Fox Tail Butt Plugs

The Fox Tail Butt Plug is one of the most popular styles of tail plugs available, and for a good reason! Thanks to their luscious faux fur tails, and a massive range of colors and styles, you’ll always be able to find something to fit your foxy desires.

Like all tail plugs, the fox anal plug is a fantastically simple idea. You take a regular anal plug, attach a cute and fluffy tail to the flared base, and there you have it!

The plug itself should be fairly familiar to anyone with experience using anal toys. Most commonly available in silicone or stainless steel, and with a wide range of sizes to choose from, you’ll be able to take on your vulpine appearance no matter how experienced you are with plugs.

But let's not spend too long focusing on the plug part of tail plugs. After all, we all know the most important part of a fox tail plug is the tail!

Our collection of luxurious fox tail plugs range from short tails of only a few inches, right up to tails a whopping 20+ inches long! Each of our tail plugs is carefully crafted using high quality faux fur, so you can be sure that it will last as long as your sexual appetite.

For those of you interested in pet play and animal roleplay, you’ll probably want a realistic-looking fox tail plug. This toy comes in natural colors like brown, black, and white fox tail and also features stripes and flashes of color just like a real fox!

For the more casual user, realism might not be at the forefront of the decision to buy a fox tail plug. We’ve got you covered there as we offer them in all the colors of the rainbow! If a white fox tail gets boring, you can try out an LED fox tail plug which lights up and looks stunning while you wear it! 

With many colors to choose from, you can enjoy a purple, pink, or red fox tail instead of the regular brown, black, or white fox tail.

As with all tail plugs, taking good care of them is of great importance. You’ll need to clean your fox tail butt plug after each use, and this includes the tail! Simply wipe down the fur with a wet soapy cloth, and then leave to air dry. Once it’s dry, you can fluff your fox tail butt plug back up to its former glory just like you would any other furry object!

But why should you choose a fox tail plug over the many other types of tail plug we have available here on Lovegasm? Well, for many plug enthusiasts, fox tails are simply the best of the best, the master of it all. While the bunny tail has its cute pom poms, cats have their sleek long tails, and dogs have their pointy silicone tail plugs, fox tails are the only type that can truly give you that long, thick, and fluffy tail experience.

You can take advantage of your fox tail plug to tease and titillate your partner by gently rubbing the thick fur all over their body and watch them enjoy every erotic touch. Or you might feel more free to unleash your inner animal and go for it in the bedroom with some kinkier, rougher sex and really take on the animal persona thanks to a realistic-looking fox tail plug.

Complete your look by combining your fox tail plug with a pair of furry ears and a sexy outfit, and you’re sure to have your partner going wild with excitement! Choose a fox tail anal plug now!

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