Trevor: Boy Toy Sex Doll
Trevor: Boy Toy Sex Doll
Trevor: Boy Toy Sex Doll
Trevor: Boy Toy Sex Doll
Trevor: Boy Toy Sex Doll
Trevor: Boy Toy Sex Doll

Tired of mature men's lame excuses? Meet Trevor. He's the perfect boy toy who will never break your heart.

Trevor is a full-sized sex doll made to satisfy your sexual longing and desire. Fresh, young, and vibrant, he's the dream boy you can easily have.

Trevor is a freshman college student looking for a place to stay, and he's willing to serve in the sexiest way possible in return. He may look young and innocent, but he's already got the looks and balls. His six-pack abs will make you drool with lust, and once you see his cock, your eyes will pop! He's always up for dicking. The only question is, are you ready for non-stop fucking? Because he won't get tired, unlike your exes who needed a day to rest before they could bang you again.

His slender, hairless body feels good to the touch, thanks to the high-quality TPE used to make him feel as realistic as possible. Whether you are a gay or a lady, he'll give you what you want. Shove your dick into his mouth and move it in and out. He won't refuse, he won't complain, he won't spit it out. Should you want to fuck him from behind, he'll offer you his virgin ass. Bend his arms and knees or spread his legs for the most exciting or most comfortable sex positions. He's under your control.

Trevor will be comfortable walking around your place naked, but he'd appreciate it if you give him a few pieces of boxer shorts and shirts. Make sure to wipe off traces of your love juices on his body with a clean damp cloth. The only maintenance he'd require is cleaning him, so do it regularly if you want him to stay longer with you.

"It's my pleasure to make you happy if you let me," says Trevor. So give him a warm welcome soon.

Color Flesh
Material Skin: TPE
Skeleton: Metal
Dimension Body measurements:
Height: 55.12 inches (140 cm)
Shoulder: 12.60 inches (32 cm)
Chest: 28.74 (73 cm)
Waist: 24.02 inches (61 cm)
Hip: 31. 10 inches (79 cm)
Arm: 22.83 inches (58 cm)
Leg: 29.13 inches (74 cm)
Oral: 4.72 inches (12 cm)
Penis: 7.09 inches (18 cm)
Anal: 5.51 inches (14 cm)
Weight: 67.24 lbs. (30.05 kg.)


Trevor: Boy Toy Sex Doll

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