Tape Gags

Sticky and kinky, just like the way you want! Yes, welcome to the Tape Gags collection. Everything is easy-looking yet will give you a whole new experience in your bondage journey. Who would have known a sticky tape is all it takes to give your sex playing something to look forward to. These are great for those mouth-biting, dirty playing you will enjoy! Raw and useful, we got you covered.

No, this is not your typical, artsy crafts tape. These are the heavy-duty adhesives that will imprison your Sub if she does not obey your commands. Of course, that is subject to the consent given, as in every BDSM relationship. You have to gather sturdy tools to support the rough parts of the encounter. You don't want your passionate lovemaking turning into an awkward scene just because you snapped the restrictive tape into two.

Investing in good quality and reliable accessories is essential. That is why this lineup features unique tapes that are made of materials such as PVC. This is a highly sturdy material that will resist the passionate pulls and pulls of your lovemaking as you through your BDSM activities. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a hypoallergenic material that is widely used for these kinds of accessories.

Moreover, these tapes are not just sturdy; they boast vibrant colors too. The color selection varies from sleek black ones to fun colors like yellow and pink. Fun and your style, all these will match perfectly with your role-playing outfit and other paraphernalia. A reliable adhesive is also a tremendous advantage in BDSM play because of its versatility. Although some masks and face hoods provide more resistance when it comes to bondage, these tapes offer their players the variety to tie whichever part of the body they prefer. Legs, arms, eyes, these are even great for a mouth gag. Whatever it is the tickles your fancy, you can easily do it with these pieces.

The varied uses of an exemplary tape gag do not end there. Perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners, you can adjust the firmness by creating one or many strips of the adhesive rounds on the intended area. The more you add, the tighter it becomes. Additionally, aesthetics is a big deal in BDSM practice. So you can be more adventurous with your tapes than any other type of mouth gag. You can grab markers and write or decorate the tapes with your desired words. Words are compelling in BDSM activities, and a good Dom knows how to make his partner submit even with words alone. Such a great alternative to your usual bulky and heavy head hoods and mask, these tapes are great for traveling too. Easy to pack, you just grab it and go!

Supporting a BDSM lifestyle should be fun. That is why take a look at these comfortable and sturdy adhesives to make your performance just the way you like it. You can add one, two, maybe four. These items will be discreetly delivered right to your doorstep! Enjoy shopping!

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