Strua Candle to illuminate your desire. It’s an elongated candle with a single wick. It looks similar to any common candle, but it’s specially made for sensation play.

As the wax is melting, drip it on your partner’s body. Watch as they writhe in pain and pleasure. It’s hot, but it won’t burn your skin because it’s made of beauty wax. Its wax is the same as that used in spas to soften hands and feet, so it has a relatively low temperature, unlike ordinary candles.

There are two candles of the same color in each pack. If you love the scent of strawberries, pick red. Bask in the fragrance of rustic and fruity lemon if that’s what you like. You can also choose purple for a delicious scent.

When using this candle for play, make sure you hold it at least six inches away from the skin so that when it drops and hits your partner's body, it won't be too hot. Applying oil to your partner's body before wax play will make cleanup easy afterward.

This candle will awaken your lover's desire with every drop. The tingles and sensation provided by the dripping candle will heighten your lover's sensitivity. Each stimulation feels erotically delicious, preparing you both for an adventurous Kama Sutra position. Get yours now!

Color Purple, Yellow, Red
Material Beauty Wax
Dimension Length: 7.09 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.67 inch