Horse Tail Butt Plugs

We're pretty sure that your partner will go "yee-haw!" on you when you surprise him with our products from this collection!

These anal sex toys will give you a different kind of horseplay. If you like to get wild in bed, and you know that your lover can never tame you, perhaps you're better off being a mustang.

Like most creatures in the wild, they are unpredictable when they are let loose, but devoted when cared for. This is also how most partners go about—especially in bed. If you want your special someone to tame you and keep you in control, then get yourself in character with a Horse Tail Butt Plug!

What else is the reason you'd go for this animal? Horses have long and flowy tails that always look like they can be on commercials. Because you can't show it on camera, give it to your best audience: your sex partner!

Each product is made from two different components: the anal plug and the tailpiece. Combine both of these fantastic features together, and you're ready for the wildest ride of your life!

But first, let's see what these parts have under their hooves, and what makes them so unique that they deserve to be showcased in this elegant array!

Starting off with the main attraction, the tailpiece. These are made from high-quality imitation hair. No, we kid you not. Authentic horsehair is expensive. These products aren't made from real horsehair. In fact, it's super soft and delicate that you might not even believe us.

The tails are made from synthetic hair that's thick and smooth. Once you're plugged up nice and snug, the tail will hang beautifully down your buttcheeks to your thighs. It will sway and dance along with your every movement, so you can prance around in bed and still be a seductive creature to your partner.

Bringing that all together is a familiar pleasure tool loved by a lot of butts...and that's the butt plug. It's made from either stainless steel or silicone, and you can choose depending on your mood. Whatever material you choose, each one has undergone a strict quality process to make sure that they're non-toxic and body-safe. That also means that they're free from any traces of harmful elements such as latex, lead, phthalates, and BPA.

Each anal sex toy is also non-porous, so it's waterproof. For hygienic purposes, a non-porous material means that it doesn't have any micro-pores that liquid could seep through, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Since this is going in your anus, what you need is a sex toy that is not susceptible to bacteria.

Another feature of a waterproof butt plug is that you can apply your favorite lubricant! Just remember to only use water-based lube for silicone plugs, while stainless steel plugs can take in any kind of lubricant.

Let your partner take control and be his willing pet when you get yourself a Horse Tail Butt Plug! Don't worry; we ship all of our naughty products in discreet packaging.

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