Body-Hugging Portable Sex Sling
Body-Hugging Portable Sex Sling
Body-Hugging Portable Sex Sling
Body-Hugging Portable Sex Sling

There’s no doubt about it, carrying your lady while giving her deep thrusts provides immense pleasure for both of you. However, humping your lover for minutes can be uncomfortable. But if you have this Body-Hugging Portable Sex Sling, you can bang her wet hole while carrying her for as long as you want! Plus, you can enjoy the perks of love slings without installing hooks in the ceiling or on the door or hiding a stand. You don’t even have to explain to your parents and in-laws why there are scuff marks all over your bedroom door.


This body love swing is a heavy-duty harness that fits around your shoulder and torso, turning your body into a portable stand. Then, slip your partner into the adjustable straps and start banging!


But carrying your partner is not the only thing you can do with this product. It’s a love sling, after all; hence, you can try different sex positions that you’ve never done before. You can do stand up sex, deep penetration, and stances you’ve never thought you could do while having sex!


As mentioned earlier, this body sling doesn’t require assembly. It only needs to be worn on your body, and you’re ready to give your honey a wild ride.


And when you’re through with it, you can hide it in the cabinet to keep your dirty little secret. Just don’t forget to clean it before storing it.


The body sex sling is perfect for adventurous couples wanting to spice things up. It’s also perfect for those who are sexually active and are on-the-go. They can put it in the bag and take it on their sex-cation.


Carry your partner and give her the best bang of her life! Grab this Body-Hugging Portable Sex Sling by clicking the “Add to Cart” or “Buy It Now” button.


Color Black + Red
Material Nylon + Cotton
Dimensions (inches)
Length 40.16 inches (adjustable)
Width 35.43 inches (adjustable)
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity N/A


Body-Hugging Portable Sex Sling

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