Lou: Buffed Male Sex Doll
Lou: Buffed Male Sex Doll
Lou: Buffed Male Sex Doll
Lou: Buffed Male Sex Doll

Don't you wish your guy has a perfect body? Someone who is macho-looking and with to-die-for triceps, biceps, and six-pack abs. They say the outside does not matter as long as you got a good man with you. But, for a physical b*tch that you are, you want your man to be sexy and hot as fuck! Sadly, though, all your dream guys have hurt you in the past. Your relationship with them didn't seem to last. Don't worry; Lou: Buffed Male Sex Doll is here for you! He will make all your wishes come true.

Although Lou seems to have it all, he is still loyal and only has his eyes set on you. And not only does he have a handsome face and incredible body, you should get ready because he also fucks like crazy.

Made of high-quality TPE, this doll has a reliable material that feels awesome as you caress him all through the night. TPE is excellent for its durability and skin-like texture. As you go down on his perfectly shaped torso, don't forget to savor the moment of enjoying his curves and bulges. Try to go down some more until you reach his hard cock. If you have sexual positions that you wish to explore, you can do so because Lou has a solid skeleton made of good quality metal. Hump on him or go for the cowgirl position, don't stop until you reach multiple orgasms.

For all that he has to give, you have to make sure Lou is thoroughly washed for hygienic purposes. You can wash him up with soapy water to get sex fluids off quickly. Keep him dry by dabbing some cornstarch to his body parts. And lastly, don't expose him to too much sunlight because this will deteriorate his flawless skin.

You can have it all; you deserve it. Bring Lou home today!

Color Flesh
Material Skin: TPE
Skeleton: Metal
Dimension Body measurements:
Height:57.08 inches
Breast: 27.56 inches
Waist: 23.23 inches
Hip: 31.10 inches
Oral: 4.72 inches
Penis: 5.12 inches
Anal: 6.69 inches
Weight: 63.93 lbs.

Lou: Buffed Male Sex Doll

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