Vibrating Tongue Piercings

Oral sex is the perfect way to arouse someone’s senses. With just one flick of a tongue, it could send your lover to a different dimension. Sometimes, however, these tricks aren’t enough to reach the elusive orgasmic pleasure. That is why couples are finding new ways to spice up their oral stimulation routines.

Give your lover a different kind of oral sex encounter as you put your pierced tongue inside her mouth. Let her feel the vibration inside her hot, wet lips until she moans loud. Then, tease her tits by licking and sucking her nipples. Leave trails of kisses from her breasts down to her belly.

Spread your lady’s legs and put your face between them and start playing with her cunt. Let her feel the vibe as you roll the jeweled ring on her clit. When she’s ready, take your oral sex routine to the next level by shoving and thrusting your tongue in and out of her love hole. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll get to taste her hot, sweet essence coming out of her love tunnel.

Make your oral tricks more fun and exciting. Get this luscious bling now!

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